Cena Opens Raw, Calls Reigns a Gimmick and BROS Out | WWE Raw Highlights 7/19/21 | WWE on USA

Cena Opens Raw, Calls Reigns a Gimmick and BROS Out | WWE Raw Highlights 7/19/21 | WWE on USA

The legend John Cena returns to open Monday Night Raw, giving a heartfelt promo to the fans who brought him back, outlining his plan to once again become the Universal Champion, and taking some time to hangout with the Original Bro, Matt Riddle. What will happen when Cena shows up on SmackDown? WWE Raw Highlights 7/19/21. Watch WWE Raw Monday nights at 8/7c on USA Network. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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40 Responses

  1. East County Railfan says:

    I love how cena knows how to break kayfabe and show its scripted without getting punished


      @Ninjask King his mic skills are way better than anyone else on the show. And this is like the only flaw he has in his promos. This is the only time he’s copied the same promo to build a rivalry on someone.

    • Ninjask King says:

      @JAKE PAUL FAKED HIS PPV NUMBERS AGAINST BEN ASKREN if he got into a promo with stone cold he’d say something about wrestling being fake

    • Kyle Lee says:

      @DarkWarrior ZX7 if he had free reign he’d go back to The Dr

    • DarkWarrior ZX7 says:

      @Kyle Lee he can go back if he wanted to but he doesn’t want to duh

    • DarkWarrior ZX7 says:

      @Kyle Lee I wanna see different version of a heel for him not the Dr

  2. Claude Steward says:

    Amazing how Cena still is the straw that stirs the WWE kool-aid.

    • Real Baller says:

      @nemo pounceyhaven’t watched in years & I see they have a bunch old wrestlers fighting, they miss the old days lol

    • t1.ivorylance says:

      @Leonard Aarons III I mean…Roman has destroyed everyone put in front of him. I’d argue this run has the most impressive victories in a world title reign since the Attitude Era. Jey Uso, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Edge, Mcintyre, Bryan I mean…those are all arguably top 40 wrestlers alive today. If he beats Cena we legit have no choice. He’d be creeping up in the top 20 heels of all time territory.

    • Hunter says:


    • DeVante Reed says:

      He’s the WWE’s last Mega Star. We gotta appreciate him while he’s here.


      @t1.ivorylance I agree

  3. Eli Jones says:

    Here’s a theory. Seth Rollins, John cena, Roman reigns have a triple threat match at summerslam and big e cashes in and wins the universal title

  4. Hunter says:

    bro cena and riddle is like the chill stoner nephew and his “cool” uncle 😂😂😂😂

  5. greyy goblinn says:

    I’m convinced they are just booking mat riddle like a 2k mycareer storyline and I love it

  6. jeremiah fletcher says:

    Cena looks like his make a wish was to get in a wwe ring

  7. FrizzKid05 says:

    “And this is coming from me…”

    LOL! Cena with the self-aware nod, while breaking the 4th wall.

  8. Musicman258713 says:

    I’m just glad to not hear the crowd tracks anymore…..

    • B Ob Bob says:

      Give it a month or so and the thunder dome will be back. With this variant spreading and the qanon Trump worshipers not wanting to get the vaccine because they believe microchip conspiracies

    • JD Lotus 13 says:

      They’re still there. They are just blended. The “Goldberg” chants were 100% piped in.

    • Xero2oX Videos says:

      @B Ob Bob not a quanon or trump supporter but imagine thinking that vaccine is gonna help you lmao. We got an immune system for a reason and if your isn’t protecting you u better take a look at your eating habits drinking habits etc…

    • Xero2oX Videos says:

      @B Ob Bob the media feeds you fear they put you in a state of fear and you’re easy to manipulate & control.

  9. Yahh Yahh says:

    Everyone’s talking about stoners but John isn’t the same. He’s the same John as the 02 John he’s great

  10. John Doe says:

    My two favorite current wrestlers Daniel Bryan and whoever’s facing Roman reigns

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