Center – Day 1 – Show Up

Center – Day 1 – Show Up

**The most valuable part of a centering practice is the courageous act of showing up.**

This series may look like a lot of core strengthening exercises, moves for a healthy spine, good lymphatic flow, releasing tension and decreasing chronic pain.

But, it is truly about learning and knowing who you are. And perhaps you will never know the power of this 30 days of centering with me, unless that is


Happy day 1! Check it off on your calendar when complete and I will see you again tomorrow!

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34 Responses

  1. sajmt1414 says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m so excited for this series. I’ve been doing yoga with Adrian for 3 years in March. My body craves daily yoga. It’s changed my life. I’m physically stronger,lost weight, less anxiety and stress, more at peace – and I love myself now. Thanks Adrian for showing up on the mat for us. “I can and I will”

    • SparkleOnWithJoyfulJon says:

      Good morning, Adrienne, Sajmt414 and everyone here. We are here. 💕🫂 Day 1. Thankful for showing up, especially after being sick. I feel so much better. ❤️ Here we go…its natural. Namaste.

    • Donna Whittaker says:

      0:35 My body now craves yoga too. I discovered Yoga with Adriene about 2-1/2 years ago and it has helped me through anxious moments and I can tell I am stronger. My chiropractor says I have the most flexible back he has ever experienced. I usually do my yoga before bed and sometimes in the morning as well. I’m excited for this series!

    • Alana England says:

      Yoga with ADRIENE rocks!

    • Susan Stephens says:

      This is exactly what I’m hoping for myself 🥰💖💖

  2. Vicky Potts says:

    Awesome 🤩 showing up is by far the hardest part, I’m 6 months post brain surgery & need to get my life back……hopefully this is the beginning 🙏🏻

    • Roqaya Al Fardan says:

      Hopefully this year will bring you health and joy❤ take care Vicky ❤

    • Vicky Potts says:

      @Abi Todd amazing 🤩 well done 👍

    • Abi Todd says:

      I am 15 months post TBI and subsequent brain surgery. I have done a practice every day since coming home from hospital in Sept 2021. I started out very cautious and gentle but am now delighting as I get stronger. Yoga with Adrienne is my go to for daily motivation and inspiration. I am 57, asthmatic but feel better than I have my whole life prior to my accident. 😊

    • Sarah Nazar says:

      Good luck with starting over again, Vicky. We’re all behind you.

    • Dee B says:

      Actually, I had no problem showing up. Doing it was the hardest part! Very tough if you are out of shape.

  3. Mweb says:

    2023 here we are! I know this sounds corny but the last three years of doing your yoga regularly has been so truly healing for me, physically and mentally. It’s not always easy to show up but I remind myself that even a little makes such a difference. Thank you Adriene for this gift, so excited for these 30 days!

  4. Jessica Steinman says:

    Good morning everyone! Day 1 practice was great 👍 Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  5. Kerrie Payne says:

    And we are off!!! It’s so exciting,I love these 30 day experiences so much! Can’t wait to spend the next few weeks with you Adriene ☺️ It will be my three year anniversary in April since I first found YWA and can’t imagine life without it now! Loved today’s practice 💕 “I can and I will”
    Namaste everyone 🙏

  6. Hanneke Kooymans says:

    Feeling a little lost and very tired the last couple of months. My yoga is definitely not where it used to be, but I’m showing up anyway. Day 1 is in the books for the 7th year. Hopefully center will help me return back to me again ♥️

  7. demijoe4ever says:

    Happy new beginnings everyone!

    Yesterday Adriene asked us to think about our ‘why’. Why we want to join this 30-day journey? Why we want to do yoga? And as always, her questions stirred up a bundle of thoughts in my mind.

    I started doing yoga in 2019, and I’ve done my best to do it every single day ever since. Of course, there were days I’d skip a practice because I would feel ill or in pain, or I simply felt lazy, but I still went back to yoga after every break.

    I can confidently and proudly say I have been on the yoga journey with Adriene for exactly three years now. And I’ve never truly asked myself ‘why’.
    I thought it might have been because I wanted to lose weight, maintain muscles and strength, but when I gave it a deeper thought I realized that’s not it. If that were the only reason, I would’ve given up a long time ago because I’m still not happy with how I look so evidently yoga is not enough (it’s mostly the brain that needs rewiring).

    But, as I was rewatching the movie Eat, Pray, Love last night, a movie that sparked up my interest in meditation (moving meditation cause I cannot keep still) and thus started my yoga practice with Adriene back in 2019, I finally realized what my ‘why’ really was. Why I come back to the mat every day and why I am joining this 30-day journey once again.

    The answer is – I want to learn to live with myself, my true self. I want to change my perception of my self and grow and explore worlds that I have hidden deep inside my body and soul.
    Most of all, I want to embrace change and become comfortable with it. Change is the only constant and I want to stop fearing it.

    Like Adriene always says, our bodies are different every day. Well, so are our minds, our environments, our circumstances… and they are always gonna be changing no matter what. And the only way we can learn to embrace that change is by becoming truly comfortable in our own skin.

    That’s why I’m here Adriene. That’s why I am joining this journey and that’s why I am still doing yoga after three long years.

    • Lynn says:

      Lovely words @demijoe4ever ✨ Thank you. It helps me clarify my own why. 💖

    • Eric Bean says:

      Well said demijoe! Thanks for sharing that! Eat, pray, love was also the catalyst for my spiritual journey. Tibetan Buddhism is my path and im happy to be adding yoga w Adriene to my repritore . I started with her a couple years ago but did not complete the commitment. Kinda my pattern😅. Hopefully this time “ I CAN” 🙏🙏🏽🙏🏾

  8. Karmaz132 says:

    On a normal day I follow your yoga videos to find centering and calm. Unfortunately I lost my sister to cancer on New Year’s Eve and being centered has not been easy. Yoga has become a major part of my life and I’m forever grateful that you share your knowledge and time with the world. Namaste

  9. saorsa-a blossom says:

    What a beautiful first practice!! I can and I will, You can and you will, We can and we will✨🤍😇

  10. aspiring_bog_witch says:

    I have NEVER had a more satisfying back crack than what happened to me at 29:00. I started laughing with actual JOY at the release. Thank you so much for the gift!

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