Amelia meets Central Cee for a date in a Chicken Shop

Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg

Co-Written by Liv West

Executive Producers: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
Production Assistant: Diara Vassalo Ndiaye

Cam A: Jonathan Moore
Cam B: Tayo Yusuff

Sound Op: Paul O’Hare
Editor: Joe Bolger

Conform: Lewis Ashley
Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
VFX: Richard Russell & Paul Hanford

Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
Social Media: Jade Whiteley & Ashleigh Kybert
Photographer: Norah Sanghani

Wardrobe: Chloe Griffin
Hair: Ellie Fox

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32 Responses

  1. leon leon says:

    he is actually extremely cute not because of his looks but he seems like a down to earth, awkward, quiet guy

  2. s-zo says:

    This dude actually has a good head on his shoulders. A thinking man. I’m tired of all these braindead rappers so this is very refreshing to see.

  3. stitch says:

    Central Cee just showed us how genuine he is and even tho after so many successful tracks and all the stuff he still struggles to find himself. Im 21 years old and struggling myself and at one point i thought that being successful would complete myself. But it all starts inside. Keep up the work bro you are amazingly talented but know your responsibilities. Be inspirational and not a club banger. All luv

  4. vapxr_ says:

    a chicken shop date with Tyler the creator would be soooo good😭

  5. Mohammed Ahmed says:

    Okay but why does this one actually feel like a REAL date, both of them blushing and smiling super cute😂

  6. Ikigai Joon says:

    i can’t get over just how soft and innocent of a person he is 😭😭 he’s like very sweet … not hard faced at all

  7. S3LIN DIR says:

    Central cee is a good soul you can actually tell by his calm nature 🫶🌹🫶

  8. The Mariah B says:

    Lol, him trying to date your sister is the sam energy as you asking Zuu about his cousin while on a date 😂

  9. Sue D Lamb says:

    Damn this chemistry is crazy, you had him smiling the whole time 😂

  10. redhed says:

    You can tell he’s a very sensitive soul, avoids getting hurt. Very sweet.

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