Centriphone – an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier

Centriphone – an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier

100% shot with the iPhone 6
After almost two years of tinkering and tweaking I finally achieved the result I was looking for
No iPhones were harmed during the making of this video (I still use it everyday)

A making of is in the works, make sure to Subscribe to my channel so you wont miss it

More videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe0oV1-TXGZrEeGRKjk9dk5kMRuFlT0av

Petit Prince – DemiTour
2015 – Pain Surprise records

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Special Thanks

Marc Vertesi
Florent Beauverd
Jules Guarneri
Ahriel Povich
Olloclip – Tim Debrincat
Swisscom – Lukas Liechti

Inquiries: hi (at) nico.ski

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19 Responses

  1. Adriano Lúcio says:

    Super cool ! Congrats for the Idea!

  2. Jacob Stone says:

    going places never before gone

  3. Lord Bills says:

    Would of looked better on a Samsung Galaxy S6

  4. Filipe Teles says:


  5. PDC says:

    this is seriously beautiful. i’ve watched 5 times already and it feels like
    i’m floating. great editorial and music.

  6. Magic ASMR says:

    amazing and original, simply awesome!

  7. mastersham says:

    if i swung an iphone about it would just be all over the place recording a
    bit of the sky and the ground. his iphone must be really good.

  8. Yogesh Ate says:

    Very cleaver, creative and beautiful.

  9. kemoblue4u says:

    What external lens did you use? That’s def not the stock lens

  10. Bruno Zub says:

    -Hello, Tim Cook, we found our next campaign!!

  11. Lars Pallesen says:

    That was a f….. incredible video!

  12. Thomas Noonan says:

    I did this on my Windows Lumia 1020, but it can’t upload videos to social
    media soooooo yah…

  13. Ste Gondry says:

    Could make hella dollar from this, slap a patent on that

  14. Thiago Felipe Avanci says:

    Congrats @Nicolas_Vuignier ! Fantastic video! Remind me The Matrix effects.
    But despite the beautiful photography I must congrats mostly your
    coordination! Cause I barely can simultaneously tap my head and scratch my

  15. andres herrera says:

    How do you get the camera to always face you

  16. TheRootsRiders1 says:

    Le valaisan qui retourne internet !! Respect

  17. Robert Hope says:


  18. Hank White says:

    footy for the boys!

  19. ajay dev says:

    oosam mannn… u r ammaaazin..creative actualy