Cesar Sayoc: What we know about the mail bomb suspect

Cesar Sayoc: What we know about the mail bomb suspect

The Florida man arrested Friday and expected to be charged in connection with the mailing of more than a dozen bomb-like devices to prominent Democrats around the country has a criminal record,including a felony charge in 2002 for threatening to β€œthrow, project, place, or discharge any destructive device.”

Cesar Altieri Sayoc, 56, a registered Republican from South Florida, was born in Brooklyn, New York, but moved to Florida as a child, records show. He’s a 1980 graduate of North Miami Beach High School whose last known address was Aventura in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

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65 Responses

  1. gbwi666 says:

    Funny how we still don’t know much about the vegas shooter who targeted people he thought would be mostly Trump supporters and who killed many people . But this guy we already know in less than 24hr his life history ? Why is that?

    • nagaslrac says:

      +Paul Lannister Logic? I’m not going to educate you here. I’ve looked it up.
      Do your own research & keep an open mind – if you can.

    • Neon134 says:

      Animated Tigress yeah we cant, yet democrats compare this to 9/11

    • Michael Cantu says:

      Or the registered Democrat that opened fire on Republican Congressmen last year. Strange…

    • Harry V says:

      Because this guy has a criminal record decades long, the Vegas shooter had no criminal record and was very rich and a family man,he left no clues except the guns. They ever performed brain dissection to see if they could find medical reasons.

  2. Dj robot says:

    This guy is doodoo

  3. marcelogranda says:

    We will see more trumpets doing this during this fascist government.

  4. Jayroq says:

    I bet he will get better haircuts in prison

  5. Michael Brent says:

    Florida is always the country getting hit I’m surprised that Disney World didn’t get damaged in all of the distrution.

  6. Teknotox says:

    thats right @usatoday make sure you get the fact that he was a republican in there. god forbid we miss that.

    • Jonathan Taylor says:

      Republicans still won’t drop Benghazi after a dozen separate Republican-led investigations amounted to zero charges.
      Every shooting is a result of Republicans wanting more guns floating around to fight against “big government tyranny,” so don’t complain when someone uses those guns to actually fight against the big evil government. That’s what fighting the government looks like. That’s exactly what you wanted.
      Being anti-Fascist isn’t a bad thing. The US military is anti-Fascist. Neo-Nazis who wave Swastikas in the United States should thank God that they haven’t become enough of a problem to have to deal with the US military again.
      The burden of proof belongs to the accuser, such as Rumsfeld’s, “We know where [the WMD] are. They’re in the area in and around Baghdad, and north, south, east and west somewhat.” There weren’t any WMD in Iraq. Republicans lied to Americans and the world to start a war without end for private corporate profit.
      And “blind sheep” are those torch-waving incels who chant ridiculous phrases like, “Jews will not replace us!” It would be nice if someone would explain to them that Jared Kushner is Jewish and he had a child with Ivanka Trump, so a Jew already replaced them.

    • Paul Lannister says:

      +Emri just like it was important to mention that the shooter from last year was a Democrat and Sanders supporter? Baseball shooting..

    • Alan Robinson says:

      It’s worth noting. Democratic politicians don’t whine about unfair media coverage. Democratic leadership doesn’t support and encourage violence. The same can’t be said about Republicans. They encourage physical violence, even in their campaign ads! They have created an environment that generates people like this bomber. This president has NEVER come out publicly to decry violence. That is a shocking abrogation of his responsibility as leader of the free world. And do you know what happens when the leader of the free world declines to publicly decry violence? You get bombings like this. Instead of complaining about unfair media coverage, perhaps you could have started out by saying “I’m very relieved that no one was hurt”. THAT is what a decent human being would do.

    • Kitt Foxx says:

      His sister Proclaim that he was a Democrat

    • Kitt Foxx says:

      +Elijah920 his sister proclaimed that he was a Democrat

  7. Johnny Garcia says:

    The trumptards and bots are in damage control mode disliking every video. Lol πŸ˜‚

  8. JP19 says:

    I feel like theres so many holes in this case.

  9. Jr Beans says:

    everybody will forget this happened by next week.

    • Roberta Gabor says:

      Yep, we’ll go back to worrying about where we’re going to put those 10,000 invaders…….how about Nancy Pelosi’s front lawn?

    • Dan Reese says:

      Hey he mad cuz it already took the caravan he was scaring people with off .i his mind is , why should this MAGAbomber put his terrorism off the news .

    • ronald james says:

      Agree, they are already forgetting about that reporter that got dismembered in Saudi Arabia. Remember that was the only thing on the news. Forgot his name already…

  10. Jazzy Girl says:

    I’m more concerned about his hair than the video itself

  11. Daryl Leckt says:

    trump will pardon him for maga-bombings.

  12. llamadealer says:

    he looks like the start of a customizable character

    • Noctis Caelum says:

      MOTOFIENDXXX I don’t know anything about the guy only about the times I interacted with him. I don’t know if he did it or not I don’t have any evidence either way. I’m just saying he was a little off that’s it. I did see that white van though with all the trump stickers in the parking lot but I never knew it was his. He never once mentioned anything political to me just mostly takes about his mom and her being sick. Did he do it or not I don’t know I just knew him for a few minutes a day not like I lived with the man or anything

    • Blaster Bill says:

      He’s an npc

    • T Hunter says:

      I worked on/tested a program that generates random faces using an algorithm, he looks like one of the generated faces that algorithm creates.

  13. ctwatcher says:

    Comedy Central…? hahahahaha! Very funny! Funniest event ever. Now arrest the real criminals.

  14. It’s youtube Thooo says:

    I’m here for the comments just being honest

  15. mike ryan says:

    he had no detonator , like fools gold…WORTHLESS

    • FagMan 69 says:

      mike ryan
      He didn’t wanted to kill them, just scare them.

      Also, do these Senators/Politicians have their addresses leaked online? I’d expect them to have better Security than that.

  16. mike ryan says:

    this felon had zero voting rights and didn’t even put a detonator in the bombs…just a juiced up moron

  17. Kyle Shwartz says:

    In the past decade over 70 percent of domestic terror attacks were carried out by right wing extremists, 25 percent by muslim extremists, and just 3 percent by left wing extremists and all other groups according to the Anti Defamation League.

    • DillonYalvis says:

      @KyleShwartz Exactly the response I was expecting, my man. You are, just as your partisan hack friends, conflating the right wing with murderous white supremacists. That’s exactly like me blaming the left wing for every single Islamic terrorist attack (which is even more reasonable than your position, as the left welcomes Islam with open arms and every conservative/republican condemns white supremacists). But do I call the left wing violent for all the Islamic terrorist attacks that are committed? Of course not. Let’s talk about violence that can ACTUALLY be conflated with the two political parties. (Repeating from last reply) how about the multiple tapes of antifa attempting to assassinate conservatives like Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder? How about antifa not only shutting down, but ATTACKING ANYONE WHO ATTEMPTS TO WALK INTO CONSERVATIVE RALLIES? How about the dems banging on the Supreme Court doors because they don’t like Kavanaugh, or tearing down public property (confederate monuments)? After all this and much more, what do the moderate dems say about antifa? β€œThey are an anti-fascist group who counter-protests racists and bigots”. What do conservatives and republicans and even the worst hacks like Richard spencer say about the attacks YOU stated? Despise them and condemn them. Don’t be such a blind partisan and try to think logically for a change.

    • DillonYalvis says:

      And btw, if you do want to compare this radical ideologies to each other; when taken into account per capita (America is around 70% white, Muslims around 1.1%), Muslims commit WAAAAY more terror attacks. 1.1% of the population committing 26% of the terror attacks? That’s crazy, my man.

    • Kyle Shwartz says:

      DillonYalvis you accused me of conflating white supremacists with the right wing while you conflate antifa with the left lol. The people on that list that identified themselves as white supremacists also identified with right wing ideas.The only partisan hack here is you for being a blatant hypocrite who sounds incredibly triggered by facts. Is there violence on both sides? Of course there is, its just one side is way more violent and violent more often. Is everyone on the right white supremacists or domestic terrorists? No of course not, just how everyone on the left isn’t part of antifa.

    • Kyle Shwartz says:

      DillonYalvis and btw every republican does not condemn white supremacy or racism. Your party literally has had neo nazis running for office and republicans continuously get caught saying racist things. You scream and cry about violence from the radical left while Trump has called for violence on numerous occasions while the right stays silent. Typical case of republican projection. On the left you have antifa clashing with nazis and police and people tearing down public statues. On the right you have people committing mass shootings and sending bombs to elected officials.

    • SkeletonSuprememecist says:

      “Anti Defamation League” lol. Yeah, and the Flat Earth Society is a credible scientific organization.

  18. Emri says:

    The Trump supporters are really going through extreme mental gymnastics to make this into a false flag and a hoax…

  19. nacionalismo mexicano1 says:


  20. Peter Ukkonen says:

    After years of hateful rhetoric by trump at his rallies (“LOCK HER UP!”) it’s surprising something like this didn’t happen sooner…the fact that many of his supporters cannot even admit this is real is the most depressing indication of the state of US politics I’ve seen and gives me no hope for the US as a country

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