Chad Johnson | If You’re Good Enough You Don’t Need An Alabama, Go To An HBCU.

Chad Johnson | If You’re Good Enough You Don’t Need An Alabama, Go To An HBCU.

IAA Miami Season 3: Episode 3

Brandon Marshall, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor and Jared Odrick jump out the gates tackling subjects surrounding HBCU’s and the NFL Hall of Fame. Chad Johnson argues that athletes don’t need a Power 5 schools like Alabama to make it into the NFL. Channing Crowder disagrees and believes that the road to the NFL is much easier through a power 5 school. Jared Odrick challenges Channing to donate $200,000 of his own money to an HBCU to help close the financial gap.

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33 Responses

  1. Atina says:

    The only reason Power 5 schools are Power 5 schools is because our athletes made them powerful. Is it to build a pipeline to the NFL or build the culture through an HBCU? Both are possible. Our community is fractured and HBCUs can begin the rebuilding of the foundation of community-minded leaders. Channing wouldn’t be one to sit at a counter during the Civil Rights movement. HBCU’s can not compete and he’s right, but the bigger picture Channing won’t embrace, is the movement and pursuit of a higher purpose of rebuilding Black families and communities. I also don’t think Channing knows the history of how HBCU talent was raided because that’s where the talent was. Yes, cultural sacrifice. We need higher profile men like Brandon, Chad, Fred, Jared, Channing and Deion to say, you will not ignore Black talent at HBCUs to keep them down and youth, you can come to an HBCU, make the league if you’re gifted, and get cultural, intellectual and life development beyond the field if you’re not, as well.

    • raul arellanes says:

      I understand what your saying but your missing the point. Your telling a young man or woman to forgo playing at a big school that has exposure, facilities, coaches, history and now with players being able to make money off their likeness at schools, a rabid fan base that will buy the athletes apparel allowing that athlete to possibly make millions before even entering the NFL. That’s asking a whole lot from a young person in today’s culture.

    • Deon 313 says:

      @Daniel Nicolas only way things would change if hbcu schools get the 5 star recruits. Until then they have no chance. Most of the top high school players are going to the big schools

    • Jacklyn Everage says:

      @Pill Kozby Most PWI’s aren’t Berkeleys, Stanfords, or Vanderbilts either but their students still get jobs and still work. So, your point is no point at all. Every single last person in an HBCU is NOT UNEMPLOYED OR UNDEREMPLOYED, make it make sense what you actually mean because it does not. Also, graduating from any college or a university doesn’t mean you won’t face discrimination in the job market. So, really, what is your point?

    • Jacklyn Everage says:

      @PF Chim Point is, he is the loudest talking about all these resources that HBCU’s lack but the last one to contribute a dollar. Typical of many Black folks with Black spouses, with Black kids, and who seem to be good people. She isn’t saying what he should or should not do in his life. She simply made a close to accurate observation about his thinking and behavior and commented on it.

    • Jacklyn Everage says:

      @PF Chim Everyone who is of sound mind don’t think like you. Meditate on that one.

  2. Felipe Medina says:

    Ocho is hall of Fame in the fans books. He’s been out the league many years and everybody still knows him and loves his game still! That’s hall of fame right there!

    • Israel Marlo says:

      Them white boys don’t want a confident black man who doesn’t care about their validation to be in the hall of fame tout like you said he’s definitely a HOF in the fans book

    • Taco Tom says:

      @Israel Marlo that’s it. Its racial. 🤡😂✌

    • Taco Tom says:

      @Suga Dee The P Blackbone Was Chad a ever TOP 5 in class? Maybe. Top 5 for more than 2-3 yrs ? ? No.
      Was Chad ever a Top NFL WR in his era.?? No.. Sit down. Chad Wasn’t MEGA.. he’s not TO. Carter Or Moss.. He isntt even JULIO.. Or even Marvin or Reggie Wayne..Andre Johnson..

    • 336 Legend says:

      Same. B marsh is too and Fred is borderline.

    • shaun key says:

      I LOVE Chad but he doesnt have the stats to get in. And in his era he was never a Top 5 WR in the league. If he does get it in it will be YEARS before he does.

  3. Nicole Williams says:

    FRED!!! THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING UP FOR HBCU’S – It’s more than sports – They are pumping out quality and confidence individuals yearly in overwhelming numbers. I wish more athletics would invest their dollars in HBCUs/education. Channing your wife is an example of excellence of an HBCU get on the wagon.

    • MrThunda51 says:

      What HBCUs need is strong alumni support. That’s how these major universities became so big. Alumni who became millionaires gave back.

    • Nicole Williams says:

      @Frank White What are you talking about????

    • Huntstyle says:

      @MrThunda51 the major universities sports teams bring in soooo much money because they fill 80k seat stadiums, sell millions of jerseys and other merch, and are broadcast on national networks. Way more than what donors are giving. Small schools just cannot compare, HBCU or not. It’s always gonna be that way. There’s only so many games people can watch on one Saturday, and chances are they’re gonna choose the Top 25 matchups over any other game. I know I do. I’m always watching SEC games… and I’m a Purdue fan.

    • MrThunda51 says:

      @Huntstyle those stadiums weren’t always that big. Alumni donating to the university early on helped those programs grow. Who was talking about Oregon before they got nike to revamp their uniforms and donate to the school? I’m a San Jose State graduate and have seen our entire athletic facilities campus get turned around because of very successful Alumni giving back. We’ve built new softball fields, golf training facility, soccer fields, beach volleyball, and a parking garage through private donations, with a new baseball field/stadium and revamped football stadium and player facilities in the worls as well from the same donations. New facilities, uniforms, equipment, etc draws in recruits which leads to winning and winning brings in fans and media coverage. HBCUs need that support because they’re still in their infancy in athletics. Once they get enough support the recruits will show up and fans will pack the stands, stadiums get bigger and media coverage gets broader.

    • Huntstyle says:

      @MrThunda51 SDSU isn’t a small school, though (33k students). Jackson State, where Prime is coaching, for comparison, has about 10k. And Oregon has been a Pac12 school. Not every school has an alum that created one of the largest athletics brands in the world, lol. That’s a pretty unique situation.

  4. Kaya Jamae says:

    It’s just really enjoyable to watch and listen to these men who all have such different personalities but compliment each other so well. Bravo gentlemen

    • Londra Hunter says:

      Amen Kaya. This was a conversation of free Men with expression of independent thought. When everyone’s saying same thing and no disagreements, you are watching sellout show no matter what the show is. Evidenced in most sports commentating increasingly now and over last decades.

  5. Shannon B says:

    I know it says Jared is a special guest but I am hoping he stays a part of the team this season. He’s been a great addition into the conversations thus far.

  6. Loisi Moli says:

    Jared asks questions that makes you really think. That’s a whole different level of comprehension! HIGHLY RECOMMEND to keep him ! Great asset to the team. Loved how everyone had different opinions. Keeps the show interesting.

  7. Sheila Marr says:

    Two things I like to add: I agree with Chad and as former NFL players changing the narrative starts with you by funneling finances into the HBCU for the training, food, etc.. Or find one potential star and sponsor that kid by remodeling the dorm room, making sure they have the necessities.

  8. Abe. Tee says:

    Note to IAMATHELETE: Read the comments and keep Jared on.

    A very rational and clear communicator!

  9. Andres Wallace says:

    That boy Jared is a thinking man. I completely disagree with Channing but I LOVE that he says it. If I keep hearing the point of view that matches mine, I’ll stay the same. But when you bring in different perspective, my mind can expand.

  10. Christine Bryant says:

    I’m glad Fred spoke on the Randy Moss Hall of Fame. A lot plays on a person mind & heart when they have achieved something. His up bringing or his Mother anything. Jared seemed like he got what Fred was saying. Fred deserves to be there!

    • Huntstyle says:

      Fred has so much wisdom. He doesn’t speak as much as the other guys, but when he does, it’s always worth listening to!

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