Chadwick “Black Panther” Boseman Is Hosting SNL

Chadwick “Black Panther” Boseman Is Hosting SNL

Chadwick Boseman hosts Saturday Night Live on April 7, 2018, with musical guest Cardi B.


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70 Responses

  1. Yoshi Blue says:

    Cardi is literally a cartoon character 😂

  2. opeyemi ibitayo says:

    OMG yay! Love Chadwick Boseman

  3. R3DQ22 says:

    Pregnant af.. Damn cardi!

  4. U.R. SUPERSTAR says:

    “I know man we going to wakanda”💀💀💀💀💀

  5. Chiemeri says:

    Wow Cardi B & Chadwick Boseman “black panther” aka WAKANDA FOREVA on Saturday Night Live this Saturday‼️ they knew exactly what they were doing booking these two👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I am so watching this and I never watch TV😂👊🏾🙅🏾‍♀️👠

    • andrewman111ah says:

      kyle magaro just thank god that white Jewish people wrote and created black panther 30 years ago. ….when are black people going to start doing stuff like that

    • kyle magaro says:

      andrewman111ah Writing comics? Uh decades ago? The writer of the best and most definitive black panther comics is black. Also I don’t think Stan or Jack are Jewish.

    • andrewman111ah says:

      kyle magaro srry there both Jewish. …lol. Kirby duh …..both Jewish. ..and no a black man didn’t write black panther..srry …so don’t be racist bro

    • Anna Gray says:

      *Wаnt m!е? Lооk, I !mаsturbаtе nаkе!d,СHЕCK VI!DЕО!?*

    • Anna Gray says:

      *Wаnt! mе? Lоо!k, I mаsturbаtе nаk!еd,СHЕCK !VIDЕО!?*

  6. Gigi Gigi says:

    Anything with Cardi b 😍😍

  7. James Oxendine says:

    And now de power of de black panther will be striped aweh

  8. Missing Diamond says:

    Gonna be a lot of black panther skits!😑

    • Mikael P. says:

      Lmao if Sterling K Brown got 1 Black Panther sketch when he was in the movie for like a few minutes total, Chadwick would have loads of BP sketches 😂

  9. It’s A Hurting Thing says:

    Cardi is hilarious 😂

  10. sandy80334 says:

    Cardi B needs her own series

  11. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    I can’t wait to see another sketch for Black Panther since the last sketch with Keenan Thompson Sterling Brown and Leslie Jones almost tried to break character because Keenan’s Simba routine was too good.

  12. FallenchadRS says:

    wait whos chadwick and why does t’challa have an American accent

  13. Bronze Heart says:

    I love it! Hahahahahaha

  14. Razan Ibrahim says:

    It’s so weird hearing him without an African accent like its set in my mind that’s he’s African lol

  15. Anthony Small says:

    Cardi better be in some sketches.

  16. Roll Like A Buffalo O_O says:

    Okay but why does Cardi B look like Dolly Parton??

  17. Spiral Breeze says:

    It’s late and I was thinking she was Charro.

  18. tralfama dorian says:

    OMG… Leslie… Last episodes were super good when she was not arround.

  19. pablo lantigua says:

    Yo cardi b a character 😂😂

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