Chain Restaurant Steak Taste Test

Chain Restaurant Steak Taste Test

We’re about to embark on the ultimate chain restaurant steak showdown and we’ve never been more ready.  GMM #1541
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58 Responses

  1. Erik C 'Piano Man' says:

    Amazing. Steak-themed episodes are a rare medium well done. ???

  2. 01GTB Daily says:

    At first I was worried Link was having a stroke until I realized he was using a “Australian” accent.

  3. Alex Foltz says:

    I love Texas Roadhouse, and Outback is good (bit overpriced though). Should have ignored Sizzler’s “steak” and gone with LongHorn Steakhouse!

  4. Valentina De La Fuente says:

    R: Taste my Steak 🙁
    L: I dont want to
    R: You dont have to.. :c

  5. wallyk2334 says:

    Roadhouse definitely has better Ribeye, then longhorn, then outback.

  6. James Burlett says:

    This is improper. Today is Roast Leg of Lamb Day.

  7. SCJ Drill Designs says:

    Texas Roadhouse is better, and cheaper. Oh… And rolls. Rolls with honey butter.

    I gained 2lbs thinking about those rolls.

  8. Duboarding says:

    Only if y’all could’ve gotten an Outlaw Ribeye from Longhorn Steakhouse.

  9. Ken says:

    I definitely think Link was getting Rhett’s medium rare steak a lot of times.

    • a j says:

      its cause he’s cutting in the middle. even medium/well done are pink in the middle. they are all pink to a certain degree.

    • voidremoved says:

      this sounds like you guys are talking about steak.

    • n bo says:

      +a j

      No, I order medium rare because I don’t like pink and don’t like the burnt taste of well done. Unless every restaurant around me is cooking steak wrong which I highly doubt that.

    • Funny Dude says:

      a j No, Rhett also said he got the wrong steak

    • nachotee says:

      +n bo Medium rare should definitely be pink, if it’s not, your restaurants are overdoing your steaks.

  10. Paris Holdenburg says:

    Yes Texas! We have both Texas Roadhouse and Outback. ??

  11. Christi Thornburg says:

    *_So who’s gonna tell Link he actually likes Medium Rare steaks?_*

    • Zack A says:

      Howabout Notachance not true.

    • nachotee says:

      +Birdo Shmokes I don’t know about mad cow, but it takes a very small number of e. coli bacteria for you to actually get e. coli. However, assuming the steak was handled more or less properly, as long as the outer layer is properly cooked you should be able to consume it safely, hamburguers though (or any minced meat) should always be cooked through.

    • Turkey Leg says:

      Well done with ketchup is the best way to have a steak

    • Triple Tuxified says:

      I like burnt steaks, but I know weirdos who like ultra rare steaks

    • Jack M says:

      +Turkey Leg I hope you’re kidding. Please be kidding

  12. ToriMercums says:

    I love Link’s Aussie accent that slowly became that of a Night’s Watchmen….

  13. Tayla says:

    I swear Link, if you don’t stop doing that bad Australian accent.

  14. JustAnotherYoutuber says:

    Rhett: “I’ve had a lot of fun at Applebee’s”

    *link stares in confusion*

  15. a100921 says:

    Link: I only like medium done steaks

    *Eats medium rare everytime*

  16. sammy walls says:

    rhett: [explaining his decision]
    link: BLOOMIN’ ONION

  17. JSLefgren says:

    Booooo! Boo your nostalgia. Texas Roadhouse is the best.
    But, just remember that I still love y’all.

  18. jake7732 says:

    I have been wanting a mythical josh series for so long! So pumped!

  19. Dara Cura says:

    *Link attempts to do an Australian accent* me: Link u okay …?

  20. alh2791 says:

    Tgi and Sizzler steaks look dry.
    Being from texas I love going to Texas roadhouse

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