Champions League Recap: Inter Milan 1-1 Barcelona Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Champions League Recap: Inter Milan 1-1 Barcelona Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Barcelona moved into the last 16 of the Champions League despite Inter Milan coming back to earn a draw in Milan.

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87 Responses

  1. Jooffrey says:

    Malcom finally made a goal!!!

    • ramon santiago says:

      I mean you say finnaly like he played a bunch of matches he barely gets any play time and when he does you can definitely see the influence he brings ( no offense)

    • Jooffrey says:

      +ramon santiago I know just happy he finally got a goal for barca and that he is getting playing time to prove himself ^-^

    • Jooffrey says:

      +ramon santiago and why are you guessing what I mean tf are you to say, malcom is a great player and brings a lot to the team

    • ramon santiago says:

      +Jooffrey i know bro didnt mean to come off wrong thats why i put “no offense” and i too thinks he’s a great player who deserves more play time

    • Jooffrey says:

      +ramon santiago oh ok it’s cool my dude ✌️🏼

  2. Ye Chan Lee says:

    💪🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça! ¡Visca El Barçai Visca Catalunya! The Best Club In Football History!

  3. Sultan Enterprises says:

    Can someone tell me the last time Barcelona won in Italy?

  4. Lionel Messigician says:

    Congrats Malcom!!!!!

  5. Bhouri Mohamed Aziz says:

    the crowd noise at icardi goal is just insane !!!

    • Asif Sadik says:

      Idk what he’s on about. Camp Nou goes nuts durings goals even with tourists…. the non tourists alone are loud af +1990Thunderbolt

    • NinjaOfTheSands says:

      at some point stadium size doesn’t matter anymore because spectators are just so far away, you can get louder in a smaller stadium that is packed to the brim
      it really also depends on the architecture, is it more open or closed etc

    • Cruz Florero says:

      +NitricWarrior boy.

    • NitricWarrior says:

      +Cruz Florero I mean if you have been keeping up with Football like I am you would know Barcelona have been struggling to get even 70k besides the el clasico game which is self explanatory.

    • Bill A says:

      San Siro, the most legendary stadium in Europe

  6. Mr. Aston Shaniqua Martin Vulcan says:

    Give Malcom chance

  7. Luis Renderos says:

    Malcolm is so good i dont know why they dont play him

    • Luis Renderos says:

      Red Leader cant agree but neither can I disagree

    • Julius Castillo says:

      Malcolm is good but is so similar to Dembele in playing styles. I think Malcolm has his head on better as a pro than Dembele but i think Dembele’s talent is higher. He just needs coached on how to better a pro seeing he is so young still. I like both players but so hard to get them all out there but am glad he got is first goal today. As a Barca fan, id like to keep them both but im sure one of them will go by next season.

    • Red Leader says:

      I respect your opinion but I think as a pro Malcolm’s head is hanging by a thread lol, his literal last minute decision to go to barce for the money over Roma proved he probably doesn’t have the biggest aspirations or the best mindset. He should’ve recognized the difference in playing time he would get at both clubs

    • The Big LeBoschski says:

      Red Leader simple. Play them both.

    • Troublesome 96 says:

      The Big LeBoschski and bench Suarez or Messi? Yeah ok bud

  8. tanner wise says:

    So glad Malcolm finally got his chance and showed his worth

  9. John D Gates says:

    Barcelona dominated the game but lacked creativity. Messi’s absence was definitely felt today.

  10. JC4 says:

    Why italy has the league with the least black players?

    • daniel figueroa says:

      I follow Serie A, and most teams have a handful of African players – you just aren’t educated. You can probably say the same for La Liga and Bundesliga. Plus, this is such an idiotic/ignorant comment – not sure why I even responded to this stupidity.

    • Behizy says:

      Why does the NFL have the least white players? It goes both ways

    • Ernst Pierre says:

      I don t think because the league is racist, because they do have black players. So I think they recruit more in South America specifically Argentina and Colombia that s all.

    • Project Precursor says:

      +Ernst Pierre wtf? Are there even black people in Argentina ?😂😂😂😂😂

    • Emmanuel Sackie says:

      Ernst Pierre he is asking about black players not white players brother you right thou they rather white players over black players still racism in football

  11. FC BARÇA says:

    Don’t let this match distract you from the fact psg is out of the ucl

  12. Songbun Kim says:

    It is such a shame that Barca didn’t win this one as they fully deserved to win it, they created so many chances but finishing was so off. Inter created nothing and Incardi picked up a wallet and scored on their only chance. Shame.

    • Songbun Kim says:

      +Manlio Maghenzani Sure. Football is never about being strictly fair and that is one of the reasons the game is so charming. Anyways, I hope they do better next time.

    • o k says:

      Doesn’t really matter for Barca since they just need to beat psv to be first of the group. Spurs are the one that are affected severely by this result. Since now they have no room for error

    • HARRY A says:

      BOO HOO no one only bar fan boys feel pity for such an unlikable team. Suarez dirty, busquets dirty, pique dirty, alba dirty. hopefully the get bounced out

    • Dark Genesis says:

      +HARRY A wow

    • Christian De leon says:

      +HARRY A I mean ya Suarez but then I have no idea about why your talking about Busquets and Jordi Alba.Pique is actually an cocky asshole,but then again how many other players can you relate him too.Theres many cocky assholes I out there I’m sure this is the most Popular sport in the World.
      I’m pretty sure your the guy who doesn’t watch there games and just watches compilation videos on this things and just assumes even though you can find this videos on basically any player you search up that’s important.

  13. Favian Castillo says:

    Dibala. Icardi.messi.

    Porque no jugo asi sampaoli..

  14. Illyrian Prince says:

    How many players do you know in today’s game that get a shirt pulled like that inside the box and dont act like they just got their ankle ripped off? Class from icardi, beautiful finish

  15. Bryan Reyes says:

    Everyone is saying “Malcolm is so good he should be playing a lot more” he scored one goal calm down there are just better options right now like racing a had been stepping up and playing out of position and shows he’s able to handle it and plus Malcom has played 2 games in laliga and 1 in copa del Rey and didn’t score or get an assist I bet all of these people just go off stats and don’t even know how he plays in game

    • Jose Martinez says:

      He literally played less than 200 minutes in each of those la liga games and in the CDR he hadn’t played a game in almost a month.

    • Bryan Reyes says:

      Jose Martinez but still it was a team in the second division in group B he got subbed off for Dembele and got the game winning assist

    • Jose Martinez says:

      +Bryan Reyes it was literally a whole barca team that have never played togther in their lives. Against a small team that literally fouled anyone that tried to dribble past them. It felt like any barca player could have been horribly injured. It was literally the worst possible game malcom could have played in after not playing for so long.

    • Yannah Patterson says:

      He barely plays, come the fuck on. Let people be happy in spite of valverde having a grudge against him.

    • Christian De leon says:

      Well actually your right his stats aren’t crazy but what do you expect he Bearly gets any play time.Many players take time to get adjusted to the Barcelona system in his old team he showed what he can do his a capable player.
      Does he deserve more play time yes he needs to prove himself if he doesn’t than that’s that but there not even giving him a chance.
      It’s looking very bad on Baças part because it’s like they only bought him to get back at Roma

  16. cplflake says:


  17. Read NOTIN says:

    Who dropped a white real Madrid shirt in barça’s clothes? 😂😂😂

  18. 805 Evo says:

    Inter celebrating like they won the world cup after being dominated all 90 minutes

  19. Wadani dhab ah says:

    Handanovic is a beast. So underrated

  20. omar tizol says:

    Dembeles cut took out two defenders, just insane

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