Champions League Recap: Juventus 1-2 Manchester United Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Champions League Recap: Juventus 1-2 Manchester United Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brilliant first Champions League goal for Juventus but Manchester United fought back late for a surprise victory in Turin.

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92 Responses

  1. 5Jack_Attack5 says:

    Juve could have easily won this game with a little bit of luck in the shot!

  2. Spidey7747 says:

    Glory Glory Man United!!! We were the first team to beat Cristiano’s Juve not as the home team but at THEIR HOME!!

  3. OGCescalade300 says:

    Bro the commentator sounds like he lost a bet, lol

  4. Luis Mercad says:

    Man of the match = The juventus fowards and midfielders missed the easiest shots in champions league history.

    Yo I swear some of you guys can’t read i never said anything bad about ronaldo. In fact i said he was the only foward who didn’t suck.

    • Luis Mercad says:


    • Luis Mercad says:

      @UCwyah_E94bGnjEmnEljE30w Get the fuck out, i fixed it for you guys who don’t know that other then can be except. And that i was obviously excluding ronaldo. All you had to do was watch the match.

    • Boneless Knife says:

      Dumbass of the year I swear

    • Luis Mercad says:

      +Boneless Knife You know when i read a sentence I read it multiple times just so i can try to understand what the person is saying. If you read it.. And you read it wrong it isn’t my fault. My sentence and the meaning that i was trying to convey with it was correct. You just read it wrong. Some people read it right, Many people read it wrong guess you were just part of the many.

    • Boneless Knife says:

      +Luis Mercad no you’re just a fucking idiot that thinks he’s right

  5. hank says:

    Because Ronaldo celebrated against his former club Manchester United won

  6. Fernholz Photography says:

    Weird flex, but ok

  7. ab_selm 1 says:

    I wanna see cr7πŸ’ͺ🏼 vs real madrid ✌️

  8. Miguel Ortiz says:

    Juve Had everything for a comfortable lead, this could have ended in a 4-2, just unlucky today.

    • Jr Morales says:

      +Nexus75 lmao Juve played bad? Did you watch the same game? Man U last goal was luck and they were lucky that Juve didn’t score like 3-4 more goals. Man U literally played like trash.

    • Jonathan Garduno says:

      Jr Morales cry me a river pussy, Juventus lost hold this L

    • Yahya Al Sabeh says:

      +Jr Morales I agree that Man U played like trash, but Juve defence is lacking. No way can a team lose focus and allow 2 goals in the last 3 minutes of the game. That’s just horrendous.

    • To serve kids says:

      No it could have been 4-3. Remember Rashford’s counter attack he missed?

    • Messi G.O.A.T says:

      Soccer isnt about luck. “They were unlucky” is just an excuse to hide the fact they didnt play as good as they usually do.

  9. Rogene Roper says:

    This is one of those FUT Division matches where you’re up 1-0, absolutely dominating, and then your opponent just grabs two lucky goals and you want to break your controller.

    Edit: I agree, Mata’s free kick wasn’t luck, but rather great skill/technique. The other one though…

  10. Asenega Akwasi George says:

    The Men from United, beat the Old ladies from Juventus.

  11. RaΓΊl says:

    first benzema would miss almost every chance ronaldo gave him and now cuadrado and khedira lol

    that Ronaldo goal tho was beautiful

  12. Xprimal says:

    I think the commentator has a hangover

  13. N G NUYIT says:

    Rashford is absolutely shit one on one

    • Oneil Forseh says:

      He’s always had problems with his finishing, needs more in depth practice and should sometimes use his brain to accompany his legs. Martial missed against Everton so don’t over pick on Rashy, both of them will only get better, our future is safe.

    • Prash Mc says:

      +Oneil Forseh Rashford is not on Martial’s level. He’s not on Martial’s level from 3 years ago. Stop the hype and let the guy play. Lets see where he gets.

    • lil pogba says:

      Prash Mc so true man

    • Oneil Forseh says:

      +Prash Mc Where in my comment did I compare them or said one is on the other’s level? smh…Sometimes it’s better you just read a comment and ignore than reply with rubbish. Lest enjoy the win mate.#ggmu

    • Gr3y North says:

      Too impatient

  14. Dabz says:

    My right ear got robbed πŸ‘‚πŸΎπŸ€”

  15. Teh Grate Mestar says:

    Juan Mata is such an underrated player, always gets the job done

  16. syed sohaib says:

    it’s hurting my brain trying to understand why Rashford wouldn’t chip it over the keeper….

  17. LexUnwin says:

    Notice how it all changed when fellaini came on

  18. Alvaro Egas says:

    Juventus missed too many opportunities.

    • Roberto Orejel says:

      They missed a bunch of opportunities. But that what happens when you can’t finish those. That Ronaldo goal doe!

  19. HaΓ―tien jusqu'Γ  la mort says:

    Damn CR7 could have had at least 3 assists but…

  20. Jr Morales says:

    When your team is trash but luck is on your side

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