Champions League Recap: Real Madrid 0-3 CSKA Moscow Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Champions League Recap: Real Madrid 0-3 CSKA Moscow Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Full highlights of the action from the Bernabeu as Real Madrid were stunned by CSKA Moscow.

Despite the win, CSKA Moscow finished fourth in the group, and Real Madrid remained top.

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88 Responses

  1. Ryan Abbey says:


  2. joshua akotia says:

    Hala madrid right ???

  3. BiG Pear says:

    Cska should have gone easy on these small clubs

  4. Sihan Xiong says:

    Your highlights are so damn fast people gotta appreciate that!!

  5. WarEagleTheBest says:

    All Barca fans are happy tonight!

  6. QUINPG says:

    They dont need CR7. They need NAVAS!

  7. LM.10 The Best says:

    How to beat Real Madrid
    1.wear red and blue

  8. Sihan Xiong says:

    Schooling the defending champions twice + finish bottom of the group = savage CSKA Moscow

    • Yaz Al says:

      how is that savage ? getting knocked out and bottom is savage ? we have a rough season and regardless finished top

    • hulk men says:

      Yeah it’s funny to see them lose to an inferior opponent this reminds me of something you’d think would only happen in FIFA too bad this isn’t a second leg of a knock out game it would be a much bigger result

    • Craig’s Craig says:

      Can someone explain to me how Liverpool and spurs made it through even though they have an identical record (record and goal difference head to head record)

    • KevinnatorX says:

      Craig’s Craig more goals scored

    • Craig’s Craig says:

      KevinnatorX is it was based on goals scored not goal difference

  9. Awesome Amoz says:

    I think its safe to say real Madrid aren’t winning the champions league this year

    • Os o says:

      +Esteban Compean you need to learn the definition of bandwagon. Your name says it all, I can see why you’re stupid.

    • TheLordoftheRavens says:

      +Os o Real Madrid did get a lot of help from the refs over the last few seasons. Their win over Bayern two seasons ago was one of the worst refereeing jobs ever in the Champions League. Madrid got at least 3 huge, incorrect calls in their favor. Their wins over Juventus and Bayern last season also had a few controversial moments in which the refs favored Madrid.

      Maybe Barcelona gets more help than Madrid, maybe not. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter in this debate, because Barca getting help does not make it fine that Madrid gets help. In other words, Madrid won the Champions League in the last few seasons in large part because of the referees; there is no denying that, no matter what happened in Barcelona’s games.

    • Craig’s Craig says:

      Awesome Amoz honestly I think it’s between Juventus Barcelona Manchester city and Atletico Madrid

    • Os o says:

      +TheLordoftheRavens on that match I agree.

    • Man pc says:

      Awesome Amoz fact

  10. Kid G says:

    Never said this as a Barcelona fan but Navas over Courtois ?

  11. Evans O says:

    Things like this make me wanna forget every bad thought I have in my head. Can’t wait to see Real Madrid get eliminated in the Round of 16.

  12. Horacio Araujo says:

    And this shows why Navas should be used more smh

  13. Jacke Marin says:

    Y navas pa cuando??

  14. JQ Morgan says:

    Modric best player in the world NOT

  15. Cristo Morales says:

    Soooo they went out and bought a “World Class” gk knowing Navas is world class, instead of buying a Forward??? ?????

  16. joseace182 says:

    Can’t believe Curtois is considered better than Navas l. What a joke

  17. Nick Soccer says:

    Imagine beating Real Madrid twice with the overall score of 4-0, coming up just 2 points behind the second place Roma and not even qualifying for Europa League. #bruh

    • Naveen Dennis Barnabas says:

      Can you tell me how the standings is calculated, please? Because cska have a better goal difference even though they are placed at the bottom of their group

    • koolyo2foots says:

      +Naveen Dennis Barnabas if two teams have the same amount of points it goes down to head -to – head result. Viktoria Plzen drew 2-2 with CSKA and then beat CSKA 2-1 so, Viktoria have the better head to head result.

  18. Ej Lopez says:

    Courtois is one of the worst keepers to play for Real Madrid!!! I don’t know why he isn’t benched yet.

  19. SWIRLY4LIFE says:

    I think Navas is better then courtois

  20. weiss9748 says:

    Look … I know Courtois has been doing a piss poor job goalkeeping lately….but wtf is the Madrid defense doing???

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