Chance the Rapper – “Family Matters”

Chance the Rapper – “Family Matters”

“Family Matters Tour”
Tix, VIPs & merchandise avail at

Written and Produced by Chance the Rapper and The Social Experiment.
Additional vocals by: Macie Stewart & Teddy Jackson.
Based on music prod. by Kanye West.

Shot by Jake Linden, Nathan Salter, Austin Vesely, and Pitchfork Music Festival
Edited by Jake Linden and Austin Vesely

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20 Responses

  1. Ollie Bizzle says:

    Awesome song and video!

  2. Giovanni Silva says:


  3. PhreakinJ0nny says:

    family mattress

  4. Frederik Kjøler Kibsgaard says:

    Family Business, is my favorite Kanye song. Chance the Rapper is my
    favorite artist. This is perfect!

  5. Matthew Smith says:

    I love the sound of your music Chance

  6. Mallaceis says:

    Made me smile :)

  7. JRogersTV says:

    idk if he’s getting lazy but it’s like he only puts 1 verse on songs and he
    has weak hooks

  8. Jamesha Michelle says:

    yesss I can’t wait to see him nov. 5 <3

  9. Dwayne Cooper says:

    Can’t deny that Chance is the best?? keep doing your thing big bro??

  10. otr15 says:

    Thank you, Chance.

  11. Lucas Wopat says:

    Gives me goosebumps

  12. Tyler Cummisky says:

    Honestly chances music has changed my live in so grateful to have an artist
    like him in my life.

  13. Miguel Serrano says:

    Love the fact that they’re dancing ‘Caballo Dorado’ at the last clip.

  14. Jahmil Kegler says:

    chance can’t do wrong

  15. Dylan Davis says:

    I’ve been wanting to hear chance murder a Kanye beat since he freestyled
    over “through the wire” on away in the morning

  16. Jahmil Kegler says:

    drop paradise

  17. Khafre Sims Bey says:

    ayyye. get em Chano. He could be in a Kanye cover band lmao

  18. Tajai Norton says:

    Chance you did a wonderful job created a classic

  19. tazzcamacho25 says:

    man chance why don’t you ever come to arizona? :((((

  20. SpecialOPS beats says:

    Nice beat. He should use my beats