Happy New Year! I decided to start off the new year with change. What better way than to start the year off with a clean slate…or a shaved head?! I never thought I would do something like this but it was such a great experience and I am in LOVE with the way it looks! Hope you all enjoy the video! Let me know by leaving a LIKE! Also be sure to hit the little bell next to the subscribe button to get notifications on new uploads!

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Don’t be afraid of change…we will never grow without it.

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20 Responses

  1. Lina Dutchik says:

    Why do so many people hate? She is so beautiful. She can do whatever she
    wants with her hair, and why would people unsubscribe because of her
    choice. She is amazing and beautiful no matter how she looks. When she died
    her hair from brown to blue and purple a couple of years ago, everybody
    loved it, but when she does this, everybody hates her. Just chill. She is
    the same person but a different hair style. I love you!! Keep doing you!!!

  2. Eden Mac says:

    when tiff said ‘will you still love me?’ i could only think of mrs potato
    head ‘do you swear you’ll stay forever?’ ??

    you look dope, gurl! you’re so brave and gorgeous ??

  3. Sven Vee says:

    Good luck this year! And the new look looks cool haha :D

  4. UmJessica says:

    Skrillex? Is that you?

  5. Mariah H. says:

    she sbpud do a heart on it

  6. Samia Jimenez says:


    Its nerve racking sometimes,but come on….its change, so its different!
    Im so proud of you for doing this! I honestly think you made a good
    decision doing something new this year!
    Your hair cut is cool, and i think it suits you and your personality.❤️

  7. Dulce Escobar says:

    Whaat i love it tiffany ( sorry if i spelled your name wrong )

  8. Esther & Angelica Tlaczani says:

    nooooo l love ur hair ???????

  9. Frisk and Chara forever says:

    I don’t like it too much but I encourage anything u want tiff ??

  10. Hermione Granger says:

    i think you would look really cute with a pixy, and your bangs swooped to
    the side, layered and stuff with your hair dyed black lol

  11. ErikaLove says:

    Am I the only one thinking that she would look really nice with a shaved
    head? like all shaved? She looks really good!

  12. Allison Delgado says:


  13. JCoregaming says:

    She should cut the other side shorter

  14. Devboxx12 says:

    If Sombra was Asian this would be it :D

  15. Cookie Cat girl says:

    your hair is so cool i love it that way?

  16. Gabriela Angamarca says:

    I has cupquake paint your hair a differ color

  17. Ann 121278 says:

    YOU look so different sorry caps

  18. LpsWolf 05 says:

    this is the same as mine i love the hair style on you!!

  19. Natshows 2007 says:

    ihascupquake’s right side hair
    You will be remembered

  20. Overpowered Cheese says:

    I think you went a bit overboard but when it grows a bit i bet it will look