Changing my best friends life

Changing my best friends life

This video meant the absolute world to me


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29 Responses

  1. Blucity says:

    That’s real love, much respect to Adin ❤️

  2. Nate420 says:

    “Meet your online friends in real life, they’re the realest ones”
    – Adin Ross 2021

  3. lol l says:

    Bro ive never seen prime like this, this finna make me cry.

  4. Jordan Pena says:

    Adin just proves that he won’t let his day 1s left behind while he’s on top of everything this is the best video I’ve ever seen

    • just _vucy says:

      People will just say “he’s doing it just for the cameras”
      But at the end of the day people’s lives still change

  5. Mr Jxe says:

    I fucking love Prime dude. Like Adin said, he is an OG and deserves all this shit so much man. Good shit Adin. You def got my support forever… ups or downs

  6. Ruined Planet says:

    Imagine the people saying Adin has changed…. This guy is absolutely amazing and will keep doing amazing things. Prime is a beauty and definitely deserves this.

  7. Faihnn says:

    He actually changed peoples lives in this video, he didn’t just go buy them a rolex or a car. THIS IS WHAT I CALL CHANGING PEOPLES LIVES.

  8. Kstunt TTG says:

    I can’t lie bruh this shit just touch the hell out of soul like I’m shaking it’s crazy how Ws mans adin is omg this shit is very inspirational and I hope I can do this one day 💯😭😭

  9. Jack Whitlam says:

    This is what it’s all about man. My goal when I get big is to help out others around me. You a real one Adin

  10. Queenn says:

    man. this is a real friend

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