Chaos erupts at Donald Trump rally in Chicago

Chaos erupts at Donald Trump rally in Chicago

Chaos breaks out at a Donald Trump rally between protesters and supporters. CNN’s Jim Acosta reports.

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20 Responses

  1. Nintendo vs Sega says:

    Yes finally

  2. James Hetfeild says:

    Most people, esp. minorities just don’t get what is really going on with
    Trump’s meteoric political popularity. It’s really ALL about POLITICAL
    CORRECTNESS gone wild. Whites have been browbeaten for decades with the
    progressive left, minorities and the liberal media playing the race card.
    Anything a white person can say about a minority can easily and often is
    deemed racist. Truth is White America is fucking sick of it…and mad as
    hell…You can thank Obama…I mean, as just one recent example, now the
    left and many blacks are even attempting to claim the term “All Lives
    Matter” is a racial slur…Give me a fucking break…but as Hitler’s
    propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said and PROVED, tell the people a lie
    over and over..eventually it will become the truth…If Trump wins the
    Presidency, right now about a 40 % possibility, within a couple years it
    will be near impossible for an illegal to gain employment or Government
    assistance in the USA. He really won’t need to build that “fucking”
    wall….The US should play by Mexico’s rules..You get caught in Mexico
    illegally you get shaken down of all your cash and valuables, then get caught again you get sent to a horrible prison to rot for
    at least 2 years separated from other Americans at that…you don’t come
    back a third time, illegally at least…

  3. petebacon says:

    Typical Socialist Bernie supporters trying to take away people’s right to
    listen to Trump soeak! Maybe us Trump supporters should go cause hell at a
    Sanders rally?! How would they respond? Assholes!

  4. ReasonedTwo130 says:

    That one guy in the back. “Hilary!”

  5. xRoyale ! says:


  6. jsloa55 says:



  7. Malachi Stewart says:

    man this is what Trump will do to this country he’ll collapse our own
    country then somehow get us nuked and that ladies and gentlemen is the
    Trump effect

  8. sr166 says:

    Wow America is about to erupt

  9. doginthemafia says:

    lol niggers

  10. Marjorie Gutmaker says:

    Funny thing is, now people are just going to watch the carnage…

  11. The Dirtman says:

    The definition of irony, by attempting to silence their political
    opponents, they’ve become the very thing the accuse Trump of being.

  12. Eminent Discover says:

    Fuck trump ??

  13. Darth Jake says:

    Bernie Bernie Bernie

  14. skylan Natural says:

    This reminds me of the purge

  15. Daniel Weaver says:

    Why I hate millennials…

  16. Little men says:

    Feel the bern boo trump and Hillary, let go Bernie Bernie Bernie FEEL THE
    BERN ??

  17. M2brSaA says:

    The Trump fans write foul comments with lots of swearing and misspelled
    words. You know Trump fans never read the newspaper or watch the debates.
    Trump has said repeatedly that he loves the uneducated. He can tap into
    their anger and manipulate them. Scary times?

  18. Ohh oZ says:

    remembers me of an hitler speach

  19. Mckinney Man says:

    Trump was crying over his first amendment rights, yet had peaceful
    protester ejected prior to this incident.

  20. Mr.Redsentry says:

    Only idiots support Trump.