Character Demo – “Alhaitham: Think Before You Act” | Genshin Impact

Character Demo – “Alhaitham: Think Before You Act” | Genshin Impact

On his self-coined term of “feeble,” Alhaitham thought it was just an off-the-cuff remark, and never expected it to become a point of controversy.
However, this is ultimately irrelevant. He is not concerned regarding other people squabbling over such frivolous matters, as it’s not his time that is wasted.

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27 Responses

  1. Shade06 says:

    A character demo hasn’t had a tone like this before. The character interactions are refreshing.

  2. bllebutnot says:

    Their expressions are so lively. This is exactly what I needed. Hopefully the team continues do this with the rest

  3. Gabriel says:

    The Sumeru cast really does seem like a big found family and even more after this trailer, it’s so nice seeing other characters interacting in another one’s demo

  4. Emma Torales says:

    I love how expressive Kaveh is 😭💗💗 he gestures so much and his face too show a lot with his expressions, I love this!! Seeing the way characters interact is sooo cool, they all feel actually connected and more real

  5. neoCHAOSitizen says:

    I truly love how they captured his essence as a character in the demo, strong but not willing to overtly express it, Secretive yet passionate about studies and information, carefree about pretty much everything but his work, yet slightly playful and savage. He has my heart istg.

  6. RainThePan - no longer posting here says:

    please please PLEASE make more demos like this! The character interaction and them talking about him adds to his character arguably much more than it being just him by himself, and it’s so refreshing to see some of the characters interacting and feeling THIS REAL (and it also helps develop the other characters’ personalities as well, so win win right?) we need more character interaction like this!

    • mimi_gaming says:

      Yessss! So much better than demos where the character is just dancing or fighting. Though well animated, those feel so reductionist. Trailers should explore multiple elements of the character like this.

  7. Lil_Toquito says:

    I love how when Ahhaitham just says “Simple, isn’t it?” and Tighnari and Cyno both sigh and turn to each other and say “Not really” 😂

  8. Jinpiphany Elmariajin says:

    I never really thought these four would get along all together but now that I actually think about it, they all went to the Akademiya and probably got to know each other from there, so interesting. Supposedly they have an already established friendship (tho idk if you’d call Cyno and Alhaitham’s relationship “friends”) from years ago. I can’t wait to see more interactions!!

    • Dory Krysz says:

      Alhaitham and cyno are moreso frenemies in a way, they are friendly-ish sometimes but they clearly get on each other’s nerves

  9. paper says:

    The fact we see other characters in Alhaitham’s demo just chilling is just amazing. We need more of this.

  10. AK Yox says:

    This style of demo is so much more engaging! I hope Hoyo does this more often! I love how spirited Kaveh’s animation is, and Haitham’s theme is AWESOME

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