Character Demo – “Hu Tao: Let the Living Beware” | Genshin Impact

Character Demo – “Hu Tao: Let the Living Beware” | Genshin Impact

When the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor is performing important rites, we appreciate it if people keep a
respectful distance away from the proceedings.
…But if you insist on gatecrashing a funeral… Well, I’m sure we can squeeze you in somewhere…

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72 Responses

  1. iwee says:


  2. Po Bralk says:

    Aiya, You scared~?

    ꧖👻 𑁯

  3. Underneath The Underneath says:

    Way, too, cute…see you all on the other side.

  4. AuricAcid says:

    she is really out here making future clients herself

  5. The_Innocent_ OneWho says:

    1:27 “see you on the other side”

    My monke brain: *hAMILTON???*

  6. Mικα Mαι says:

    When she mentioned aiyaa I literally overheard Uncle Roger—

    Oh no OH NOO

  7. Susset Siguenza says:

    If she’s not coming home im gonna cry a whole waterfall

  8. Ben Pearson says:

    nobody is gonna point out that this sounds like luigi’s mansion music

  9. Say My Name says:

    Zhongli: And this is why I call her boss.

  10. Kyo says:

    “Fatui, not even worth the tease”

    Okay okay, I will try solo these three fatui using Hu Tao. I Expect great results. 😀

    • Drik Kappa says:

      @João Lana or Noelle, Noelle can solo everything

    • Ja ja the new king says:

      Pyro is actually the best way to fight them. F the Fatui

    • Ja ja the new king says:

      @Drik Kappa no she can’t If the enemy is strong enough and you have no health.

    • TheAkatsukitobi says:

      Seeing her abilities are all self damage buffing based, her having extremely high HP and Def, and her burst healing her, I dont think it should be hard, she can probably solo Abyss Floor 12 on her own

    • Epic Troller says:

      Don’t worry, pyro fatui just walked into a small pool, qiqi will break electro fatui’s shield for you

  11. Winter says:

    Credit Card: “I’m in danger.”

  12. Blank says:

    There is no “do I” all there is “I will” wish for her.

  13. Gio Presto says:

    HU TAO’s trailer: CUTE AF, funny as hell
    Xiao’s trailer: Pain, misery, tribulation
    Zhongli’s trailer: COOL AF

    • Slawischstreiter says:

      I’m sure there’s gonna be some dark underside to Hu Tao just like all the others even if she looks fun and cheerful.

    • Nekorisa Kirisame says:

      @Gio Presto the game is not made for kids tho, it is designed with children in mind but it is not a kids game. all mobile games does this (i play genshin pc but still)

    • Gio Presto says:

      @Nekorisa I didn’t say that it was made for kids only, my point here is if the game is for adult then the flow of the game might be different.

    • Zero San Got Bored says:

      Can you tell me the hype of his trailer? I watched it recently and was put to sleep. I think people are making themselves think they like it because they like Zhongli. Or only like it because he’s in it.

    • Carter Drew says:

      That xongli trailer got my whole body hyped. I’m like damn imma have to fufill the last contract on these monster “neee gaaz”. To protect Liyue

  14. Aarón Ordóñez says:

    Everybody’s talking about how cute is Hu Tao and nobody talks about that cool music in the background

  15. Kayla_ UwU says:

    other 5 stars: summon a meteorite, make them stronger with a mask, things that look epic in general

  16. William_Riku Burst says:

    Only some cultured people would remember those 2 guys from the beginning…

  17. CodeName: 24 says:

    Okay but we gonna ignore the fact that this OST got more flames than Diluc

  18. Ryder Omega says:

    The baby Zombie Qiqi is slowly recruiting all the 5☆’s.

    • Yt Kat says:

      First Ganyu and now Hu Tao. Keep in mind Hu tao wants to bury Qiqi and Qiqi says she has a very punchable face.

    • Lisa Nguyen says:

      @Yt Kat Yeah but Hu Tao has a change of heart and actually considers herself to be Qiqi’s best friend, but Qiqi only remembers Hu Tao wants to bury her

  19. 江湖人称God V says:

    From a Chinese forum, the hand sign that she does is not a ‘ninja’ hand sign, it’s a hand sign from Taoism meaning ‘wang sheng’ – to be reborn in the afterlife. Just thought you should know since this channel is named after it lol

  20. Mox ಠ ᴥ ಠ says:

    time to go into debt

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