Character Demo – “Kamisato Ayato: Fathomless Swirls in the Forest” | Genshin Impact

Character Demo – “Kamisato Ayato: Fathomless Swirls in the Forest” | Genshin Impact

Most people enjoy lively festivals, but for different reasons.
Some love the dazzling fireworks, while others prefer the shadows they leave behind.
There are also those who prefer to walk in the night, listening to the whispering currents to sink foul sins into the depths.

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33 Responses

  1. Erik-Kun says:

    The elegance is unreal.

  2. Artimation Hub says:

    The animation in this demo is AMAZING, like the battle scenes?? The running perspectives??? DAMN EVEN THE FIREWORK SCENE???

  3. LordAmon says:

    I’m actually glad I got my whole household to love this game and you’re telling me we still have 5 more nations to that have differentkind of music and characters, I’m surprised I haven’t spent a penny on this game

  4. Wolfhooks says:

    I can’t believe Ayato indirectly saved our life during the Archon quest! This whole time we thought he might be drinking boba or something. No my man helped immensely

  5. Mer Vee says:

    Everything about his demo is amazing. The way the music matched up to his slashes at 1:16 is so cool, had to repeat it multiple times. So hyped for Ayato!

  6. Alvin Tam says:

    I very much enjoy how his character is portrayed here. He’s by all means, a schemer. An utterly ruthless one at that considering how he butchered those fatui. But he directs his ruthlessness for the betterment of his clan and realm.

  7. shaezy19 says:

    Best demo ever, and Ayato (AND SAYU) was behind the scenes all along while traveller and the resistance were fighting the shogunate. I LOVE IT ❤

  8. Neophyte says:

    This has to feel like the coolest demo they’ve made in a while

  9. Pinoy Impact says:

    Don’t you get chills every time you hear the Kamisato siblings say “Kamisato Art” during their burst?

  10. four says:

    kamisato ayato isnt just a genshin character, hes a cultural reset, hes an art, a lifestyle, the oxygen u breathe, an escape from this cruel world, the first gift u open on christmas, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted

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