Charades with Aaron Paul and Karlie Kloss

Charades with Aaron Paul and Karlie Kloss

Jimmy and Karlie Kloss battle it out against Aaron Paul and The Roots’ Tarik Trotter in a game of charades.

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Charades with Aaron Paul and Karlie Kloss

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72 Responses

  1. Steve ABOVE AVERAGE Trevor says:

    Damnnnn, Karlie Kloss is soo tall she makes them look like a bunch of 5th graders

  2. mtgamingirl says:

    Karlie Kloss is what I wanna be… I’m literally 4’11

    • mtgamingirl says:

      Robert Ramos I get what you’re saying but it was unnecessary to say some of the things he did say. But he needs to be aware of how saying personal opinion can hurt someone or come across rude, sexist and cringe.

    • murrrmur says:

      MrKockNoker You my man, need to learn some social skills. You sound like an alien trying to assimilate to human culture.

    • MrKockNoker says:

      murrrmur- You guys are honestly weird AF.

    • Robert Ramos says:

      Okay. This was really a lot of fuss about nothing really. I realise that everyone here must just be really young, so I’m just going to say, the real world is much harsher. You’ll grow up and realise just how naive and “cringe” you guys were when you were younger. Just enjoy your life and don’t worry too much about the things others say. You don’t need anyone’s approval.

    • MrKockNoker says:

      Robert Ramos- Exactly.

  3. Larisa Vasile says:

    Funny how she’s so tall compared to them ?

  4. Vlada Natasha says:

    When your mom forced you to bring your little brothers with you

  5. mas kanna says:

    I always thought Karlie was skinny tall but i am shocked by her well built biceps. Much training!!

  6. blinkshow87 says:

    Gandalf the White and three hobbit

  7. palss 115 says:

    Everyone’s commenting about how tall she is.

  8. Linkan Letlora says:

    Aaron Paul’s voice tho

  9. lissa B says:

    98% of these comments is about karlie kloss being tall

  10. luciflash says:

    Tariq is sooo bad at this game.

  11. I AM DOOM NOT GROOT says:

    was hoping she’d act out twister the game

  12. Cordelia lee says:

    anyone grouped with Tarik trotter is already disadvantaged lol

  13. C M PUNK says:

    she looks like a light house

  14. Preeti Poddar says:

    Looks like I am watching honey I shrunk the kids ?

  15. Dilidjent says:

    I will save your time for googling her height: it is 1.88m =)

  16. Farah Khan says:

    I love how she’s already like 6 foot 2 and she wears heels I love the confidence

  17. GeniusDolphin says:

    I remember Karlie mentioned she is a very competitive person in an interview and she really showcased here LOL. Love her <3

  18. Sylla Atlas says:

    Lol all you guys impressed by Karlie’s physic, you didn’t see her when she was still a runway model and in shape

    • Sylla Atlas says:

      FenechGeish fox Being skinny doesn’t equal being anorexic. You can very well be obese but still be anorexic. Anorexia is a mental health issue, it’s not « being overly thin ». Karlie had her skinny times from when she got scouted to 2012. Then she actually began working out, toning, and she stayed the same measurements but this time extremely healthy. Those models today are actually eating quite a lot, but working out so much it can become twice a day. Being beautiful is hard work, especially if you’re professional, and not just an actress. Those models are truly what everyone should seek to be, without necessarily being it, because being overweight is simply NOT healthy. Karlie just reduced her working out amount, that’s all.

    • Ari Horan says:

      She’s no longer a runway model?

    • Sylla Atlas says:

      Ari Horan No, she only does gigs like the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, when she’s asked and highly paid to walk as a guest star, or for friends like Brandon Maxwell, a piece from whom she is wearing in this video actually. The little 16-year old Karlie, opening sensation of Dior and Chanel, has come a long way indeed.

    • Silvia X says:

      Are you implying she isn’t in shape????

    • raffy says:

      i agree with this (could be worded better but i agree). she’s still in shape & looks perfect but she used to be thinner back then like the usual model body type yall see. though, i think she looks better now lol

  19. Mr Pedit says:

    *Does exactly what Aaron was doing*

  20. Klossy says:

    Thank you charades gods! Watched I, Tonya like two days before this. So much fun, Jimmy!! We’re the dream.

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