Charades with Zendaya and Billy Crudup

Charades with Zendaya and Billy Crudup

Jimmy and Zendaya battle it out against Billy Crudup and The Roots’ Tariq Trotter in a competitive game of charades.

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Charades with Zendaya and Billy Crudup

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74 Responses

  1. Mercedes Rogers says:

    Zendaya is a queen

  2. Team Cháo Lòng says:

    Damn zendaya lookin fine

  3. Jamilah Eason says:

    we must protect Zendaya at all cost

  4. remyv1 says:

    I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus is 6 words, Zendaya, not 5…..

  5. Houman says:

    How did Jimmy get that from just “I saw”

  6. Little Monster says:

    Zendaya is so hot

  7. IlovePrince 2016 says:

    Thank goodness he was making pottery 🤣🤣🤣

  8. redrxse x says:

    I thought Zendaya had a ponytail at first lmao

  9. Ahh Trying says:

    Who the fuck dresses Zendaya, god bless you

  10. rhi says:

    I love zendaya

  11. Mixes says:

    1:05 Poor girl doesn’t know the difference between a saw and an axe.

  12. Zachary David says:

    God created Zendaya by his own hands.

  13. Rodrigo Oliveira says:

    I see Zendaya, I click

  14. Shivali Bose says:


  15. YbMsWorld says:

    haha She gave him dap! She got some hood in her 1:15 I love it!

    • MrKockNoker says:

      DeBunked Alice- Having 2 parents that are teachers is still at least middle class, not even close to the hood. She became super rich at a very young age anyway.

    • Neck Head Gaming says:

      YbMsWorld so your saying that sense she handshakes she’s in the hood?

    • zx45zx says:

      she grew up on disney with bella thorne….. why black people are so much prouder of fellow black who are “black” is beyond me..she got some hood in her! lol wtf

    • Abdirisak Awes says:

      YbMsWorld where I’m confused

    • User 01 says:

      She’s that rich privileged black that acts “woke” on the internet. Ain’t nothing hood lmao. Also she mixed and talks like a white person unless she’s making a video online then she has this artificial ass ghetto ebonic shit I’ve never heard before.

  16. Manny Vasquez says:

    Zendaya 😍😍😍

  17. moldy bread says:

    Zendaya lookin spicy 🔥🔥

  18. Assign Sbbdjdn says:

    I’m sorry I’m too busy focusing on zendaya then the actual game

  19. Chrysanthemum Scorpio says:

    Baby girl is the youngest, but the tallest. Come thru with them inches. Yass girl.

  20. Dilidjent says:

    Why everywhere she is presented as *Zendaya* which means “to give thanks” and not her full name? I can’t find it also on IMDB.

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