Chargers vs. Cardinals Preseason Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

Chargers vs. Cardinals Preseason Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

The Los Angeles Charges take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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85 Responses

  1. Angel Sanchez says:

    Its preseason but man this loss hurt lmao

    • Alex Alvarado says:

      @Cards Fan420 lmao yall played your starting D basically and let up 13 points against the 4th team chargers, sit tf down look how easily they moved the ball when tyrod played ?

    • Cards Fan420 says:

      mic drop

    • Tyler Lopez says:

      its preseason most of the starters arent even playing dude. chill it dosent even matter

    • Alex Alvarado says:

      @Cards Fan420 45-10 we ended your sorry ass team ? idk how you can even talk smack when yall beat us in the pre season last year as well ??‍♂️ Mic drop ?

  2. Akeem Griffith says:

    Melvin Gordon mad as hell rn

  3. Asian Satire says:

    The WR’S were phenomenal.

  4. Arizona Lifestyle says:

    Kyler making the simple passes look simple

    • FBI Loli protection agency says:

      @Nightmare Kilo andy isabella? David johnson? The legend larry fitzgerald? Christian kirk the best rookie receiver last year? No receivers wym?

    • FBI Loli protection agency says:

      @Nightmare Kilo plus we just got some veteran receiver Michael crabtree

    • Bryant says:

      FBI Loli protection agency we didn’t get Michael Crabtree we were gonna sign him but things didn’t work out but Kliff Kingsbury said he’s still on the radar

    • FBI Loli protection agency says:

      @Bryant ah didn’t know but still we got receivers and tons of rookie ones who could be insane for us

    • ovoxo says:

      @Sojo R you’re pathetic, worst than trump

  5. Youngboy_uzi_Kodak says:

    Easton Stick gonna be nice watch

    • Don Soulo says:

      @Empowered CRB I’m sooooo pissed Jones is still on team. Lynn has this annoying love relationship with him

    • Adam Whitney says:

      You could tell he was nervous then he started balling out

    • Derek Johansen or something says:

      @David Fahim nah, the head coach said Stick was smarter and prepared better than anyone he coached before. Not 1 person has ever said Stick is a better QB

  6. Aaron Ax says:

    Yo this game is kinda lit. Cannot wait for the regular season.

  7. Gabriel Cleene says:

    Fun game!
    The way stick threw that
    int and overcame it for that td run was brilliant.
    Never let 1 mistake turn into 5!

    • Gabriel Cleene says:


    • Don Soulo says:

      @Jack Trippin777 TBH it’s not hard for most QBs to outplay Jones. He’s paranoid and undisciplined in the pocket. Trash

    • Jack Trippin777 says:

      @Don Soulo damn ,smh right now I don’t want to give up on him but your right about his play, I wouldn’t say undisciplined as much as I would indecisive..he’s got to clean that up

    • Don Soulo says:

      @Jack Trippin777 I say undisciplined because he fails to consistently go through his reads. Tries to make too many plays with his legs and when he escapes pressure he never makes a big play. I can’t even recall him getting more than one td since he’s been here

  8. Lamar Bray says:

    its crazy how Gonzalez can make a 60 yard field goal but he cant make a gw field goal against the saints

    • Trizzy Smeez says:

      Thank God right lol

    • RJ Ante says:

      @Nothost3 Go figure.. Cleveland should have made the playoffs last year, I blame Hue not knowing he was hurt.

    • Nothost3 says:

      @RJ AnteAnd even when he’s off the team Hue is still hurting the browns. He made Gonzalez a scapegoat despite that injury and got rid of him. Kicking is one of the things that screwed them last year, and it might continue into this year

    • Diego Mendoza says:

      Nothost3 hopefully it won’t. I’m not a Browns fan but I want them to start winning and maybe make a spot in the wild card

  9. Vortex Mav says:

    GONZALEZ dotted that FG from 60??

  10. Joseph says:

    The Packers should’ve kept Hundley. Kizer’s a bum. ?

    • Derek Johansen or something says:

      Everyone who comes out of USC is a bum

    • Joseph says:

      @strikedogg75 they are most definitely not the same. I thought Hundley did pretty good. I wasn’t a fan of McCarthy’s game plan for him.

    • Q the G.O.A.T says:

      Derek Johansen or something Neither one of these guys came out of USC so what are u saying. Usc also has the second most hall of famers

    • dave s. says:

      Kizer has more natural talent but his rookie year was trash… tossed into the fire too early w/ too little around him

  11. Brandon _ says:

    Hope our run D not this bad during reg season lol Murray looked straight tho.

  12. WinterXL says:

    tyrod taylor looking sharp. gonna be weird to see suggs not on the ravens

    • Demetrius Brown says:

      Blah Blah Baker did ball out when he got in last year but they definitely called a different game when tyrod was under center

    • Fektthis says:

      @Demetrius Brown Tyrod is ok. He’s not great. Tyrod is safe. He won’t lose you a game. However, Tyrod is safe, he won’t win you a game either.

    • god says:

      WinterXL waste of time gettin taylor, rivers gettin all the rep. taylor literally gettin paid to do nuthin

    • Mannmade says:

      Yeah looked better than murray. Taylor looked great!

  13. City Eastwood says:

    BISON PRIDE!!! That a boy stick!! The March is on in L.A.. ??

    • LA CHARGERS says:


    • K Will says:

      @LA CHARGERS The Chargers dont belong here and will NEVER be accepted…f–k the chargers fanboy..We dont care if they go to the superbowl…we dont just accept teams forced down our throat..ESPECIALLY a f—king RIVAL team of almost 100 years?!!? Let me catch you in a Chargers jersey around me

  14. matasuki says:

    Melvin gonna be traded. Jackson and Eckler can get it done.

    • jay W says:

      Then, 8 games into the season when you’re 2-6,: you’ll be the one complaining how your run game sucks with two average backs while MG lights it up with a SB contender.

    • Brandon Escobar says:

      @jay W this comment won’t age well ?

    • vontaze #vonhunna says:

      Ur dumb af if you think that…knows nothing about football…facts.

    • Lightningstriker1 says:

      @Brandon Escobar Correct, my apologies…I meant just 1 rushing/3 in total, still w/more regular touches comes less fumbles. It’s still a very low fumble%.

    • Brandon Escobar says:

      @Lightningstriker1 I know , but Atleast it’s better Melvin gordans. 10 fumbles lmao. But reason I say eckler fumbles alot, is because it was in important drives.

  15. Colin Hussie says:

    Easton Stick looks like a winner

    • robtommy ross says:

      He”ll probably be the starter when Phillip rivers retires

    • Joshua Scott says:

      @Cesar Canete we didn’t need no dam QB are defense didn’t even do good pass years

    • Lightningstriker1 says:

      Yeah…good character comeback Just needs to put a little more air under the ball, learn touch-passing like the god-PR17 & tuck the ball away on runs close to the goal.

  16. Humble Rumble says:

    Trent Sherfield laying the wood on a punt return and later burning his coverage to score a td to start the comeback? Low key preseason beast

  17. myronwoods40 says:

    Why is the line of scrimmage red? I keep thinking it’s 4th down every play

  18. TheMarshmallowpeep says:

    Favorite part of preseason?
    Fans talking so much trash to the opposing team ??

  19. Kevin Sargent says:

    Having Tyrod as a backup seems unfair. He’s a low-end starter.

    • Ethan Woodie says:

      Taylor is definitely a mid-tier starter. He’s a great starter for a rebuilding team and a low-end franchise QB. Hands down the best backup QB in the league this year with the possible exception of Bridgewater. He definitely was not playing well against the Jets before going out with an injury last year, but people forget his performance against the Saints the previous week. He threw a 60-yard TD bomb to Callaway and in under 20 seconds put them in position for a field goal. Only lost due to missed kicks. Dude’s a baller.

    • Jack Trippin777 says:

      @So Cal Films & Photography as far as stupidity is concerned I’m far from it I’m just not stuck in the matrix and I know what reality is ,I don’t believe in the Easter Bunny or santa clause ,I don’t believe that everyone gets treated equally socially economically or opportunistically because historically and according to behavior it’s fact ,ppl will tell you anything like you’ve
      but what is is totally different and to not recognize that..well now that might be considered what you tried to call me, but anyway, this is getting into politics not football , imo tyrod is a solid to good QB

    • Jack Trippin777 says:

      @Lightningstriker1 thank you

    • Jack Trippin777 says:

      @Ethan Woodie why the hell are you the only person that knows that?!!!!? I’ve been saying that same thing but for some reason it’s like talking to a baboons ass to most ppl and these nationally broadcast games???????

    • King Ape says:

      @Ethan Woodie RG3 and Brissett are also very good back up QBs also.

  20. Insomniac Gaming says:

    Football, i’ve missed you so much!!!

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