Chargers vs. Chiefs | NFL Week 15 Game Highlights

Chargers vs. Chiefs | NFL Week 15 Game Highlights

The Los Angeles Chargers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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100 Responses

  1. Osmi Putnik says:

    Ah I see the classic Chargers are back, I missed them, I missed Riverception so muchh

  2. Stxner Kenny says:

    Los Angeles Chokers

  3. Young Blood says:

    Where the Chargers fans that said Chiefs were losing this?

  4. Kal Chum Chum says:

    Poor Rivers

  5. Stxner Kenny says:

    Phillip Rivers play the Chiefs twice a year and still can’t realize Marcus Peters isn’t on his team smh.

  6. SWAGGY P says:

    Lmao where all the Charger fans at? Y’all better go back to the cave you crawled from💀💀💀

  7. Breezy Brees says:


  8. Roater Char says:

    Kareem hunt rookie of the year!!

  9. Bobby Wagner says:

    Nothing to see here just the Chargers being the Chargers

  10. chet bissong says:

    Where are all those chargers fans saying “we are taking 1st” “we are going to beat you and go to the playoffs easily” well the chiefs just won and are in 1st place. #ChiefsKingdom

  11. Eva mae Grandson says:

    Get rid of Phillip should of kept drew brees

  12. deontesod says:

    Damn it must suck for chiefs fans that they can’t play AFC west opponents in the playoffs lol

  13. Mr Chihuahua says:

    Dam I started believing the chargers hype for a moment but unlike these bandwagons I’ll still support my team cause win, lose, tie chargers fan until I die! bolt up ⚡️

  14. GodsSon987 says:

    4 straight turnovers to choke the game away… sounds like the Chargers are back to form

  15. I PKed U I says:

    chargers are the biggest pretenders of the year

    • DirtSoul89 says:

      Bobby Wagner obviously not seeing as how thier still in first place….. like they have been since week one… take a lap noob.

    • Jr TUBE says:

      I’m a Raiders fan but I thought raiders where because what’s wrong with them😣😣

    • Rustio says:

      DirtSoul89 who tf still says noob and yes the chiefs are the biggest pretenders of this year. The chargers started 0-4. Lmao and the chiefs went undefeated for quite a while and then you guys just started losing and went downhill

    • Kenny Bloomfield says:

      I’m not a chargers fan, but are you talking crap with a runescape profile picture?

    • DatStinkyBacca says:

      Well they did have the easiest schedule and it still doesnt beat them from loosing to the browns last year.

  16. Corbin Shaddock says:

    Chiefs uniforms are 🔥

  17. Christopher Williams says:

    Tyreek Hill Madden speed should be 99 and 99 acceleration

  18. Nikos says:

    The Chiefs beat the Charges for the 8th straight time. That’s 4 years they haven’t beat the Chiefs.

  19. Jordan Richardson says:

    Cowboys fan here, and i think that pass was not an incomplete pass, that was a touchdown.

  20. Ryan Jabro says:

    The broncos are still irrelevant

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