Chargers vs. Chiefs Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018

Chargers vs. Chiefs Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Los Angeles Chargers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 29-28. The Los Angeles Chargers take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 15 of the 2018 NFL season.

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91 Responses

  1. Michael Saunders says:

    The refs again make a bad call with the game on the line. They always seem to see pass interference by dbacks but never catch any holding by off linemen…….

    • Jeremy B says:

      Michael Saunders agreed .. the hit on Rivers was helmet to helmet , and was total BS . Should have set up 1st and goal from the 1. But the refs blew it .
      Way to overcome it and get the win despite the refs !!!
      Bolt up !!!!!!

    • Jake Shattuck says:

      If you never see holding called against the o line, you don’t watch Pats games. It’s called almost every game.

    • TyliteTony says:

      Did u see the helmet to helmet NOT CALLED ??

  2. RETRO RUNNER says:

    Great w chargers are one of the best been a fan for a long time and there are so many salty chiefs fans ? bolt up ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  3. QueenFanPiper62 says:

    Terrible officiating at this game.

  4. J Edwards says:

    Terrible officiating, the only ones that think that was a pass interference call are charger fans!

    • 2ndEndingVintage says:

      +AyyCardinal watch the replay in slo-mo….he never grabbed, never really hooked/pulled arm or slowed receiver. Plus ball was overthrown and could not have been brought down in endzone.

    • Z Odubens says:

      Watch the replay. The db hit his hand and forced him to make a one handed catch on a catchable throw in a win or lose situation.

    • Alexis Betton says:

      Mike Williams pushed Orlando Scandrick back to Dallas, but that’s neither here nor there

    • Shourik Banerjee says:

      That was to make up for the helmet to helmet hit on rivers. Also, mike pererria said that it was a pi.

    • AyyCardinal says:

      +2ndEndingVintage Slowmotion doesn’t matter. Regardless, his arm went isnide the receiver’s which is a PI

  5. Savage Anime Squad says:

    Sure some bad calls. But it all comes back on the Chiefs dropping 2 picks and not recovering a fumble

  6. Cisco A says:

    14:28 why the chargers are different now. if you’ve been watching them for 20 years you’ll know what this means.

    • Gabriel Casas says:

      Cisco A hell yeah we’re playing to win, we’re not playing not to lose. As long as we can combo being aggressive with playing smart (knock on wood) I love our chances this year

    • Hugo Vega says:

      Illuminati. Is everywhere. Only an untrained eye will miss it.

  7. Viral Equinox says:

    You can’t spell choke without KC

  8. DAT1ANT says:


    • Drake Schmitt says:

      RML 3000 v Of course they wanted to win. Chargers were underdogs and clearly have more heart than the chiefs. Chiefs are just a big play team. Start pressuring Mahomes and keeping him in the pocket and the chiefs struggle on offense

    • David Salas says:


    • Kave Jacobs says:

      Drake Schmitt wrong

    • Drake Schmitt says:

      Kave Jacobs Definitely right, they have no defense to save them. They rely on offenses not showing up and getting big leads in the game. They were up 14 and then what happened? The Chargers offense decided to show up and the Chargers defense started pressuring Mahomes more effectively Bc he was contained in the pocket. It’s that simple. Chiefs don’t have a defense to win them games. Almost Every game they have to put up a lot of points to win. Just saying

    • Jesse Bull says:

      Drake Schmitt we had to put up big points after the refs gifted the Chargers 14 points.

  9. mickser101 says:

    Wow, what a finish. Take a bow Rivers and the Chargers, that was amazing. Chiefs are like the Patriots. Elite QB’s,with high powered offenses but Defenses that couldn’t stop a parked car

    • MAXIMUS says:

      mickser101 Miami would actually be a solid team if they didn’t have so many injuries. At one point HALF of all their starters were out lmao. Also Miami just has a history of beating the pats at home.

    • RichHomieNas says:

      Tom Brady isn’t even an elite Qb anymore. He’s 41 years old no patriots fan expects him to be. Our defense has still somehow been this talentless for the past 2 years

    • Allahja Flowers says:

      mickser101 do you know the chiefs defense almost gave up 100 points in only 2 games..I think it was like 98 points…one of the games was to the Rams and I forget the other but the Chiefs defense is in a whole new category of terrible lol I bet the bills would score 30 on them

    • theamazingmann says:

      That’s the packers my guy

    • bad decision making Rob Low Sport says:

      +RichHomieNas “Brady isn’t an elite quarterback anymore”
      That’s hilarious
      Thank you

  10. Yandel's Creation says:

    Mike Williams hasn’t hit puberty yet

  11. Don Little says:

    Literally the play before the pass interference call, Philip Rivers got hit while down, and the refs should have thrown a flag for unnecessary roughness, but they didn’t. The flag on the fourth down pass interference was to make up for that missed call. That’s what these refs do. They are not perfect. If they miss a call they will try to favor the team they missed the call for to make it even again. There is one exception to this rule and that’s whenever the Dallas Cowboys are playing at home. In that case, the refs will always benefit the Cowboys at home.

    • aldfjak says:

      i’m sure there were penalties called during the game and vice versa that shouldn’t have been called but both of those calls were 100% correct and not even debatable

    • Kave Jacobs says:

      If you miss a call you miss call there shouldn’t be a “ make up flag “

    • Ken4JCML says:

      Rivers was not down n still leaning forward. A hit on his shoulder to stop him from def was legit.

      But the interference call at the endzone, no one can understand other than the chargers fans.

      Was close game that couldve gone either ways though. GG

    • Johnathan Vic says:

      Ken4JCML ur just not watching if u say he wasn’t down. There’s subjective plays and then there is just being flat out wrong. You are wrong.

  12. Fruitier - Minecraft says:

    Gronkowski @ Miami : Man I choked so hard ?

    Chiefs Defense: *Hold my beer*


    Chargers: the best team NO ONE is talking about
    -Cowboys fan

  14. Kwenten Ford says:

    Every play Rivers had the ball in his hands, it seemed like the pocket would collapse on him again and again and he still manages to keep his composure and deliver a straight bullet

  15. Dalvin Cook #THECHEF #MNVIKES says:

    Rivers is what a franchise quarterback looks like, take notes Cousins.

    • TyliteTony says:

      +Maltesimus, Frater de Massimo he didnt have a chance to winning. 2007 LT and gates were injuried. And rivers played with a torn acl. 2009 keadling missed 3 fgs. Not easy when ur team isnt showing up either

    • aldfjak says:

      Rivers, even with LT and Gates (2 HOFers) most of his career together could never make it to the super bowl. and he had seau on defense too, one of the best ever. would i take him over cousins? yes.. but the chargers gave up brees for nothing to draft Rivers which was a mistake.. i would take brees all day who won a super bowl with way less talent.

    • Maltesimus, Frater de Massimo says:

      +TyliteTony And 2013? 2008? Chargers had plenty of playoff runs with Rivers. As far as I recall, he only went to the AFC title game once.

    • TyliteTony says:

      +Maltesimus, Frater de Massimo and that afc game. Gates and lt was injuries and rivers had a torn acl. I believe that game was agaisnt the pats.

    • James Williams says:

      I mean rivers is a future hall of Famer bad comparison

  16. Q Jefferson says:

    #BoltUp!!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️ LETS GOOO!!! Anthony Lynn better be in talks for Coach of the Year. Philip has to be in the MVP race…this Bolts team can go all the way. What a game, gg Chiefs, onto the Ravens! ⚡️

  17. 33 86 says:

    Can’t believe those refs didn’t call the helmet to helmet on rivers. That’s why they made that bad interference call.

    • 2ndEndingVintage says:

      I think I gotta agree with this, actually ! It was a ‘make-up’ for a missed call on the personal foul against Rivers.
      It’s too bad game had to end like that. I was rooting for Chargers, but still….the game deserved good officiating.

    • Peter Serrano says:

      +2ndEndingVintage I agree with you, I think they made up for a missed call, but what I don’t understand, is that when we watch replays like that, and it’s still the very last play, why not just call the penalty? I’m not saying retroactively throw flags for plays that have long passed but the most recent play, I don’t see why not.

      I’m referring to the missed flag on the Philip River’s hit when everyone is watching the helmet to helmet replay FAR BEFORE the next play started. There was plenty of time for the refs to correct an OBVIOUS mistake.

      Blows my mind we have all these cameras and tech yet we follow this “in the moment call” mentality by humans who can be flawed or persuaded by other interests.

    • Dominique Rosemond says:

      Pass interference was actually a good call regardless to the missed helmet to helmet hit

    • Michael Ssali says:

      +Dominique Rosemond yea, it was the appropriate call because a defender is not allowed to touch the receiver past 5 yards.

  18. Aaron M. says:

    Chiefs already in first round playoffs form

  19. xCharlie says:

    every game now there is horrible officiating! (not a chiefs fan)

    • 2ndEndingVintage says:

      +TyliteTony Because a Chiefs fan would obviously feel robbed in this game, 2 pass interference calls which led to CH scores which were nothing close to interference. Fact that xCharlie isn’t a Chiefs fan, and feels the officiating s#cked, is coming from a more objective view than if he had been a Chiefs fan.

    • ChampionUmbra says:

      TyliteTony Because if he didn’t people would immediately assume he’s a “butthurt Chiefs fan”

    • Bennerguy67 says:

      It’s hard enjoying a game with garbage refs I agree.

    • 2ndEndingVintage says:

      +Bennerguy67 Yes it really s#cks, actually. These are important games matching up great teams. I wanted Chargers, but nevertheless the ending of this game should leave a bad taste in any football fan’s mouth.

    • p pinchera says:

      yep . . . . this is the NFL count on it every game every Sunday, Monday and Thursday crap and now Saturday !
      yellow tail zebras are everywhere and the fate of every team, still alive, is in their hands.

  20. dlchambers says:

    Exciting game, BUT tons of ticky-tack PI calls against both teams throughout the entire game… rules & officiating is debasing it into a passing video game. And that last PI call, with 13 seconds left, was just the refs trying to make up for their blown helmet-to-helmet no-call on the previous play.

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