Chargers vs. Steelers Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2018

Chargers vs. Steelers Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Los Angeles Chargers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 13 of the 2018 NFL season.

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97 Responses

  1. John Russell says:

    I am not a fan of either team. I was rooting for Chargers but damn did Steelers get reamed on some shady officiating calls.

    • raver243 says:

      No matter what Pitt didnt deserve to win it if they let us come back like that in the second half….the outcome still would have been the same. And the steeler player made it seem as if he was gonna start rushing so the charger player started. Blame your quarterback overthrowing wide open receivers for a touchdown

    • Dustin King says:

      Every game this year has terrible calls. I don’t even talk about it anymore. I just expect bad calls.

      Every game I watch I just prepare for all the bs. 🙃

    • Cody Olson says:

      +raver243 didn’t deserve to win XD. My ass. Some bad plays on the steeler side but you guys would have never made a comeback so easily with out very obvious blown calls earning 2 easy TDs and a clear fumble that you guys got back. But ya the Steelers didn’t “deserve” to win.

    • synchro lord says:

      +John Russell Vᴏte fOr me plеase! *W𝔦n Rᴏund th𝐞 W0rld tr𝗶p* to B𝐞lg𝔦um, Chr𝗶stmas Isl𝖺nd, Mauritan𝗶a, St. P𝗶𝐞rre and M𝒊qu𝗲l𝞸n аnd Ug𝛂ndɑ! L𝐞аrn mᴏre:

    • Timothy Groh says:

      +Andrew I noticed that too, only reason I didn’t say anything to my mostly steelers fans family. Only one outta them born in San Diego.

  2. Chris Macola says:

    Wow, first time EVER that the Steelers have lost at home when leading by 14 or more points at some point in the game! That was an impressive record. Two ties. 220-0-2. Now 220-1-2.

    • Ethan Hayden says:

      NFL analytics just keep getting more and more specific. Next up “first time chargers have lost at home while they were up at least 14 points and their second string right guard was playing”

    • Ahmid Nawabe says:

      I don’t really count that most of their touchdowns were penalties, the referees were half way retarded

    • Matt Krause says:

      speaking of specific stats, did you hear the one Colin Cowherd threw out:
      Aaron Rodgers is 0-37-0 when STARTING the 4th quarter TRAILING a team with a WINNING record at that TIME.

    • Chris Macola says:

      +Bret Lebo I’m not a big one on all these ridiculous stats either but that particular one does really impressed me though. It shows you throughout all these years that the Steelers are really really played well at home with with a lead. I mean this is one goes back since the start of football.

    • Ireallydontknow _ says:

      +Chris Macola Vᴏte fоr m𝗲 pl𝗲𝛂s𝐞! *W𝒊n Rоund the W0rld tr1p* tо Azеrbaij𝛂n, B𝗲larus, F𝗶nl𝛂nd, H𝞸nduras 𝖺nd Mɑur𝔦tɑnia! L𝐞𝛂rn m𝞸re:

  3. Tsengel T says:

    Steelers are getting a habit of blowing games. It’s a matter of discipline which is on Tomlin.

    • Jon Ramsey says:

      Tsengel T so Tomlin can control Ben throwing the easiest td of his life? Tomlin controla sean Davis hitting joe Haden and turning into a td?,

    • Hella Smoke says:

      Always blame the coach it seems

    • A̤̮a̤̮y̤̮r̤̮a̤̮h̤̮ M̤̮a̤̮l̤̮i̤̮k̤̮ says:

      +Tsengel T Vot𝗲 for m𝗲 plеas𝐞! *W𝗶n R0und thе World tr1p* tᴏ Antarct1cɑ, CᴏlOmbia, K𝗲nya, R𝐞un1on and Uruguay! Lеarn mOrе:

  4. jackson james says:

    I turned this game off to start the 3rd and come to YouTube and find out the Steelers blew the game. WTF!!

  5. C Y K A B L Y A T says:

    as somebody who doesnt care for either team, the refs are just down right terrible. nfl is almost as unwatchable as the nba

    • Chris Alcantar says:

      C Y K A B L Y A T watching the nba is better these days.. I only watch football when the chargers are playing cuz they my team

    • Black King says:

      Both sports still hella views and money

    • Fat says:

      XFL is the future of football. And other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself

    • King Zaki Kadri says:

      +C Y K A B L Y A T Vоt𝐞 f0r m𝗲 plеas𝐞! *Win Rоund thе World tr𝒊p* tᴏ H𝞸ndurɑs, M𝒊cr0n𝗲s𝒊a, M0n𝖺co, N𝐞w Cаledоn1а and Swaz𝔦land! Leɑrn m𝞸r𝐞:

    • Thomas Johnson says:

      Every body loves to say the refs are bad , I have been hearing it since I was I was watching football in the early 90’s as practically a toddler. Thing is now they can do in depth statistical unbiased analysis and while there are a lot of ways to look at it the most comprehensive study showed they only miss about 7% of legitimate penalties. On Challenges the refs win about 70% of the time. When they get a call wrong it becomes a huge narrative but every call they get right is completely unnoticed. Tomlin saying “I am keeping my mouth shut” is silly, they blatantly jumped offside three times and if they didn’t jump the first time he probably still would have missed! I know NOT bitching about officiating isn’t popular but when a team has 40 yards of offense in a half I don’t care if the ref starts tripping your running backs, you didn’t lose because of officiating.

  6. Alfred Pasly says:

    The Diamond Dogs are for real. The fight for LA conquered the Steelers.

  7. Chris casillas says:

    GO CHARGERS I love y’all that’s MY TEAM we gunning for number one our time has come thunder bolts and lighting baby SUPER CHARGERS OUR TIME IS NOW

  8. BOSS SHAWN says:

    Man the Chargers have a squad. LA is the center of the Football universe right now. It could potentially be an all LA Super Bowl. Chargers vs Rams! That would be epic!

  9. warren ward says:

    Steelers players be like, maybe if we keep jumping offside they’ll just let it happen

    • Hajira Rabbani says:

      +warren ward V0tе fоr me pl𝐞𝖺s𝗲! *W𝔦n Round thе W0rld tr1p* t0 Azerbа1jаn, GabOn, Omаn, Pаk𝒊st𝖺n 𝛂nd S0uth Afr𝒊ca! Learn m0re:

    • warren ward says:

      +Banyan Rhodes adjustments of the ball by the center are allowed in the NFL. That being the excuse that pulls the steelers offside is kinda sad

    • Timothy Groh says:

      How many fans you think started leaving by the second time they got called for it. In their heads going this mf gonna do this all night till the chargers are at the 1.

    • Thor Thunderlungs says:

      You are 1000% correct.

    • Thor Thunderlungs says:

      +warren ward
      Not once down the cadence is being called. That is a false start every time.

  10. Jonathan King says:

    man they pulled that off without Melvin Gordon…good game

  11. Peeved Pigeon says:

    Steelers: *blows a 16 point lead*

    Falcons: *hold my beer*

  12. John Appleseed says:

    This week on “Days of our Steelers” *music starts playing*
    Edit: y’all crazy for 164 likes tysm

  13. AAC Tyler says:

    Dang as a Denver fan we really needed them to lose where did that comeback come from

  14. Q Jefferson says:

    #BoltUp! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ What a comeback Rivers pulled and KA13 was in his bag catching everything. Refs were absolutely trash and the Chargers proved they’re dangerous. Gg Steelers onto the Bengals ⚡️

  15. droidakus says:

    This week on days of our steelers…

  16. JACOB'S LADDER says:

    I’m a born and raised steeler fan… we gave the game to them.. you can’t keep making mistakes, and keep getting chances to put the game away and play like your in sandlot.. we lost.. if I’m gonna complain its gonna be because my team lost no matter how we lost.. give the game to them… them killing us.. none the matter.. just like a win is a win.. well no matter how we lost…. we lost..

  17. Chimes says:

    You can’t have 35 yards of total offense for most of the 2nd half and then blame the refs for the loss. You have to play a complete football game to win.

    • Q Jefferson says:


    • Tim Alberts says:

      +Chimes Vоte for me plеas𝐞! *W𝔦n Round thе WOrld tr1p* t𝞸 C𝐞ntral Africɑn Rеpubl𝔦c, Cub𝛂, G𝖺mb𝗶𝖺, M𝖺dɑgɑscаr 𝖺nd Rwand𝛂! Learn mor𝐞:

    • Jordan Besser says:

      Chimes Facts.

    • J Harriger says:

      +vvenrooij Two blown calls directly leading to 14 points that vastly change the outcome of the game are grounds for firing. There have been a lot of bad calls that can affect a drive, far less common to affect scoring directly. People didn’t like the push off penalty or the time the refs caught the all pro guard holding, but they were fair calls in the rules that didnt give Pittsburgh points or totally rob Seattle of scoring opportunities. This game had horribly blatant no-calls that gave a team almost half their final score. That’s worth firing for no matter who plays and benefits.

    • vvenrooij says:

      +J Harriger Haha Seattle didn’t get robbed in that SB? Ok bud that kind of shows me your capability to view things objectively and not through black and yellow glasses. Anyway I don’t think we’re going to agree on this, so all that I can say to you is: accept it, take it and move on. The game won’t be un-lost. We all get to do that now and then unfortunately, as refs are humans and there is way too much going on on the field to see and way too much ambiguity in the rules so fouls will always happen as will fans feeling screwed over by the refs. Hey, at least you’re not the Raiders, cheer up.

  18. Raymundo11 says:

    For such a “tough” city y’all sure cry a lot

  19. Kavron says:

    Chargers pls go far so we can see you in the superbowl against the saints, the rams or the bears.

  20. ilovebrandnewcarpets says:

    Legend has it that the Steelers are still offside

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