Charges filed against 6 Atlatna police officers after AUC college students tased, pulled from car du

Charges filed against 6 Atlatna police officers after AUC college students tased, pulled from car du

The officers charged are Ivory Streeter, Mark Gardner, Lonnie Hood, Willie Sauls, E. Armond Jones and F. Roland Claud.

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98 Responses

  1. CJ Gamer says:

    If officers were held accountable for their actions, none of this would be happening.

    • Mr. Patch Plays says:

      @Jan Longmire Do you mean the hockey fans that burn down their city when their team loses or even sometimes when their team wins? People seem to forget that whenever discussing this situation. They tried protesting peacefully, when Kaepernick took a knee you chucklefucks lit your own shoes on fire. When they marched peacefully they went ignored and were even mocked, FOR DECADES. Imagine having 50+ years of warnings and then getting mad when they try a different approach.

    • Richelle Felix says:

      I agree 🙏🏾🙏🏾

    • CJ Gamer says:

      @Jan Longmire I’m not saying these ass wipes aren’t taking advatage of the situation. What i’m saying is the cops gave them the excuse to do it. I am 100% against these rioters, but the cops need to start taking responsibility for their actions. You hoping that others will be looted shows you are just a hateful person. I’m willing to bet you are married to a cop.

    • Shanna Sweger says:

      @Jan Longmire You obviously have no idea what’s actually happening in this country.

    • Walter Bo says:

      @Jan Longmire another bunkerboy

  2. Jason ZC says:

    Minnesota attorney: it took only 4 days to press a charge against an officer that is quick as sh~t.
    Atlanta: well we can be even quicker

    • talon310calif says:

      @D Blake I was replying to coneet’s post. His point was the officers were charged quickly because they are black. He said if the were white they would still be investigating the incident. My point is that the district attorney overseeing their cases is black. That means coneet was saying a black DA would somehow railroad black officers but not white officers. That made no sense to me. Btw i’m not suggesting in anyway black people shouldnt be in position of authority.

    • pstob223 says:

      Robert Looney nop buddy, he looks good in an orange jump suit though. And what home are you talking about? The one his wife took after recently divorcing him?

    • V J says:

      and no one was murdered

    • V J says:

      @Lepq seriously his 3 accomplishes are still walking free

    • The Better Society says:

      @Robert Looney he doesn’t have money. Cops aren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination. Most have to work until retirement so they can get a decent pension. Also, his wife filed for divorce. Whatever money he has won’t be his much longer.

  3. Matt Belcher says:

    This movement of holding law enforcement to the letter of the law, like the rest of America needs to continue until we are all on a level playing field!

    • VTEKILAGSX says:

      That’s how it is in tj. Shit they don’t get any respect lol

    • B MillHouse says:

      Don’t be fooled this is just the powers that are most corrupt throwing cops to the wolves to satisfy the mob. Hope they get their jobs back. They being asked to do an impossible job it’s wrong

  4. Waterlilly 1 says:

    Yes yes and yes
    Start seperating the bad ones from the good ones !!!!

    • JUNOish says:

      If they do that, there won’t be any left!

    • Tim Drake says:

      Amen to that

    • A Person says:

      To anyone to who reads this, search up blue walls of violence and what happens to those who violate it . Snitching is hated both in the streets and in the police force. Good cops also have people they want to protect ; family first , citizens second .

    • Custom Coin Rings USA says:

      So you’re saying we should get rid of all police in the U.S. then?
      As the saying goes for cops: “Cops aren’t all bad. There are just a few bad apples in the bunch.”
      Everyone with common sense: “OK then show me a good apple…I’m waiting…”

    • Deme Vision says:

      I see a bunch of Terrorist in this Section

      No police?
      No government?

      Do you Prefer Cults and gangs take Control of everything?

  5. Kat Mat says:

    The officer that was breaking the window with his baton is the one of the most vicious. Jail time please!!!!

  6. Richard Riley says:

    I love the way the lies are getting exposed! Let’s make this normal.

  7. GJU GJU DARLING says:

    They were in their car moving along like the people in the car in front of them.😢

    • Mr. TAMW says:

      Yes and the car in front of them had a white girl in the front seat waving smiling with not a care in the world

    • B MillHouse says:

      They were suspected of leaving the scene of another crime. They refused orders to stop and turn off the car cops reacted within reason as they all resisted arrest and were surrounded by protesters. These cops are being steamrolled to satisfy the mob. It’s wrong. I hope they get found innocent and get their jobs back.

    • dan quags02 says:

      Mr. TAMW Five out of the six cops were black. It doesn’t seem to matter what color people are. It’s abuse of power.

    • Adri11 says:

      B MillHouse no watch the full body cam and you will see . He was filming someone getting arrested on the side of the road from his car. The officers asked him to keep driving and he did. The officer ran after his car after he drove off and caught up to them at the red light that’s when it all unfolded. All the information is there. Look at it, Have a good night.

    • White Elephant says:

      B MillHouse people like you are brain dead dude fuck off

  8. marlon horne says:

    Yall missed an officer! The officer that slashed the 2 front tires, charge his ass too!!!!

  9. Felicia Simmons says:

    This is why people “hate” the police!!!!


      @brogen100 I think you might be confused, the number of unsolved black on black murders is about 3,000 lives lost a year. If you are the type that looks for kicks by murdering innocent people without any chance of being caught, then just look at the suspects in the black on black murders in any urban city. It’s the place to be, if you are a murderer. And you don’t need a license to kill, just a lenient city mayor and police department that doesn’t want to make any bad press by arresting any innocent perpetrators.

    • brogen100 says:

      @CANTWEALLJUST GETALONG I see, Let’s look at black on black murders and turn a blind eye on cop brutality. Point taken. thank you. I have my gun.

    • Maria Vasquez 22 Vasquez says:

      @Cinny Manini right 🎤


      @brogen100 Yes, very intelligent answer. I am very impressed. Kind of like turning a blind eye to the murder of thousands of black men by other black men, to focus and destroy cities across the whole U.S. for the murder of one black man at the hands of 3 cops, because it only matters when a cop goes rogue and never when black men kill other black men. I get it now. Thanks for for making it so clear. Murder ain’t murder, unless it’s a white cop murdering a black man. Got it.

    • brogen100 says:

      @CANTWEALLJUST GETALONG Thank you. let’s not forget four hundred years of white oppression. and of course, that little thing called slavery

  10. Inspiration Motivation says:

    This is what needs to happen every single time an incident of this nature occurs. The system needs to stop protecting corrupt police officers. Police are not above the law! They need to understand that.

  11. jenny123617 says:

    It’s sad that everyone has to start recording everything themselves. Can you imagine the amount of injustice behaviors that was not caught on camera.


      @Planet Orange Gaming are u serious? Watching much tv? These thugs have their cars in front of the store they’re looting and they walk right pass the tv cameras smiling for the camera. Did you see the ass###es who set the cop car on fire then posed for pictures in front of the burning car and then the next guy jumped on the roof. Remember your hero from the OJ trial riots, Damian Football Williams? He was posing for the helicopter news crew after her nearly murdered Reginald Deny with a brick to his head, followed by a full force kick to the head as he was knocked to the ground on his hands and knees trying to crawl back to his truck that he was yanked out of.

    • Planet Orange Gaming says:

      @CANTWEALLJUST GETALONG Ok, i just asked bc u said store owners where being beaten.

    • Planet Orange Gaming says:

      I wasn’t even alive during OJ Simpson stuff, so I wouldn’t know.


      @Marjorie Tillman You do know that Colin’s Mama is white and she said she doesn’t understand why he hates white people so much. I guess if you don’t have a problem with blacks killing other blacks in the thousands every year, you might as well focus on the small numbers of bad cops and paint the whole profession as racist to make a valid point to the uninformed listeners.


      @Planet Orange Gaming So, I guess that means you didn’t see the store owner trying to stop the looters from entering his store. Looked to be about 5′ tall possibly Asian, up against 3 tall over 6’5″ black youths in there early 20’s. They beat him with the 2 x 4’s they ripped from his store front. Another person came out of the store to help and also beaten with a 2 x 4. I’m sure it was his fault for trying to protect his lively hood, so he deserved it. The smaller man looks like he was severely injured.
      I wonder if these celebrity supporters will ever help out these victims or just the injured peaceful protestors?

  12. Jeffrey jackson says:

    Some are saying black cops.. that’s incorrect.. there’s only blue brotherhood

  13. Temporal Sphere says:

    Apparently the police academy has a problem weeding out the sickos from graduating.

    • shakey says:

      matt henderson
      Not true. An applicant sued a department because he was refused as overqualified. The judge ruled it was perfectly legal for departments to choose less qualified people. They choose less qualified people because they DO NOT ask questions. They DO NOT stand up to leadership when leadership is wrong.

    • xx_sniper420_69 says:

      They encourage it for sure. It doesn’t take any high level degree or intelligence to be a cop and they want it that way

    • Sha'ra Lighter says:

      @shakey I hope that applicant won

    • Karen Hampton says:

      Also let’s be mindful that many get hired according to who they know like the cop from Minnesota with 18 complaints and was bold in the way he killed Floyd like it’s a normal act he”s been doing. People were saying how the Chief allow someone to stay on the force with 18 complaints. However, if the cop has connections like being relative or friend of a judge, mayor, etc then pressure is put on the chief to overlook those complaints…on top of that complaints go through other departments that the chief depend on to do the right thing but could who could be watering the issue down before it gets to him.

    • JohnJacobJingleHeimer Schmidt says:

      shakey change the laws so that cops know they can be prosecuted and face heavy convictions for unlawful murder. That will clear these smirking cops kneeling on a man’s neck begging to breath from the ranks. Let them join UFC is they REALLY think they’re tough.

  14. Robert Manzella says:

    Funny how this stuff happens when there is a riot going on about it.

  15. JelloG says:

    Lol he really had to have a picture of himself behind him.

    • Nclght says:

      @Crystal Bethea Maybe ,my psychological profile does say I don’t play well with petty ignorant assholes. But thanks for commenting 🙂

    • Nclght says:

      @David Watson No, Einstein. I don’t live there nor know his name but I do recognize assholes and I see you clearly. Any more questions? 🙂

    • David Watson says:

      @Nclght you seem to have some kind of interest in this guy’s office. If not a spokesman for him then what? Just a genius keeping everyone inline or you planing on running for his office?

    • Nclght says:

      @David Watson No,Sherlock but I will defend those who can’t defend themselves, especially if it’s a brother.. And if you can’t understand the latter, then you wouldn’t understand it if I wrote the shit at your level using crayon. There’s some serious issues going on and you’re talking about a damn picture. So either you’re a racist or an asshole. And, as I previously stated, I don’t play well with racists nor assholes, especially those of the ignorant variety. Furthermore, I don’t give one iota of a fuck about keeping such a person or dumbasses like you “in line.” You typically will fall off a cliff on your own accord anyhow.

      And no, son, I’m not running for any office. Been there, done that. Nor am I trying to win any popularity contest. But I will express my opinion for you to take, ignore or shove it up your ass if you are so inclined.

      Again, I’d be happy to entertainment any further comments or questions you may have. 🙂

    • Karen Hampton says:

      @Nclght exactly I work for federal and our director and associate director and so forth are all on the wall in our office as well as the the walls at all locations they are over. SMH.

  16. Korie Kinchen says:

    Acting like starving animals on a piece of 🥩

  17. Shirrell Nicole says:

    These police officers act like they’re on drugs! What the hell is wrong with them? 🤬

  18. Kitty Perez says:

    Whoever is getting paid for the sound should be fired fix the speakers now

  19. istofal says:

    Even while getting tased, the young man tried to shied his female friend. These cops are disgusting.

    • bernice grizzlr says:

      @B McG Lol! Did you read what I wrote? Stop breeding ignorance. Being proactive instead of reactive saves lives. Train and pay police better and you will see much less of this.

    • bernice grizzlr says:

      @Suzanne Jefferson Lol! Yeah, especially the ignorant ones who are still on the plantation. 😘

    • Garrett Pater says:

      bernice grizzlr sorry but I honestly can’t tell if your joking or not, and don’t go calling me racist after

    • B. Robins says:

      @JimbyB _ Chile 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣… I thought it was just me 😂… Racist…. How?

    • JimbyB _ says:

      bernice grizzlr how am I being racist tell me. I actually want to know. Before saying something unnecessary start with facts thanks 💕

  20. Great African says:

    “Serve and protect, not to break a Brother’s neck.”

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