Charlamagne Defends Ginuwine After Being Labeled Transphobic By Twitter Stampede

Charlamagne Defends Ginuwine After Being Labeled Transphobic By Twitter Stampede

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89 Responses

  1. brandon Sims says:


    • Larhonda Robinson says:

      brandon Sims Facts

    • DakotazTwitchMoments says:


    • J.ColeDaGod 28th says:

      brandon Sims BRUH! ON GOD! YOU MY NIGGA

    • GODz Shadow says:

      brandon Sims FACTZ

    • Jim Tom Billy Jean George says:

      brandon Sims No one tries to force anyone to do anything. We’ve actually accepted who and what we are/were, but don’t necessarily agree with what society believes we “should” be. The only thing that we want society to accept is that it’s okay to be different. Whether it be sexuality, race, or disability.

      Just because we were born a certain way doesn’t mean we have to stay that way. We’re human, we evolve. People are born into poverty; should they stay there? People that are in the freezing cold don’t say, I’m going to sit here and freeze to death, but instead find a way to get warm. People that are thirsty will find water if it’s within their power to do so.

      If I’m ever uncomfortable in any situation, I’ll find a way to make it as comfortable as possible. Just remember: How you choose to present yourself to the outside world is a choice, but sexuality isn’t. People that aren’t restricted tend to dress how they feel and what/how they feel on the inside is usually reflected on the outside. It’s all about how you feel and what makes you comfortable at the end of the day. Maybe you should worry more about accepting or being comfortable with who you are. I’m sure you’ll find a way to understanding how other people may feel.

  2. pilly Up says:

    transphobic because hes not interested in dating somebody that was born a man lol.. what a fuckin joke

  3. Butterball says:

    Charlemagne gets it. 100 percent!!!

  4. Mia Moore says:

    Now Genuwine can say “Me too! “

  5. randleqgod says:

    FIRST OF ALL, why was he sitting on that couch with them white folks under them blankets anyway??

  6. Draconian says:

    If the brotha not gay why should he except a kiss from a man.Im proud of the brotha not being a fool to societys conformations.

    • Tappy Toes says:

      Draconian You blacks hate gay and lesbian pride. Y’all can’t even fix broken ghetto black communities, but are quick to bash homosexuals and Jews.

    • Tappy Toes says:

      Eh OK Umm there are gay black people. Accept the fact! Stop your hate!

    • Khulania says:

      Elijah Trevino Not in the eyes of God, Creator of the heavens and earth. Please understand, I don’t say this to bash. You can’t add or take away from what God has created and rename it.

    • C J says:

      @Elijah Trevino: No it’s not, you freak! The word woman is literally defined as the FEMALE sex. Stop trying to rape people!

    • Tappy Toes says:

      Elijah Trevino no it’s not. Transgender people are toxic to any group. We blacks do not like faggots, whites, Asians and JEWS!

  7. Auto Chris says:

    Stop calling men women in the first place .

  8. TeamChocolate18 says:

    Sexual harassment

  9. Curtis Hayes says:

    Isn’t this sexual assault he didn’t ask for those advances.

    • manny romero says:

      no!! because it’s only sexual assault if its a woman.

    • umar younis says:

      Curtis Hayes I wish these so called transgenders would just become transporters and fly the Fuk out of here !

    • Stromboli says:

      manny romero it’s not a woman tho, it’s a dude with long hair and lipstick

    • lynette s. says:

      Who’re the hypocrites? Sexual assault is sexual assault no matter the sex/gender. The narrative looks that way bc it disproportionately happens to women and men are more hesitant to call it such. That was an unwanted sexual advancement that he clearly negated. So, there’s no need to get riled up over media spins, bc no one in this thread replied otherwise.

  10. Sir Babajide says:

    the liberal mentality is cancer. straight up. how is ginuwine wrong for not kissing a dude. I think one day being heterosexual will one day be considered homophobic

  11. Rodney Hawkins says:

    It’s amazing that a man has to explain himself and take backlash because he says he won’t date and kiss a transgender.

  12. Aaron James says:

    It’s getting to the point that gay or transgender ppl will have a problem with ppl being heterosexual.

  13. Amor Antasia says:

    So y’all not gon act like 2:42 wasn’t a SUS answer 👀 “Probably” 👀 mmmhmmm

  14. LONtoLAX says:

    Peep how he was saying he’s a woman not a transwoman drop the T. Just encouraging trans people to not disclose then next thing someone’s dead and someone else is going to jail.

    • kleverson j d s r says:

      LONtoLAX they already fight for the “right” to not disclose lol. But the killing thing is sad :/

    • jj jj says:

      +Otis B Thank u

    • Atrio Walker says:

      Yea thats rape foreal

    • A Jacques says:

      While I truly believeost violence against the trans community mostly happens because the person got caught not being they didn’t know the person was trans… I do agree that what India is saying promotes a dangerous precedent

    • HopefulHumanist says:

      Trans people should definitely disclose that fact to whoever they’re trying to have romantic or sexual encounters with but killing someone is still wrong. Violence shouldn’t be the answer to when someone doesn’t disclose their status, a lawsuit should be.

  15. Mars Lovejoy says:

    Dave Chappelle nailed it. The only reason anyone even cares about trans feelings is because white men are trans. Otherwise PPL would tell them to toughen up like black men have heard our whole lives about our own feelings. We’re living in a country where we are public and social enemy number one in so far as punitive consequences based on our appearance and we are told to shut up and take responsibility for things we haven’t had control over since reconstruction . Yet we need to view a trans person not only as a woman but also as someone describable or we’re transohobic? The fact that these people think they have the right to dictate a black man’s sexuality alone is low key racism and hypocritical.

    • Anthony Perez says:

      Mars Lovejoy ummm look up the movie Tangerine. There’s black transsexual women to you dumb ass

    • Jessica Marie says:

      Anthony Perez The general majority of trans people are white…blacks make up a small percentage of that and even face discrimination within that community

    • Shane Parchment says:

      Y’all are either trolling or missing the main point of what Mars Lovejoy made with his first two sentences.

    • Jessica Marie says:

      Shane Parchment No! We get it. Its a little thing called WHITE PRIVILEGE *drops mic and walks away*

    • Shane Parchment says:

      When I responded to this your comments weren’t in the thread and it ain’t just white privilege, it’s WHITE AND RICH PRIVILEGE, this type of stuff doesn’t get to the forefront of social media debate until a rich celebrity does it.

  16. Jay Oh says:

    As a gay man, I totally support Ginuwine’s preference to date a natural-born woman. His preference doesn’t equate to fear of or hate toward trans people (which I believe “transphobic” is supposed to mean). I respect him for being true to himself, and I will respect 100 times more if he does NOT apologize. He neither did nor said anything offensive to India and therefore has nothing for which he should apologize. If anyone is offended by his honesty and his preference, it’s because he or she chooses to be offended. We all get rejected at some point in our lives. We must accept the rejection and move on with our lives. Ginuwine does not deserved to be vilified because of his orientation.

  17. Paul Evans says:

    Good job Gin for not putting up with that sick bullshit.

    • umar younis says:

      Paul Evans it’s sickening ! I wish these so called transgenders would just become transporters and fly the Fuk out of here !

  18. Shawty Dangerous says:


  19. Glover dragon says:

    its 2018 and white people in all forms STILL think they’re entitled to black bodies.

    • terrijack says:


    • Glover dragon says:

      I beg one of you to represent and bring this argument of whites feeling entitled still to this day when it comes to black bodies. I would do it myself, but I don’t have twitter or insta. Nobody has even put forth this argument and it’s scary. Our bodies are ours and will always remain ours, keep your hands to yourself. #MYBLACKBODYNOTYOURS

    • Tomakze says:

      Maybe your sexy chocolate is just too irresistible

    • Reelani Lola Makiese Mwabula says:

      Glover dragon wish I could like your comment a millions times.

  20. Scratch OFF Lovers says:

    They wont all alpha males gone that’s it and all

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