Charlamagne Tha God and Chanel West Coast get into a heated argument on Ridiculousness

Charlamagne Tha God and Chanel West Coast get into a heated argument on Ridiculousness

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20 Responses

  1. max Ff says:

    When was this

  2. HS32153 says:

    She could do a track with Jay-Z, Nas, and Jesus it wouldn’t change the fact she’s trash.

  3. Raven Ballard says:

    I don’t think Steelo or Rob should’ve been laughing. That’s their co star for Gods sake. i feel like they should’ve had her back instead of laughing at her

  4. Erin Gomez says:

    Charlamagne is trash himself ! Chauvinistic piece of shit.

  5. Sharingan Genjutsu says:

    LOOOL Charlemagne Tha God is so funny. Yeah this woman is trash.

  6. Burberry black says:

    charmalagne is so funny hahahaha

  7. Thot Quin says:

    Charlemagne using law 39 perfectly

  8. Eldred Duncan says:

    she sounds hurt 😂

  9. Hoehousepimp Jr says:

    I stopped watching as soon as whoever filmed it talked … WTF SHUT UP

  10. TonTon says:

    This is like the highlight of her career LMAO

  11. gsxrboi_ says:

    she threw in lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj like that’s supposed to change the fact that he said she’s a wack rapper 😂😂 cthagod W!

  12. Markus Okafor says:

    Who gives this idiot wannabe white bitches room to speak. Black men stay disgracing themselves. The fact this chick actually thinks she can run her mouth like she’s from the Bronx is only proof of how fucking far rap has fallen.

  13. Lucid Jackson says:

    bahahahaha this bitch is allergic to the TRUTH


  14. Terrance Hencley says:

    its called ridiculousness

  15. Dwayne Williams says:

    what BET Award. what song. lol

  16. fashionJasmine says:

    Steele brim was hyping shit up by laughing and side comments. It was killing me 😂😭😂😂

  17. elizabeth 1738 says:

    at the end of the day..whether she is trash or not he had no right disrespecting her and they should’ve done something to stop it..that is not his show and he should’ve act like a decent man

  18. Made of Legos says:

    “you know my struggle”

    …..white in america….sounds sooooooooooo hard

  19. FILTHY says:

    She makes me wanna put it in her butt when she gets mad:)

  20. TheJackEbrown says:

    why are you all being racist? damn. white girls can rap. eminem rapped and everyone was in awe. my dj partner in the 80s was a white guy that could rap and it would stop the dancefloor since we worked in a predominantly black club. It was a big deal. His son is now a signed white boy rapper named Preston Wayne. The kid can spit hella fast and his diction is amazing.

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