Charles Barkley’s comments towards Kyrie Irving are ‘hypocritical’ – Stephen A. | First Take

Charles Barkley’s comments towards Kyrie Irving are ‘hypocritical’ – Stephen A. | First Take

Max Kellerman and Will Cain of First Take both do not have a problem with Charles Barkley’s comments saying Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving looks miserable because that is what Kyrie is showing on the court. Stephen A. Smith disagrees with Barkley, pointing out that Kyrie may look miserable when talking to the media, but that doesn’t mean he feels that way during games.

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88 Responses

  1. OGMillyMillz says:


  2. Orange Bear says:

    what? ” *charles barkley is the best analyst. what do you mean?* “

  3. Preston Marks says:

    Kyrie Irving is one of the most miserable people he’s ever seen??? How?

    • OG LOC says:

      +Joel Brown true

      Hopefully we get melo tho

    • Off Da 9 Ent. says:

      +Joel Brown I’m sorry did the Celtics just lose 2 games back to back to the Warriors and Kings? Cuz I SWEAR that the Celtics won BOTH of those, unless I’m in an alternate universe or something! Why are we talking like they’re still losing? They’re 2 games away from 4th seed and a couple more away from 3rd seed. They’re MAKING THE PLAYOFFS and have a good chance to make it to the finals! I’m not understanding why everyone is acting so gloomy!

      Also, when did Kyrie EVER say he was miserable? I dont recall Kyrie saying this ever. I recall media members repeatedly asserting this night in and night out, based on interviews and his “demeanor on the court”, but I mean, what do you want him to do? Smile and laugh while his team is losing? Joke with the media and wave it off like everything is A-OK? I’d be damned if as a Boston fan I watch my team smiling and laughing after a tough loss, especially after a string of losses. Yall got shit twisted super hard!

    • Taiwo Oshodi says:

      +Joel Brown , the funny thing is I don’t think Kyrie is looking for sympathy. Did he ever say or indicate that he was?

    • Minato Namikaze says:

      Its very simple. Chuck never gets a ring. Everybody with rings are misarable to him 🙂

    • Troll King says:

      +Joel Brown You act like he had this handed to him. He worked hard to make it this far using his talent and drive. He got the money he deserved. But the whole point YOUR missing is happiness is subjective. Again, someone could have all the money in the whole world, yet still be more depressed and miserable than someone dirt poor.

  4. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Chuck is the best basketball analyst stevie. Take notes

  5. TheMr2face says:

    SAS said Kyrie you better come to NY after I defend you on every segment lol

    • FavreIKnOw says:

      What does that have to do with SAS defending him? Lol. No one ever questioned his abilities as a basketball player

    • TheMr2face says:

      +D!ck Harper lol I feel you

    • TheMr2face says:

      +Wesley Bryant Idk if watches the show a lot because your comment is spot on lol

    • TheMr2face says:

      +FavreIKnOw Its not about his ability has a basketball player SAS has always defended Kyrie its kinda funny he just want him on the Knicks

    • D!ck Harper says:

      +Wesley Bryant Did anyone mention his accolades??? SAS is defending by blaming everything on Hayward like dude thats a smallllll part of their issues. The main issue is kyrie being a shitty leader and a selfish player not right for how the celtics want to play

  6. TGA_ Gaming says:

    5:48 pause max

  7. j0epark1 says:

    Charles Barkley is the only one with real basketball knowledge. FOH

  8. ShowTimeGaming says:

    Definitely tuning into TNT tonight ????

  9. TheKingOgx says:

    Ironic how Stephen A calls somebody a hypocrite smh

  10. david sanders says:

    SAS said all them words, to say absolutely nothing!

  11. Wis Dom says:

    Stephen A. Smith just confirmed what Will Cain said. SAS be like, “Your’e wrong” and then, says exactly what you said, in a different way. Talkers who just want to hear themselves talk, always do that.

    • ThomasFromTN says:

      You know – I’m inclined to agree…even before watching this segment. Having watched the segment, I will also say this…SAS is completely dismissing the interpretation of what Barkley said as posited by Cain, even Kellerman, when he focused on remarking how Barkley himself had once expressed displeasure with the media. First – if anything, it is often the person who has a PERSONAL relationship with an experience who can best identify its parallel in another person’s circumstance, which doesn’t make them a hypocrite. Second – what Barkley said did not sound like a knock against Irving, not really, if one accepts (which I do) the interpretation of the implication of the comment made by Cain and Kellerman. One could easily replace the word “unhappy” with miserable in Barkley’s comment, and I’d bet a dollar and a quarter that it would track exactly with the same import meant by Barkley. Sometimes, SAS gives pretty good insights. Sometimes…he does seem to be in too much of a hurry simply to be heard.

    • Don’t worry about it says:

      Yea and those who use way too many commas

    • Atomatic Games says:

      SAS definitely likes the sound of his own voice and has an ego.

    • Israel Rosario Jr. says:

      YES, Stephen A Smith loves the sound of his own voice…but I agree with him here on ONE thing, which is that attributing happiness to someone’s wealth is a mistake. YES, Kyrie comes off as being out of touch by complaining to the media about his responsibilities BUT if he’s legit dealing with depression, how much money he makes is irrelevant. There are stories for days of wealthy and famous people who’ve committed suicide because of unrelenting depression. Barkley is being monumentally simplistic about it even though Max is right that Kyrie is coming off as out of touch for complaining to the media about them doing their jobs.

    • Long_Necky Boii says:

      I miss Will Cain lol

  12. zero says:

    “money outweighing problems on a triple beam” lil wanye. barkley is right

  13. andrew joo says:

    why Stephen a smith hair green every time I watch this show

  14. JUST says:

    Have y’all ever thought that Kyrie might be an antisocial introvert

    • Aisian ThreeQUISIANS says:

      aishwarya gosh not the point. He comes off as reserved and more quiet to the media, publicly puts out there that he’s unhappy, calls out teammates, etc. the point is that he’s only like this to the media, doesn’t mean he’s introverted at all

    • MrZahsome says:

      Guess nobody watched NBA when Kyrie was drafted back in ’11.

    • Ron Duece says:

      I dunno how he is gonna survive in NY if they don’t win

    • 11E11EVEN11 says:

      Exactly. Kyrie is a lifepath 11. The people who carry this energy know how much of a burden it can be sometimes.

    • David Chung says:

      +aishwarya gosh I’m sure there are a lot of actors that are introverts but acting is their craft. Kyrie is not an actor but wanted to star in a big movie which seems like he was seeking more attention. You wouldn’t see one of those introverted actors looking to make headlines for something other than their acting.

  15. xwers1234 says:

    Charles Barkley is one of the last dudes, keepin it real on TV. Shoutout to those big ol women down in San Antonio

    • OJ Fetti says:

      Charles is one of the reasons to watch a trash basketball game on a late Thursday night

    • A Real Good Guy says:

      How’s the nachos in Phoenix, Chuck?

    • Angel Em says:


    • MrZahsome says:

      +Scott Bennici So money doesn’t make you happy? Neither is being broke. Rather take money and have less to worry about. That’s just a broke person’s excuse to be more broke.

    • MaozerBowzer 1 says:

      Scott Bennici I think charles was reaching for Kyrie bitching about the media when he wanted his own team, he wanted to be the leader. And now he just looks miserable dealing with it.

  16. Just-Your-Average-Negro says:

    This is why Kyrie hates the media, they constantly prove him right smh.

  17. Brian Hunt Music says:

    I agree with max they should definitely do that segment ?

  18. Zarion106 says:

    The Barkley situation isn’t anything similar to Kyrie at all. He’s not being hypocritical, he’s just being honest. Kyrie has been miserable. He just cries and cries and cries about the spotlight WHEN HE WAS THE ONE WHO WANTED IT.

    • Trancepotato says:

      All of Kyrie’s perceived grievances are self-inflicted, but it’s easier to blame the media than take responsibility for it.

  19. Zach Litz says:

    “the reason Charles Barkley is so great is because he gives it to you raw” – Max Kellerman

  20. Elann Suvat says:

    It’s all relative whether you’re dirt poor, middle-class, or wealthy. We all have our own problems. But we gotta agree that some people’s “problems” are petty. Max is right. Be self-aware, mindful, and grateful.

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