Thank you Charlie and Dixie for hanging out!!

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Thank you for watching 🙂

**We ensure that every individual that walks onto this set has tested negative for COVID-19 prior to arrival**

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76 Responses

  1. MarkoKC says:

    I just love this studio !!!!

  2. Zadies says:

    What is a Charli Deluxie?

  3. iFerg says:

    It’s weird seeing the Damelios so nervous considering how big they are, I guess that’s just what happens when you get famous so fast

    • matthias august says:

      78% of charlis followers are fake

    • Joshua Ingeniero says:

      So we are all born with sin, but in order to get to HEAVEN we would have to be sinless, bc HEAVEN is a place w/o sin. This was not possible, but through HIS ONE AND ONLE SON JESUS CHRSIT, (GOD in the flesh) HE lived a perfect sinless life, and died the death we deserved as sinners, being crucified and whipped and tortured and suffocating to death. So HE could repay our debt of sin, thus making us able to go to HEAVEN. You see GOD loves us so much that not only did HE do all that for us, but HE made it free, GOD made is so that all we had to do to accept this free gift was to but our FAITH AND TRUST in JESUS, in what HE did for us. Thats it, that’s all we needed to do. And in doing so HE will use us, in order to spread HIS love to others, to be vessels of HIS grace. I am just a mere peasant, but even though I am a peasant, GOD honors me like HIS child. HIS love for us is not comprehendible. All HE asks is that you love HIM as HE as loves you first. GOD BLESS.(PS if you have time please watch this video, i’m sure it will help GOD BLESS 🙂

    • deaundre says:

      Everyone gets nervous. It has nothing to do with being famous. They are still normal people

    • Robi says:

      Lost ferg 🤣

    • Explain says:

      Or just being normal human beings and also fans of david.. how quick they blew up doesn’t have anything to do with it. Id be the same as them

  4. UGH IT'S JOE says:

    My bad Jason. I didn’t know there was paint in there

  5. Josie's World says:

    Jason needs some sort of set that involves him more. Jason is fucking hilarious

  6. Carlie Raybon says:

    Jason’s vibe with Dixie is literally everything 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Tyler Cunningham says:

    alternate title: Complimenting Dixie and Charlie for 45 minutes

  8. Lincoln Ornelas says:

    I think both David and Jason should sit on the same side of the desk so Jason doesn’t get left out. He is co-host after all.

  9. N R says:

    Jason doesn’t get to talk more at least put him in the thumbnail

  10. Cynth Darling says:

    Im seriously going to miss the little arguments, personal funny stories, and Jason’s personality.

  11. Fer Castrillo says:

    I feel bad for all the new people that never got to hear Joe’s Teeny-Weeny Podcast

  12. thisduderockz says:

    “Im literally too mature for every guy in this house.” -famous words by natalie

  13. Nic Serway says:

    Goddam Jason looks like he just came out of some time machine because he’s lookin freeeeesh

  14. Itsjordaniswear says:

    This isn’t the views podcast anymore this is a talk show and Jason is a background character. I love this but Jason should get a desk or atleast be involved

  15. Stream City says:

    I’m scared that this podcast is gonna turn into a talk show and have tiktok guests on constantly…One reason why I prefer Zane & Heath’s Podcast, they have guests on every other week and when they don’t they just update us with what’s going on in their lives.

    • T- Prizmo says:

      Yous are complaing but tbh this is still entertaining, there is an authentic touch to it, not the same as the old podcast but that vlogsquad personality is still there

    • Staceylee Williams says:

      Yall are so irritating
      Yall complain about everything bruh

    • Scott Sieg says:

      @Joseph B kinda ironic how lily sighn’s show was a HUGE failure and horrible

    • Joseph B says:

      @Scott Sieg I agree entirely but ALSO she got renewed for a second season so the corporate big wigs loved her apparently. Pure garbage if u ask me tho, I watched a video by @SwellEntertaiment where she was an audience member three times and talks about what a train wreck it is

  16. Jack Ames says:

    they’re nervous about getting hate especially with david’s audience

    • Jake Stroll says:

      David’s audience overlaps heavily with theirs. These girls are just very new to showbiz and deal with so much hate that they are apprehensive.

  17. Koketso Mere says:

    I can’t believe he just outed his brother like that!

  18. Snowpiercer says:

    Charli: “Who’s your favorite? Who made your daughter cry?”
    Dixie: “I’m gonna make your daughter cry if you don’t pick me”

  19. Derek Kildall says:

    i say from now on you have a guest shoot a paintball at the chair in the color pattern of the room since it already has some blue on it now lol

  20. Channel M says:

    “charli give me your phone”
    “mom how are we gonna pay the rent otherwise?”

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