Charlie Day Learns to Love Ridiculously Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Charlie Day Learns to Love Ridiculously Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

As he seeks to “shamelessly promote” his new movie “Fist Fight” (Feb 17), actor Charlie Day submits to the Sean Evans-led onslaught of hot wings and even hotter questions. Through the emotional highs and lows of Zombie Apocalypse and Mad Dog 357, the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Star” weighs in on everything from Zac Efron’s neighborliness, to the most iconic regional foods of Rhode Island. Kitten mittens!

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20 Responses

  1. Dawn says:

    The Gang Blows Up Their Mouths Eating Spicy Wings

  2. KayotikGaming -Channel says:


  3. Kerri Temporary says:

    Whoever edits in that ‘boom’ sound when the guests become overwhelmed by the spice is a comic genius. haha

  4. Travis K. says:

    When is Gordon Ramsay going to be on? Still waiting..

  5. monearthe$ says:

    Charlie’s voice sounds like he’s always in character

  6. Siddhant Misra says:

    PLease Joe Rogan on this show man.

  7. MrDarfoot says:

    I absolutely love when they are talking and react to the hotness mid-sentence.

  8. Naram B says:

    “I’m not gonna be okay.” Literally died

  9. Nolan Beatrolyn says:

    Charlie’s favorite…
    food; milk steak
    hobbies; magnets
    likes; little green ghouls
    dislikes; people’s knees.

  10. Concord Jelly Jam says:

    Charlie do not drink that bottle of hot sauce you will shit your pants.

    Dude I’m not gonna shit my pants

    *theme music*
    Charlie Shits His Pants

  11. Bill Wiltfong says:

    Charlie, I had not heard of your movie until you did this show. Mission accomplished.

  12. Hugh Honey says:

    He has to eat those wings because of the implication

  13. MrAdamWhite23 says:

    What is your spaghetti policy here?

  14. Maximillian Dos Santos says:


  15. Förehead Jönes says:

    Charlie is my dude. Fuck Tabasco.

  16. - emily - says:

    the man drinks paint and huffs glue he can handle a few hot wings

  17. James Logan says:

    get Shia LaBeouf on here!

  18. Don Winchester says:

    Unfortunately fist fight looks like its going to be another trope of a movie. Generic loser white guy paired up with angry black man is played out, do something fresh.

  19. Lee Hearts says:

    Who you need on here:

    Tyler the Creator, Joe Rogan, Danny Trejo, Terry Crews, Hannibal Buress, Martha Stewart

  20. Kenny Bui says:

    This is fake because Charlie was reading the labels on the hot sauce and Charlie can’t read!!

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