Charlo vs Castano HIGHLIGHTS: July 17, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

Charlo vs Castano HIGHLIGHTS: July 17, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

WBA, WBC and IBF Super Middleweight World Champion Jermell Charlo and WBO Super Middleweight World Champion Brian Castano fought to a split decision draw in their dramatic all-action battle for undisputed status at 154-pounds on July 17, 2021, live on SHOWTIME from AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

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50 Responses

  1. el perro reggae says:

    Castaño won, by some distance

  2. heitmusic says:

    ganó castaño sin dudas

    • Kevin Casco says:

      @Elian no sabes nada de boxeo anda. Mirar la novela del 1 al 9 si el segundo round lo ganó charlo bobo solo un golpe claro le metió castaño a charlo los otros le pegaba a los guantes o el negro los esquivaba algunos golpes al cuerpo pero nada más castaño el negro lo hizo tambaliar 3 veces más

    • Kevin Casco says:

      @alphaclasic play esto no es robo bobo no sabes nada de boxeo en las peleas parejas no existen los robos anda a mirar la novela por qué de boxeo no sabes nada

    • Kevin Casco says:

      @Javier Cabrera tambalio anda al oculista bobo no sabes nada ganó el negro la peleab

    • Ricky twist Mr trip says:

      Fan de charlo.. castaño estuvo mejor de haber habido un ganador sería él sin duda.. pero el empate no lo veo tan injusto.. jermell forzó el empate.. con las veces que le tenía casi noqueado de pié..eso también cuenta.. es como fury vs wilder 1.. y conor vs diaz 2..lo que le salvó a conor fueron los knock downs.. fueron esos puntos significativos.. NO ES EXCUSA.. yo también creo que castaño debía ganar.. pero el empate no es tan mala decisión

    • Elian says:

      @Kevin Casco Típico argumento al decir “no sabes nada de boxeo” Obvio que charlo le gano el 2 round, pero castaño le gano el primero, y la mayoría de los rounds.

      ¿Que castaño conecto en los guantes? JAJAJAJAJA. Castaño conecto mejores golpes de poder, bolados y trabajando las zonas blandas que suman mas puntos, claro que no vimos al Castaño de siempre, presionando y tirando gran cantidad de golpes, no se puede arriesgas con ese estilo de pelea, teniendo a Charlo como un contrincante que contragolpea, castaño peleó inteligente. Charlo en la gran mayoría solo tiraba jabs y se dejaba castigar en las cuerdas en todo el comienzo de la pelea, empezó a conectar golpes de poder ya en el 9no round dejando a castaño obviamente lastimado, aun así charlo termino perdiendo la gran mayoría de los rounds anteriores. Charlo no alcanzo en las tarjetas a Castaño por 3 o 4 puntos.

      ¿El juez que dio 111 a 117 favor de Charlo si sabe de boxeo? JAJAJAJA

  3. DesertFox73 • says:

    Every time there’s a “draw” in boxing nowadays you know someone got robbed.

  4. Dwayne Johnson says:

    That was Castano’s Fight… Charlo exposed himself tonight… Every flaw.

  5. John John says:

    117-111 Charlo.
    What freaking fight the judge Nelson Vasquez is watching?
    The F is wrong with boxing today?
    Castaño clearly won the fight.

    • S Righteous says:

      @Rodrigo Marquez he made some noise in couple rounds at the end but that pit bull Castano won that fight.

    • LALA LAND says:

      It’s called corruption

    • Shang Tsung says:

      Boxing is the most crooked sport there is. The only way Castano would have got the win is if he knocked Charlo out. I knew there was gonna be a clear robbery. When it’s a draw it’s always a robbery.

    • DJ Revolver says:

      These fighters need to start threatening these judges.

  6. Ashutosh Ranjan says:

    Castano for sure clearly had Decision victory over Charlo

  7. Alex David says:

    Charlo struggled with this dude….and he thinks he’s got a chance against canelo? Lol

    • Q Green says:

      @My Team Over Yours Idgaf who beats canelo or who canelo can beat. I know he is a beast. I was just letting homie know that this is the wrong charlo like everybody else was. I’m a fan of several boxers but At the end of the day, I just want to see good fights no matter who it is 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Lord Lermer says:

      Other brother

    • victor victor fitness says:

      @Silty Cellar4934 they’re casuals bro lol

    • sYn BadGuy says:

      @Gabriel Alvarez it’s cute seeing the casual fan Canelo fangirls stick together. if you’re going to talk shit, at least have a clue about boxing. Both Charlos are better than the bums Canelo has been fighting lately. When Canelo fights a dangerous fighter (in his prime), let me know

    • Luis Ortiz says:

      Canelo would put him to sleep under 6 rounds easy work, easy money!

  8. Impervius says:

    Absurd to think this ended as a draw. It takes away from Castaño’s work and his deserved win. Next time they fight, it shouldn’t be where Charlo will get beneficial treatment, it needs to be at a neutral site. He needed to have judges bought in his favor in his home to win. Pathetic

    • James Roberts says:

      Neutral site indeed..both were landing bombs

    • RICO PARADISE says:


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    • Luka Pop says:

      Nah al haymon doesnt want this guy with all belts not good for business

  9. Michael Scarn says:

    Lmaoo goofies sayin charlo won half the fight forget his coach told him if u dnt get a KNOCK OUT we aint winnin.. charlo LOST by a landslide.. no where near a draw..

  10. jorge Hernandez says:

    This guy Castaño fights like a warrior!! Saludos desde Mexico.

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