Chase: Authorities pursue suspect accused of killing Riverside County deputy

Chase: Authorities pursue suspect accused of killing Riverside County deputy

Authorities chased a suspect accused of shooting and killing a Riverside County deputy. Full story:

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35 Responses

  1. David Bat says:

    I hope we get to the bottom of why he was allowed out on bail for over a year after being convicted of a third strike crime with a possible 25 year sentence. How was he allowed on bail after he was convicted? After he was convicted he should have immediately gone to jail! Someone needs to be held accountable.

  2. Phillip Banes says:

    I don’t think there’s enough police cars there. Send more. I swear the cops we have here in America are embarrassing.

  3. Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4 says:

    My sincere condolences to the friends & family of the fallen officer.

    • Damster587 says:

      @Delmar LOL… welfare is the candy of communist. You think because I don’t like being fleeced my hard earned money through over taxation and ticketing for victimless crimes, I’m on welfare… I can tell your not sure how to label me, so I’ll tell you. My hands have permanent blisters from building 2 companies from the ground up. You my friend condone and embrace wealth redistribution every time you lick the boot of these agents who steal from the middle class through ticketing and give to the wealthy pedophile politicians. That is the very definition of welfare. I’m against any type of Government intrusion, similar to our founding fathers vision. Sorry you can’t figure out where I stand, but it’s not on the side of your government welfare programs

    • Damster587 says:

      I’m more conservative then Ayn Rand, Staunch capitalist, despise the left… I don’t want to abolish the police, I just want them to work for the people instead of the Federal Reserve. Until that happens they are nothing more then the protectors of the pedophiles in power who rob and pillage the middle class through extortion (taxation).

    • Delmar says:

      @Damster587 yet you let the government have supreme authority over you every time you cash that welfare check. Maybe you need a “poor guy” to shoot you in order to change your mind.

    • Damster587 says:

      @Delmar Traffic Stop is just Euphemism for highway robbery. Maybe they will stop robbing people at gun point under the color of law if this keeps happening. Poor guy was probably tired of being a victim and decided someone has to take a stand against these vile agents of the State. Authority comes from 1 source, and the moment you reject that source, you make Government your God and if you know anything about history, making another Man supreme authority over your life never ends well…. How do you not understand this simple principle of Authority?

    • Delmar says:

      @Damster587 you’re clearly an idiot with no regard for authority. This man was gunned down by a criminal for conducting a traffic stop, but you want to make low class comments acting like you’re a part of the middle class.

  4. Jesus Garcia says:

    I know and everyone in there right mind knows there’s only 1 outcome to this animal! As me myself as a victim of police brutality regardless of my past we must protect our law enforcement officials who risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure we are protected and live safely in peace! Such a tragic day for law enforcement my condolences to the riverside county. Hope time heals and never forget once again the system failed!

  5. Ranchero says:

    “We would not be here today if the judge had done her job,” Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said of the San Bernardino Judge Cara D. Hutson who did not sentence the perpetrator who committed this crime. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has lose a fine deputy sheriff and that was because the perpetrator was not sentenced. RIP Deputy Sheriff Isaiah Cordero, EOW 12/29/2022.

  6. m3gAnacOnda6969 says:

    🐖 are children… What’s the point of going after suspect with 50 vehicles? They prob get hard doing that

  7. MachineElf says:

    As a British subject I have to say that image of 30 odd police cars chasing one vehicle
    is straight out of every hollywood movie I’ve seen…

    • Beltfedshooters says:

      There was over 75 police cars chasing him.

    • Asshole Inc. says:

      Would you be supersized if this video was also straight out of hollywood. Because it is, our news is all hollywood. Its is designed to control the masses. Even if it really happened they hollywood it up all the way to use it for their purposes.

    • Owen says:

      @Ryan O I know but it’s funny looking at them compared to other the police forces around the USA, you would never see this many officers involved in a single chase in any other state.

    • Ryan O says:

      @Owen Not even close. CHP is 8k officers. US Border Patrol is 45K officers. NYPD is 35K. It’s not even the largest force in California. LAPD is 10K. LA County Sheriff is also 10K. CHP is never summoning the whole force as their officers are spread across 400k miles of highway. Sure they’ll scramble units on-duty in the vicinity for highway pursuits, but CHP can never muster a larger force than highly concentrated local law enforcement in California’s urban areas.

    • Tony L says:

      @Fire Sky Cam It’s easier for criminals to catch criminals as neither has to play by the rules.

  8. Tom Kennedy says:

    Some of those cops inthe back of the pack must feel a little silly. It’s ONE guy in a truck, with two bearcats in the lead, and the chase is over. Everyone else get back to work.

  9. 4seeable says:

    That has to be the most police vehicles I’ve seen for one person.

  10. Stephen Doty says:

    1:08 This shows two levels of justice, unfortunately. One for police and one for others. If an average citizen was killed, the pursuit would been ordinary, a couple of cars. Makes you wonder what would have happened at the Uvalde school if a police captain had a son inside. Cops might not have waited outside so long.

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