Cheap Boyfriends

Cheap Boyfriends

Some dudes take cheap to another level lol

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72 Responses

  1. The Truth Maker says:

    Not even a minute in I’m laughing my ass off

  2. Angel Wedderburn says:

    I love them ??

  3. Nanuninja !!! says:

    Nelly you one of the best comedians on YouTube

  4. Just Reacts Ent says:

    I swear it actually be like that tho gotta save up yo bread ?

  5. NellyVidz says:

    Fellas have y’all been cheap before? Ladies have y’all ever dealt with a cheap man? Lol

  6. NellyVidz says:

    They bloopers at the end though ???

  7. Angel Wedderburn says:

    Why she got all the lights on ?‍♀️ wasting damn coins

  8. Wondrous Thoughts says:

    Lmbo ?? Nelly done turned into #SaltBae ?? Eeew NOT the COLD #pizza? Lunchables. W/out being microwaved, Horrible!?

    • Spazarella Poet says:

      Wondrous Thoughts people stop fronting everybody ate they lunchable cold no matter what kind I ain’t never see nobody put it in a microwave in the cafeteria u just open it and eat it

  9. Ashante' S says:

    $4.52 per kilowatt ??????

  10. Ashante' S says:

    God damn imma marry that right there Awwww ❤️❤️❤️?

  11. VSNRY says:

    I’d clap courtney cheeks like a black person at Obama’s inauguration ceremony ?

  12. shotta blocka says:

    Ayo ???? tomatoes from the garden of Eden ????? she said nigha that’s a lunchable ???????

  13. Jelina City says:

    Those bloopers had me dying, they would be such a cute couple oml❤?

  14. Gerald Walls jr says:

    Everyone hate Chris moments lol I had flash backs

  15. Gerald Walls jr says:

    U better marry her cornchip lol the perfect

  16. Justin Boyd says:

    Leaving the lights on while sleeping should be a felony lowkey???

    • Spazarella Poet says:

      Justin Boyd nope some people have a phobia of being in the dark but it’s confusing cause even with the lights on when yo lids closed it’s still dark anybody ever think about that?

    • Ashante' S says:

      Big facts ??

    • Carlton Randle says:

      +Spazarella Poet true but technically your body shuts down to rest so your mind knows the lights are on when you wake up and then there’s dreaming depending on the dream you can actually see light.

    • Skullsmasher says:

      +Spazarella Poet But when you’ve got the lights on, there’s comfort in knowing that when you open your eyes, there’s not some huge figure looming over you IN THE DARK. LOL

  17. Briana says:

    I love you both ❤?.

  18. Angel wick city says:

    How you gonna be cheap with $200+ headphones?

  19. dlt2k7 says:

    Lol I feel him on those lights though…

  20. Paul Lucas says:

    Nelly like Julius from Everybody hate Chris ??

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