Check out ear fix-it surgery

Check out ear fix-it surgery

Kurt Barnett stretched his earlobes when he was 19 to follow a fashion trend. Watch him undergo surgery to patch up the holes
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20 Responses

  1. motherphuker jones says:

    im at an inch & im a welder..
    don’t have a problem with mine or finding a job. 

  2. Anthony Howkins says:

    I constantly see kids with tattoos and stretched ears and just think:
    ‘failed parenting’. 

    • Royal Zak says:

      +Anthony Howkins Lol they look so stupid.

    • Anthony Howkins says:

      I agree with you totally. When i was in my teens i would have loved to get
      tattoos and body modifications. But i knew that if i had gone ahead with it
      my parents would have crucified me. I now have a Psychology degree and work
      in a job that requires me to look respectable and clean cut. Be as liberal
      as you wish but the fact is that these people will have disadvantages in
      life because of their appearance. This is not an opinion, this is fact.

    • Foolkat101 says:

      +Anthony Howkins I’m sorry but those people with tattoos and body
      modifications are one of the most open minded and non-judgmental people you
      could ever get to know. Their physical appearance is no reflection on their
      moral stance, and if you value matter over mind then your parents are the
      one that failed.

    • LUNA says:

      +Anthony Howkins And your parents failed you for allowing to be such a
      judgmental prick. It is nice to know you are a perfect, shining example of
      someone who does no wrong and is completely successful.

    • customx5 says:

      You can’t blame parents for dumb choices kids make.

  3. Kevin Simon says:

    KCCO Kurt

  4. devinmetalfreak says:

    Such a stupid fashion trend. I will never understand why any body would do
    something like this to themselves.

  5. Alpha Lite says:

    That was gross.

  6. Aaren Jensen (VA7AEJ) says:

    Body alternation fads. You pay to get it done, and later you pay much more
    to get it undone.

  7. chris jepson says:

    It must have killed him not to finish every senyence with “A” i bet when he
    got home he was like A mom look at my fricken ears A. No more holes A.Whats
    for dinner A?Do I have any mail A?
    And whats for dinner A? What a stupid fucking language Canadian .they cant
    even be origonal woth how they sound 

  8. George Potts says:

    That stitch job is terrible!!!

  9. Nick Sandman says:

    my ears are fucked up from wrestling of course this would show up… havent
    watched it yet lol

  10. Thomas Moore says:

    The sutures look pretty bad ass. That could be the next style.

  11. andgate2000 says:

    Don’t put those stupid ass things in your ear in the first
    place…..because you will eventually change your mind. It ain’t trendy
    when your 70. 

  12. mynicknameissimsim says:

    please do a follow up video of this !

  13. Consul Wilson says:

    I had this surgery; 700$ CAD for both ears in a private clinic. It’s not
    perfect but it’s better than it was.

  14. RYG 0546 says:

    Glad that his surgery exists!
    Not that I need it.
    Just happy people don’t want holes in their earlobes anymore.

  15. Awesome Face says:

    idiots xD