Check Your Privilege

Check Your Privilege

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20 Responses

  1. ari a says:

    Thank you Anna for highlighting that divorced parents is actually a bigger
    deal than people think.
    Also I think we need to bring the fact that there are no single parent
    emojis to apples attention.

  2. Elisia O says:

    i do agree with the last part, its hard for people to understand our own
    window of situatiom etc when we’re all busy at taking care of our own
    situation and thinking why someone couldnt put themselves in our shoe

  3. Lily Meade says:

    LOL, the best thing about checking your privilege is that you get to think
    about all the ways you are awesome and lucky under the guise of empathy for

  4. wladimir Moreno Salinas says:

    how about instead of “Check your privilege” i suggest “Try not being an

  5. überguy says:

    I can see your underwear…

  6. holypicklesmofo says:

    You should look into reading the Asian American Movement by William Wei.
    Really interesting and informative

  7. Ragnosos Official says:

    I was born with unsuportive parents, i have anger issues, extreme ADHD, bi
    polar, but I don’t plan on letting it hold me back.

  8. Hunter Thundertalon (Peace Keeper) says:

    What’s the point of that shirt?

  9. akatheJellyfish says:

    I love how unique Anna’s video topics always are! So much creativity and
    wit, it’s no wonder for 2 years now she’s still my fav YouTuber!! :D

  10. truelyafan says:


  11. Andrew Sweger says:

    Anna, why are you folding your dirty laundry? Don’t most people fold it
    after it’s clean?

  12. sengoku99100 says:

    Excuse me, did you say “cat” at 1:41? I find the term very derogatory.
    Please refer to them as “fur-person.” Double-check your privileges again.
    Thank you.

  13. Lili K says:

    omg this one is soo funny !!! I LOVED it

  14. Sabrina Lou says:

    Hey Anna if you’re ever gonna do an accent again you should try a New
    Jersey Accent.

  15. phoenixbpos says:

    Missed these types of videos, TBH.

  16. Amina J. says:


  17. Albion 1977 says:

    Seems like Anna is getting more views then RWJ these days.

  18. Raspberry Martian says:

    Love the graphics Anna!! Your videos keep looking better and better! ^_^

  19. Marvin Geovani Clavel says:

    I wouldn’t mind if someone shoot her!!

  20. Sunny Nicole says:

    I can’t agree with you more. So many people make assumptions so
    unconsciously that they don’t even realise that they could do so due to
    their privileges. The thing is, with them being so self-righteous after
    that is simply disgusting! Checking one’s own privilege not only helps in
    making more informed decisions, and sensitive remarks, it also makes the
    entire society work so much better.