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48 Responses

  1. Timothy Williams says:

    We needa start texting uncle bryd when funnymike tryna cancel things lol

  2. Jackie Smith says:

    I was looking forward to this Prom like I was going 😂😂

  3. kennadawg says:

    Y’all seem prom ready to me lol I can’t wait to see everybody step at prom

  4. Davionna Oliver says:

    Byrd the only one that can get Mac in check , we gone have to tell him when mac cancel things lol

    • TTG Mel says:

      @Christopher Thomas I think it’s really canceled because they did plan it two weeks a head of time that’s a short time to plan everything out

    • Christopher Thomas says:

      They’re acting real well. I feel like it’s all a joke. But mac have been dropping videos back to back and he needed a break to. So get better mac im praying everything goes well

  5. 6GEN DJ says:

    B…n C my lil bros….always good seeing them…especially when they be giving Mike hell😆

  6. Alize Galvan says:

    bryd got me dead when he said “my babymomma went to prom with some other dude,i got to go to prom i aint never went😂😂”

  7. Mr. Trell says:

    I believe this is all a prank!! He getting everyone hype and scared. Then he gonna come back with a whole video

  8. Devin Bolton says:

    Lmao watch how next week they have a video for prom just gotta hype it up

  9. Alexandria Weston says:

    Mike really I was ready for the prom vlog it’s was going to be lit 🔥 be now on the bad kids side now

  10. Chico Chris says:

    Some of y’all in these comments actually believe that prom is canceled, they doing this to hype it up and stuff. 😂

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