Chelsea 1-1 Eintracht Frankfurt (2-2 agg.): Europa League Recap with Highlights, Goals, Best Moments

Chelsea 1-1 Eintracht Frankfurt (2-2 agg.): Europa League Recap with Highlights, Goals, Best Moments

Chelsea needed a penalty shootout to seal a place in the Europa League final after a 1-1 draw with Eintracht Frankfurt at Stamford Bridge.

The hosts went in front through Ruben Loftus-Cheek, but Luka Jovic levelled in a lively match.

There was no splitting the sides in extra time, but the visitors took an early advantage in the shootout when Cesar Azpilicueta’s shot was saved.

Keep Arrizabalaga, however, pulled off two big stops to turn the contest around and send Chelsea into a final against Arsenal in Baku.

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74 Responses

  1. Simon Chauvet says:

    The manager kepa at the rescue

  2. Pee Pee Balls says:

    English teams have really dominated the UCL and the UEL this year, except Manchester United ?

    • Thinh Quach says:

      Man UTD dominates ICC Cup

    • Brad Mundie's says:

      Dominated? Lol…it took MIRACLE come backs for every single one of them to make it. That’s not domination.
      Btw what have Liverpool actually won lately? Chelsea? Tottenham? Banter Arsenal?
      United have won more trophies than any of these teams lately.
      Yes though, United is in a rebuild and you better win while something you can.

    • OV says:

      United still has more CL than Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham & Chelsea combined.

    • Alvin J Agolla says:

      OV United still spend more money than all the teams and can’t win shit lol if arsenal spent as much as United they could’ve won all the cups by now

    • OV says:

      +Alvin J Agolla United can’t win shit? dude it’s only been two seasons that we haven’t won shit. also, whose fault is it that 4rsenal doesn’t spend? it’s not like they are a poor club or anything. let’s continue this conversation when 4rsenal wins a CL ok?

  3. George Chen says:

    BIG 6 of Premier League, Two are in Champions Final, Two are in Europa Final, the other Two are in Manchester.

    • M L says:

      +Hurrifan C. did you know that teams that have not won a trophy can win it in the future?

    • OV says:

      why don’t we all cool down & chew on the fact that Man City, Arsenal & Tottenham have never won a CL.

    • OV says:

      Anyone who thinks that PL is greater than CL i recommend you go see a therapist. Also noone cares when PL changed it’s name or when CL changed it’s name. That’s why we say Madrid has 13 European titles, United has 20 league titles & Liverpool has 18 league titles.

    • African Child says:

      +nickyxie11 those Liverpool players don’t even remember that time ?

    • Adrian Robinson says:


  4. Kian Alexis says:

    A moment of silence for Ajax and Frankfurt

  5. Kaitane says:

    So both the UCL and Europa league finals are all EPL teams. Great year for the EPL and best of luck to all teams in their respective games.

    • BBOXCT-1B says:

      only nate la liga doesn’t even know what defense looks like, get the fuck outta here with your weak shit. Only two Madrid teams and Barcelona is not a top league. It’s a farmers league

    • Gustavo Villafana says:

      BBOXCT-1B No it’s not by. Ligue 1 is farmers league because no one can match PSG. La liga has two three big teams and smaller clubes like Sevilla and Valencia who can be a pain too.

    • uCan't be Serious says:

      +only nate NO league has ever had all four finalists from the same country in UCL and Europa. What are you talking about?

    • only nate says:

      +uCan’t be Serious im talking about reaching finals and winning them, and Europa league

    • only nate says:

      +BBOXCT-1B “farmers league” with more UCL trophies then the Prem

  6. GT Master says:

    Premier league is winning everything
    Super Cup
    Champions league
    Europa League
    Club World Cup

  7. Julian says:

    I can’t believe both Europa league and champions league will host two British teams.

    • Ryan Dominguez says:

      Calvin Vlogs there wasn’t a welsh league when the clubs were established, so they just joined the premier league

    • Persian Gammon says:

      +Calvin Vlogs The FA sanctioned Cardiff and Swansea to participate in the English league because they had no other option at the time. Thereby it is considered an exception to the rule now.

      Belfast United or Celtic are not permitted to join the PL now even if they wanted to, because it is the ENGLISH Premiere league. Not the British league nor the United Kingdom league etc…

    • only nate says:

      Premier League* teams not British, they’re all foreigners

    • Persian Gammon says:

      +only nate PL clubs are the products of the English system. Does not matter how many are foreigners.

    • African Child says:

      +#HumbleLife your opinion won’t be on the pitch on that day. Football is exciting for a reason.

  8. cvobs17 says:

    Kepa’s first pk save was just disrespectful ?

  9. Pandawee says:

    Respect to Hazard after the shootout to go to their GK first

    • Lil Kira says:

      +JoCo he is an absolute talented player. But his biggest mistake, was leaving Barcelona.

    • Steven Ward says:

      As my 10 year old son said,”He could have pulled the Geico.” per the advert a slide around the stadium.

    • Cameron Gaddy says:

      +Steven Ward Your kid sounds fantastic and humorous! Well done.

    • Juan Sanchez says:

      +The Legend The Myth yeah bro ofc not compared to hazard, hazard is way better than neymar

    • The Legend The Myth says:

      It’s just that Neymar doesn’t show up when there team really needs him, like the Champions League

  10. Kyle Tibor says:

    Don’t care about either team, but damn classy move by Hazard after the winner.

  11. Bryan Santos says:

    David Luiz with the goal line clearance like it’s the 2013 confederations cup all over again

  12. Truth Rulzz says:

    Kepa” The Keeper Has Arrived” Arrizabalaga

    Promote him to Manager now!!

  13. Truth Rulzz says:

    Sarri: Caballero, warm up for penalties now!

    Kepa: No subs left gaddamit!

    Sarri: Sorry boss

  14. Diego Emilio says:

    Huge respect to hazard for shaking Kevin trapps hand after the win

  15. FoshoTheOne says:

    So is this why Kepa didn’t wanna come off the pitch for penalties last time? ??

  16. Christian Manoukian says:

    Love how the frankfurt player had his arms up as soon as Jovic was put through. He knew the goal was a certainty

  17. Ivan Guillen says:

    Thank you manager Kepa for putting Chelsea in the Final…

    Sarri: Am I a joke to you?

  18. Ryan Kanungo says:

    Arsenal vs Chelsea for the EL!
    Liverpool vs Tottenham for the CL!
    Liverpool and Man City for the EPL!

    Get ready EPL fans. We are going to have a lot of fun in the next few weeks.

  19. Somali pirate who’s actually somali says:

    this isnt the champions league or europa league anymore. its the FA cup semi final, with the UEFA supercup being the FA Cup final.

  20. Patrick Jonak says:

    “In the most dramatic of circumstances…” bit of an overstatement considering what happened with spurs mate…

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