Chelsea FC v Palmeiras | FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2021 | Match Highlights

Chelsea FC v Palmeiras | FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2021 | Match Highlights

Chelsea are champions of the world after they defeated Palmeiras 2-1 in the FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2021 final. Kai Havertz scored the winning penalty near the end of extra-time after Raphael Veiga’s penalty had canceled out a Romelu Lukaku header in normal time.

The FIFA Club World Cup saw the winners of each confederation’s premier competitions come together with the host nation’s representative to compete for the coveted trophy.

The competing teams were:

Al Ahly SC (CAF)
Al Jazira Club (Host team)
Al Hilal SFC (AFC)
Chelsea FC (UEFA)
CF Monterrey (Concacaf)
SE Palmeiras (Conmebol)
AS Pirae (OFC)

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31 Responses

  1. FIFA says:

    What an incredible tournament! What was your favourite moment from the 2021 #ClubWC? 🏆

  2. Jamie Searle says:

    I’m a Chelsea fan but Palmeiras played extremely well and the Brazilian fans were fantastic what an atmosphere! If you were playing anyone else I would’ve been cheering for you guys as well

  3. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    Какие болельщики у Palmeiras!!!
    Сколько эмоций)))))

    • dizz elite says:

      Ахах)) Смешно, как для Палмейраса и всех остальных арабов этот турнир важен, а для игроков Челси в принципе пофигу))) Толькл черные игроки Челси немного радуются) Чемпионат галактики среди клубов . ахах

    • Tee M xx says:

      @João Victor Guimarães absolutely not. I mean the fans are excited to see a big team in their country bc only way such big clubs as Chelsea/Real Madrid/Bayern etc. would come to Brazil is if the country hosts such big tournaments like this.

    • João Victor Guimarães says:

      @Tee M xx by “less popular” you mean less rich 🤡

    • Anderson Araujo says:

      Bravo ova jogo nada 😂😂😂😂

    • Tee M xx says:

      @João Victor Guimarães i meant not Chelsea in particular, but every other big European club when it comes to play against a less popular team. I didn’t mean to offend or anything just saying 🙂

  4. Anjali Singh says:

    Congrats to Azpi, as of yesterday he’s completed club football with Chelsea. He’s now in the books as a Chelsea legend, it’ll be hard to see him leave in the summer but if that’s what he wants, we have to respect it. He’s given everything to this club for the past 10 years, we’ll always be grateful for him. He’s a fantastic leader and has instilled the winning mentality in our younger players. He’s seen legends come and go and it’s now his turn🥲💔. However, I’m glad we were able to give him this well deserved trophy in his last season with us (if he does leave.) As well as he has gotten the chance to see our club rebuild itself and get to know the future of Chelsea

  5. Giancarlo Tosto says:

    Congrats Chelsea for the title. As a Palmeiras fan it was difficult to lose the CWC trophy but I’m very proud of my team! AVANTI PALESTRA!

  6. Sammie Behling says:

    Какие болельщики у Palmeiras!!!
    Сколько эмоций)))))
    Браво. <== saya setuju 🙂

  7. DESMONETIZAÇÃO fake says:

    Parabéns chelsea pelo título , eu tô muito triste com a derrota do meu time mas também tô orgulhoso da partida que fizemos

  8. Raimundo Melonio says:


  9. King Of Everything says:

    As a Chelsea fan – I am over the moon completely! But I wanna take a chance and give props to Palmeiras. Great side they are! It was like looking at the mirror honestly. The same passion, hunger, drive, togetherness of the team like us under Tuchel. It ws a very difficult game but we were relentless and deserved the win!

  10. Emanuel O Cowboy says:

    Palmeiras fez o que pode, precisamos nos reforçar, tem muita coisa pra acontecer

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