Chelsea Handler and Ludacris Play ‘Never Have I Ever’

Chelsea Handler and Ludacris Play ‘Never Have I Ever’

Ellen played along with the always outrageous Chelsea Handler and the “Fate of the Furious” star Chris “Ludacris” Bridges in a memorable round of “Never Have I Ever”!

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20 Responses

  1. blaine j says:

    Get the passenger that got kicked off from United Airlines on the show.

  2. Dynamic Entertainment says:

    I want to comment but have nothing to say

  3. Abraham H says:

    ellen: “that’s amazing”

    lol what’s amazing about it?

  4. Tomer Stav says:

    Ellen said she never gave a fake phone number but on another ‘Never Have I Ever’ she said she did

  5. Bethany Laranjo123 says:

    Wow! Comments aren’t disabled yet

  6. Seif Gamal says:

    Fucking hell chelsea handler is just a walking STD

  7. Meena Agarwal says:

    her boobs is snuggling out……….ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………………..

  8. theguy says:

    Next up 13 reasons why cast ?? Dylan and Katherine

  9. killer clown says:

    they should bring bts?? raise your hand if you are an army?

  10. john ayacko says:

    Chelsea Handler is a prostitute.

  11. Loc Kri says:


  12. Sullivan Kelly says:

    Ellen, with due respect it’s not cool making fun and jokes about the
    poor 69 year-old being assaulted by United Airlines on your show. He is a human being, thanks.

  13. Zee says:

    Both Ludacris and Chelsea Handler have similar answers yet she’s the one getting all this negativity in the comments and the name calling. She’s not my brand of humour but I respect that she’s comfortable and unapologetic about her sexuality. Women are sexual beings just as men are and should never be shamed for it.

  14. hailey says:

    Someone in my class thought ludacris and 2pac were the same being I’m ded

  15. Alain Bruno says:

    Ludracis got a chill personality!! ✌✌

  16. Gucci Versace says:

    Never have I ever clogged a toilet at a friends house and left without telling them.

  17. Alex PlaysMC says:

    1:15 to 1:22 you should Ellen you Realy should

  18. Chris Handsome says:

    Why is this bitch not in Canada?

  19. Vincent Gatekeeper says:

    Lol, Ellen so full of bull! Rofl!

  20. docbar says:

    Three loser Democrats….

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