Chelsea Handler Goes Off the Rails While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Chelsea Handler Goes Off the Rails While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Chelsea Handler is one of the world’s most successful TV hosts, a writer, producer, actress, and New York Times best-selling author many times over. Her latest book, Life Will Be the Death of Me…and You Too!, is set to release on April 9th followed by a 22 date comedy tour. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Handler battles the wings of death with Sean Evans and discusses skiing, dogs, thirst traps, 50 Cent, HR blunders, and so much more.



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60 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    Hot Ones has been nominated for a Webby Award! Sean and the crew humbly request that you smash that vote button, spice lords:

    • Max Bowman says:

      Jeez Sean, I’m sorry. I apologize for humanity. Holay fuck this internet anonymity can lead to some shitty language and rhetoric. Hope ya never let it get ya down. Chelsea you’re a badass and you tell good stories. This is me wagging my finger at all y’all. because, hey, internet anonymity.

    • Lime Helmet says:

      Just voted! I watch this show every Thursday!

    • Jacoba Thompson says:

      First We Feast done ✅

    • Bob Evans says:

      Erick Castillo seek mental help

  2. Ruskin Seril says:

    I’d ship them. The interview is so genuine, it feels like they’re dating! They’re so cute together! <3

  3. Saptarshi Bhattacharya says:

    Sean, keep hosting this show for another decade and you’ll be looking more like Alan Shearer each year.

  4. Daddy Benson says:

    Get Tyler the creator or Danny devito

    • bronxbombers 2211 says:

      tyler the creator is a bitch.

    • jek 48 says:

      No way on Danny Devito. No way. If Frank Reynolds dies because of some Hot Sauce, I’m coming for both you AND Sean. Keep Danny alive for as long as possible.

  5. Lee Raiolo says:

    Sean continues to kill it when it comes to interviewing his guests. And the man is getting the recognition he deserves. Keep it up!

  6. Geek-ish . com says:

    I stopped & stayed for the Fiddy secrets… “Curved.”

  7. Jonathan Fitts says:

    I like Chelsea a lot more now..

    She was actually pretty cool in this interview

  8. Trima Frank says:

    “My dogs don’t f*** around. …I’m sure its photoshopped on me but not my dogs ” lol

  9. SIZLL says:

    One thing people in the comments seem to forget is that hot ones interviews are basically ads for the guest. The person you want to appear probably wont be on the show unless they have a big project coming up. Their managers know this is a good place to make that project known cause of the view count.

  10. Kei M says:

    One of my favorites for sure! I love when the guest and host have great chemistry!

  11. Vinh Nguyen says:

    That would be legendary if you got Nardwuar on hot ones‼️

  12. mobaby1979 says:

    “….I wanna just take the edge off….and have everyone be a little less annoying….”

    Dude, this is why I love her. Totally get it.

  13. Karissa Rivera says:

    I love how she says, “and I never got a DUI since.” Instead of, “I never drove drunk, again.” HAHAHA

  14. Matt Tucker says:

    i always love it when the guests ask questions back to sean 😛 one of the best shows of all time brah

  15. Santiago Restrepo Molina says:

    Please Jason momoa! Lets see how tough he really is! ? Mahalo

  16. Mr. Poopy Butthole says:

    Has the Rock done this yet?

    Because the Rock needs to do this, like yesterday.

  17. Nathaniel Strangman says:

    Elisabeth Shue Elizabeth banks and Patricia Arquette mashed into 1 person

  18. whyisthisnottyping says:

    was she hitting on Sean?

    Not hard kinda low key hitting on him?

    • Celia Shen says:

      She did the same for Henry Rollins’ interview.

    • whyisthisnottyping says:

      +Jason Clark I’m not familiar with her work. To me just seemed like she genuinely wants a serious relationship unlike the ones she had before like where the guy would criticize her boobs.

      I kinda just want to pat her on her head and tell her she is a good person and she’ll find true love.

    • Barbie Velazquez says:

      Just because someone’s nice doesn’t mean they want to fuck you ????

    • Jesus is Dog : says:

      Celia Shen do you need a hard male nurse?

    • bruh moment super compilation super 100 55 LMAO!! says:

      i want to suck seans penis. no homo

  19. Tgantstyle says:

    This very much felt like a date. Get a room already. #chelsean

  20. Berry Trudeau says:

    as a worker at marijuana dispensary, I’d deffintely not advise eating a full meal of infused foods, she’s correct that it could last for days. We always suggest micro dosing aswell.

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