Chelsea vs Liverpool | Key Moments | Fifth Round | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

Chelsea vs Liverpool | Key Moments | Fifth Round | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

Chelsea faced Liverpool in the Fifth Round of the Emirates FA Cup, coming out victors in a dominant 2-0 win. Willian and Ross Barkley were on hand with the goals.

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98 Responses

  1. ARSENAL Lads says:

    Fun fact: Liverpool have lost more games than arsenal in 2020🤣🤣🤣

  2. Kenny CFCTV says:

    Iniesta has posters of billy gilmour on his bedroom wall

  3. Dirty Dan says:

    In all the games Liverpool have lost this season, they have not scored a single goal.

    • Lackaffedeluxe says:

      It doesn’t matter, evwry Club has one main goal – to win the Leauge. They haven’t win the leauge for decades so klopp and the club are interested in to win the leauge not an Fa cup not a CL.

    • Jake Delhinski says:

      Not only that, but it seems Diego Simeone who is a La Liga manager is teaching all these Premier League teams how to win against Liverpool, which is an embarrassment due to the fact on how dominant the Premier League proved to be in Europe last season 2018-19, when it was in all English Final, which we hadn’t had since 2008. All my respects to Diego Simeone! 👏👏👏👏👏👍

    • Keagan Hunter says:

      @BeHappy in league only, yes, but i was referring to all competitions, things like the league, domestic trophies and European competitions (champions and europa league) etc.

    • Dynamic Assassin says:

      @Habdash Beats 🔥

    • Arsenal FC says:

      In the most games they won they won with so much luck.. and they dare to compare them with the Invincibles lolllll

  4. William Chan says:

    Gilmour is going to be world class someday! Showing so much maturity for a 18 year old! Calm and composed

  5. kevin mole says:

    Liverpool look burnt out

  6. Ctrl alt De ligt says:

    Gotta praise Gilmour and I was hoping he starts, he did and got MOTM with masterclass, Kepa save x3 was great and Giroud was too instrumental, Barkley did prove something COYB 💙💙 p.s thanks to that united fan lol, we ticked the boxes with clean sheet ✅✅✅

  7. Nwaigbo Michael says:

    Everyone making fun of Liverpool but can’t appreciate that beautiful triple save from kepa

  8. Adrien D says:

    Lovren? Where is he now?
    Unfortunately you guys don’t have a scape goat now.

  9. Frank Chavez says:

    1:33 gotta love that YEA-OHH

  10. gooner0909 says:

    Liverpool: You’ll never walk alone

    Sarr: You’ll never walk again

  11. Gee. says:

    Im glad that little Man United fan got his wish approved

  12. Bhieeae says:

    00:37 Kepa is Not human! Triple Save!!! Welcome backkk

  13. iChewitts _ says:

    Gilmour was made by The Famous Glasgow Rangers 🇬🇧

  14. arc7878 says:

    ever since that kid wrote to Klopp asking Liverpool to lose, they havent won a game yet

  15. MY & SELF says:

    remember Liverpool fans saying Fabinho is world Class 😂

    • Edward Snowden says:

      @V fōr Vēgētå I mean,, even Casemiro’s team got beaten by a team that’s currently 22pts off Liverpool.. And got beaten by Levante too before.. Every team loses. But yh, Liverpool are playing really, really bad atm. Smh

    • BeHappy says:

      Yeah they were calling for him to replace Casemiro for Brazil lol, I would start Allan or even old man Fernandinho over Fabinho.

    • Jude Taylor says:

      He is world class you plum, don’t be so low, he has just come back from injury and is finding it hard to find form again, when he is in form he is no doubt the best dm in the world.

    • BlueGoon 420 says:

      @Jude Taylor 😂 shut up you bigger plum you redshites are delusional

    • Priyanshu Jain says:

      Fab is world class.
      And on ESPN people are saying that Sergio Ramos isn’t world class.

  16. The Emirates FA Cup says:

    Extended highlights will be live on the channel at 12PM (GMT) tomorrow.

  17. Zlatan Ibrahimovic says:

    Now we see the true colors of van dijk🤣🤣 look how he doesn’t track back when the ball is behind him.

  18. Killy19 Killy says:

    Liverpool start of 2020: ” we are going to be invincibles and win the treble ”

    Reality: I’m gonna give them some humble pie.

  19. lil sticky says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it agian:
    Never in my life will I understand Chelsea this season.

  20. geminix365 says:

    Atlético de Madrid: *See you in Anfield*

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