Chelsea vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Chelsea vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Extended Highlights, Presented By Heineken

Christian Pulisic rejoins Chelsea after a hattrick on international duty to host Champions League legend Karim Benzema and Real Madrid.

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46 Responses

  1. Jonathan Duran says:

    Great game, but benzema is a huge difference maker, wow. He is the best player in every game he plays

  2. Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 says:

    *Benzema with the hattrick, Courtois with the amazing saves, team pressure was unstoppable. All out incredible performance from a team*

  3. silverword says:

    Benzema is insane. He did those headers in the RAIN

  4. Bobby E says:

    Two of the best headers of the year.
    Scored by the same player and within 5 minutes. Just unreal

  5. Luis Vega says:

    This is a Madrid that towers over the one we saw against Barca. Benzema is the foundation that holds a skyscraper, im not saying her carries team performance, but he definitely carries attacking play and team moral on his shoulders

    • E says:

      @A S they almost scored about 12 goals🤣😭😭 y’all are so slow it’s unimaginable and you fans are so deluded that y’all think benzema was about to stop all those goals omg🤣🤣

    • E says:

      @Gabriel Cifuentes it’s 1 season that we were in crisis is that madridogs only insult😭 we annihilated y’all so badly that u fools think benzema was about to stop the 12 goals Barca was about to put in Madrid’s ass at home

  6. Alen Lopez says:

    Benzema is just world class. Finally basking in the spotlight.

    • MaD- MullaH says:

      @Feynman Schwinger E_MC2
      🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 I’m Chelsea follower, real Madrid if they beat Chelsea, they will win champions League, and what did, C.Ronaldo do since he left?

    • MaD- MullaH says:

      Recognition of who? You?
      There is big reason Real Madrid never let him go 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 they let C. Ronaldo go, what are you talking about?

    • Feynman Schwinger E_MC2 says:

      @Boomtowndogs Can they win a UCL without Ronaldo first? Thanks.

  7. R says:

    Benzema scoring perhaps 2 of the best headers of this season in a quick succession. The man is certainly competing against himself at this point.

  8. Niko SuaVe says:

    For those of us that know football and have watched Benzema over the years these type of performances by him don’t come as a surprise. He’s always been class. Since CR7 left Karim’s quality has came to light for everyone that doesn’t watch him regularly to witness. Just a complete CF.

    • Cruz M says:

      @Henry Majano that’s Messi’s reward again this year. No way Messi doesn’t win it after yet another amazing performance this year. 🤣

    • Henry Majano says:

      Seeing how Real plays with him vs when he’s not around… should we start talking about Karim for Balon D’Or?

    • MaD- MullaH says:

      Simple don’t talk too much, Real Madrid now is built around Benzema, I’m not sure if I can call it waste, but he should’ve made Neymar decision to move away from c. Ronaldo shade

    • Hellz says:

      Watching Real Madrid fans arguing each other is hilarious lol

    • Kevin Lujan says:

      @Ray Shellz he would set up cr7 and give him space that was his main job since 2016. Cr7 became more of a striker so das what happen

  9. Cristian Barrera says:

    Benzema got two hat tricks back to back in the Champions League. What a phenomenal player!

  10. Benedict Chinweuba says:

    Really mature performance by Real. They were stretched at times by Chelsea, particularly in midfield. But they played around the Chelsea press really really well. Vinicius deserves a shoutout for covering in defense and dealing with Reece James. Valverde too was excellent. And, of course, Benzema again.

    An assured, confident performance from Real Madrid.

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