Chelsea – Zelda Williams on Finding the Silver Lining After Tragedy – Netflix

Chelsea – Zelda Williams on Finding the Silver Lining After Tragedy – Netflix

In an emotional and open conversation with Chelsea, Zelda Williams explains the various stages she went through after her father’s passing. While she explains that she tried to wake up happy each day, she found solace in her alone time, working hard and eventually writing twelve scripts. Chelsea notes that often times with grief you can get to “a really beautiful place because of something tragic that happens.”

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20 Responses

  1. MsNekaa26 says:

    I that was his daughter I love her on death of Summer

  2. Frankwhite23 Gaming says:

    Nice buetiful girl sucks her dad great man left her on this horrible earth
    everyone needs there dad…

  3. sadman hoque says:

    she seems like that girl from that episode of himym who’s like so nice and
    kind that she’s never single

  4. Jeff Scott says:

    Love her shirt :D. She has a good outlook on life as well

  5. Zyzz Brah says:

    Chelsea cuntface

  6. scarlet_raven says:

    BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY! ?????????

  7. Andrew C. says:

    I thought she was Dani Daniels for a second lol

  8. SoberDragon1st says:

    That’s Drew.

  9. Erol Bafto says:

    I wish her only the best. Her father was an amazing man.

  10. kd47730 says:


  11. Anthony DeFrancesco says:

    she’s so beautiful and classy and nontypical of a “hollywood kid”. I
    honestly have a huge crush on Zelda.

  12. DemBoyz 7 says:

    Why is her show have terrible rating on Netflix

  13. Blea ch says:

    she looks like a confused feminist who thinks being a strong woman is being
    a feminist but actually its the exact opposite

  14. SoulAsasin Jr. says:


  15. Chiraq TookaPack says:

    Zelda is fucking hot but she has a manly voice

  16. Kate Genwunner says:

    I hope to see her in Breath of the Wild ads.

  17. The Perverted Beast says:

    i have a boner

  18. Chaotic Syndrome says:

    my parents named me link lol looking for my Zelda

  19. chubecca8 says:

    Fourtune favors the bold!

  20. Unguided Reaper says:

    No wonder people prefer Hulu. Netflix uploads trash.