Cheng I Sao – Pirate Queen – Extra History

Cheng I Sao – Pirate Queen – Extra History

She was the most ferocious pirate China had ever known. She was a powerful fleet commander, a sharp businesswoman, and a consummate strategist. She was Cheng I Sao, leader of the Pirate Confederation, and she lived her life on her terms.
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39 Responses

  1. Antti Björklund says:

    Kind of sad this was a one-off, as the subject is so interesting I would have gladly listened to a full-length series on it.

  2. Rachel O says:

    what an awesome prequel episode to the opium wars! great episode!

    • Okamikazi says:

      “The Last Pirate Queen: An Opium Wars Story”

    • Alexandre Ocadiz says:

      A long time ago, in a country far away…

      Episode I : the pirate menace

      Turmoil has engulfed the Middle Empire. The taxation of trade routes to outlying city states is in dispute.
      Hoping to resolve the matter with a blockade of deadly battleships, the greedy Pirate Federation has stopped all shipping to the small city of Canton.
      While the congress of the Empire endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, the Emperor has secretly dispatched Bai Ling, the guardian of peace and justice in the galaxy, to settle the conflict….

  3. Mateo Gg says:

    You had me at Pirate Queen.

    Well, you had me at Extra History, but you know what I mean.

  4. Aay Jay Chan says:

    To those who complain the Chinese pronunciation, please understand that there isn’t a single “Chinese Language”, at least not yet. This is a story happened in places around Canton, where one kind or another variants of Cantonese was, and still is, used.

    As a native Cantonese speaker, I think Dan’s pronunciation is pretty good, but Anglicised, like how we normally say Cantonese names in an English context.

    • Joshua McCoskrie says:

      I’m more complaining about the voice.. dear god it’s annoying.

    • ArchOfWinter says:

      Not to mention the Anglicization from the 19th century wasn’t exactly standardized.
      But all the names are stuck today and we still have problem conveying different tones and certain sounds just doesn’t translate. I mean try pronouncing ‘Ng’
      There is an island where Cheung Po Tsai had a pirate cave, the island name is Cheung Chau, but the two Cheung are pronounced differently. A noodle dish is call Cheung Fan and the Cheung is also pronounced differently. I am a native speaker of Cantonese and I hate how the language was Anglicized. The Yale romanization is where it is at, but every location, legal name, and pronoun are still using the old terrible way of spelling things.

    • Sergio Tay says:

      There was a show about this topic

    • Sergio Tay says:

      It was about the adopted son Chueng po tasi

    • Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson says:

      Aay Jay Chan I studdy mandarin in school and I have to admit that it was a bit anoying that the pronounciations were so simular but not quite what I’ve learned. But I figured the same thing so didn’t say anything.

  5. NOICKNOICK says:

    No Khosrau lies video?

  6. Talas says:

    i very much liked this episode. could you maybe one day go back to the Story of Admiral Chang He and therfore explain why the imerial chinese policy ignored maritime power and trade for almost 400 years.

  7. Kichiggamynigga Karchow says:

    Oh well she died

  8. gen unsaved says:


  9. Ackershus says:

    Never heard about her before. Great choice!

  10. Chanh Nguyen says:

    He mentioned the pirate commanders serving in Vietnam and all I could think of was ‘nam

  11. Le9k04 ANteikio says:

    The western ship is a Frigate

  12. Le9k04 ANteikio says:

    There’re 5 types of western ship: Man’o’war, Frigate, Brig, schooner & gunboat ( from largest to smallest)

  13. Triple Stabber says:

    Only Chinese pirate I know is Gan Ning, damn you Dynasty Warriors

  14. S. I. V. says:


    • 동주 says:

      S. I. V. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THEM, TOO!!!! This is one of the best channels on YouTube imho. Every single episode I have watched (I can’t even count how many) are GOLD

  15. STOOPID DUDZ says:

    Id watch ec hentai

  16. Cheerful CHAOSfollower says:

    hey guys , can you check the cuban wars of independence? keep the awesome work!

  17. Zappyguy111 says:

    And people wonder why China’s getting so angsty about the USA running war games along their most important trade route.

  18. 동주 says:

    YAYAYAYAYAY this channel is trending!!!!! One of my favorite channels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Long time subscriber lol.

  19. Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson says:

    The emperor could just have used the pirates as the fleet, I mean 1200 ships and 70.000 crewmen no one country in the world had that big a fleet at the time. But no.

  20. says:


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