Chewbacca and Surprise Guest from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Chewbacca and Surprise Guest from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Ellen was joined by not one, but two legendary cast members from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

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20 Responses

  1. DEADGAMER1738 says:


  2. Denise Garcia says:

    Where’s Darth Vader when you need hin!?

  3. skysam freeman says:

    The guy who played the young version of Ford’s character in Age of Adaline
    (Anthony Ingruber) should be young Han Solo.

  4. Jones6192 says:

    I want to see Harrison keep this look for Indy 5. I really want to see Indy
    with a beard again.

  5. Ribb Rotgut says:

    Is he hopped up on the dope?

  6. Mutsidorowicz says:

    He used the same joke on jimmy kimmel. Lol

  7. AC red says:

    that guy is funny ?

  8. emma d says:

    it’s like looking in a mirror, they both have the same outfits lol

  9. Christian Powell says:

    I wish they used the actually chewbacca instead of an intern wearing a
    costume from Walmart

  10. Beautiful Brownie says:

    He seems a bit moody

  11. crixxxxxxxxx says:

    2 billion dollars and Disney couldn’t produce a Chewbacca costume that
    looks better than that mess.

  12. Trey Money says:

    He went from Ellen to Jimmy Kimmel 0-100 niega real quick

  13. John Pinkston says:

    Goddamn, if anyone didn’t see that coming from at least 12 parsecs away
    they should just go back home.

  14. JordanStuff says:

    Chewie looks like he’s

    Seen a ghost ?

  15. Leez Gleez says:

    Does he have dimentia?

  16. Sakura Haruno says:

    “its just a guy in a costume”

  17. SwiftieCat says:

    Wait, I thought he wanted to leave??

  18. Fnaf Productions says:

    I love chewbacca!!!!

  19. Jhin says:

    Harrison Ford was so shot

  20. Weiki Huang says:

    Is he being greedy about the role of Han Solo