Chicago area mom tracked down teen son’s alleged killer: ‘I knew that it was him’ | ABC7 Chicago

Chicago area mom tracked down teen son’s alleged killer: ‘I knew that it was him’ | ABC7 Chicago

Leslie Bell tracked down and briefly met with the man who is now accused of shooting her son to death on Oct. 28 in south suburban Burnham. FULL STORY:

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  1. Lisa Frausto says:

    I have a 16 year old,this is so sad 😭 sorry for your lost momma , you are so brave to look him in his face!!!!

    • I hear Voices says:

      Is his dad still around? Sorry to be so straightforward but relationships between couple don’t end up well anymore. Most children in this country are raised by single mothers or single fathers sooo

    • Nunya Business says:

      @I hear Voices How does that have any bearing on this case?

    • I hear Voices says:

      @Nunya Business I’m not trying to find any bearing on a case 2nd I replied to two comments here dunno which one u are referring to ..

    • Nunya Business says:

      @I hear Voices I’m replying to your only comment in this thread. What does the whereabouts of a father have to do with a fellow mother expressing her concern?

  2. Kimmie T says:

    A mother’s intuition is unmatched. Why would a 34 year old man kill a teenager? Where are the grown men that these young men can actually respect, trust and look up to?

    • Nathan Dardes says:

      greasy salty saltines.

    • Nathan Dardes says:

      @Shavon Grant “Men are trash” -a man.

    • KH1 says:

      @Lori Dean I suggest you find out how these devious sickos operate.They can groom grown men.

    • pondlake says:

      @Nikki Williams speak English please

    • Tianna McKeithen says:

      @AlleyKatt*61 Three comments directed at me. Are you big mad or little mad because I told the truth. Black men make entire videos which you can find on YouTube talking badly about Black women and why they don’t date them and not a dog moves his tongue but let someone say anything about black men not playing their part in the community which is a far more important issue and you’re mad. Get out of here, obviously I’m telling the truth because not once has anyone said I’m lying but there is so many butthurt men commenting in response to what I said. I guess it’s true when they say the truth hurts 🤕

  3. Timothy Schule says:

    You even have moms tracking down people outside of police. Good for you momma. Respect and I love you.

  4. Chef CJ Nobles says:

    Sad that the young man’s life was cut short. My prayers are with the Mom, family and friends.
    I just have many questions though. What were they doing in that house together? I’m 38 years old and I don’t even have much in common with my 17 year old brother and I’m actually related to him. What events led them in there at the same time? Even worse if they were alone.

  5. Steven Marx's says:


  6. Nick Denton says:

    Prayers for the family… I know nothing will ever heal his mother’s pain, but seeing his killer face the consequences of her son’s murder will be of some consolidation

  7. Icy Robin 🎤🎵 says:

    Very dangerous but at the same time very brave of her and I stand behind her 100 percent & applaud her for doing so . Their is nothing like a mother’s love and that’s a big fact 💯

  8. Kathy Roth says:

    How sad this young man had a whole life ahead of him. Prayers for his mother and family. I hope this killer gets life in prison.

    • Izekai Tariakuri says:

      @Damian boy you are passionate about your thoughts copy and paste. One shouldn’t be so linear towards political parties at the end of the day they both ride on the same luxury liner, while everyone else is kicking each other in the same little boat we are all in “left vs right” when it should be “freedom vs slavery”

    • Damian says:

      @Izekai Tariakuri agreed, to me re no more victims!, its the bad public safety policy, not “politics”

  9. Norm McCray says:

    Here is a woman who had the courage to stand up & say Enough . It is said that Courage is being able to act in the face of fear ! Salute to you Ms. Bell – Your loss & courage has brought a tear to my eye as I realize Hope exists .As God has brought your son home – He still holds you in his arms .

  10. mothers gauri says:

    God bless this brave mom. She fought for her son, even after his death. That is a kind of love we need more of. I’m so sorry that she, and the world, had to lose this talented boy.

    • Damian says:

      Legislators, prosecutors and judges that enable the “thug life” revolving door must be removed from tax payer salary roles!

      Liberal progressive democrat policies enables and emboldens lawlessness.

      A wise man said “Everyone deserves a second chance, however never a third”.

      We the people are under no obligation to jeapordize our own safety for democrats distorted view that dangerous outlaw thugs are good guys, victims etc

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