Chicago Cubs win World Series

Chicago Cubs win World Series

The Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians in Game 7 of the World Series to clinch their first title since 1908.

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19 Responses

  1. Dave Ruvalcaba says:


  2. AfroKenny says:

    FucK yes!!!!!!

  3. Luna is Best Waifu says:

    8×7 = 56
    56 ÷ 8 = *7*
    There is 7 letters in Indians.
    Game 7 was played.

    Indians blew a 3-1 lead

  4. dave m says:

    Goooo Cubssss!!!

  5. McGannahan Skjellyfetti says:

    Unlike that *OTHER* Chicago baseball team…

    … the Cubs REFUSE to lay down to ANY Ohio baseball team in a World

  6. vidcapper1 says:

    So BTTF was just one year out… :)

  7. Daniel M. says:

    No one hates the Cubs more than Cleveland

  8. Chi - RaQ says:

    City went nutz tonight!!!!!!! #GoCubs

  9. famous Johnson says:

    this team could be a dynasty…Theo Epstein pure genius #GoCubs

  10. CanucksRule2015 says:


  11. James Williams says:

    I’m from Detroit…I have nothing but Mad Love…Da Bulls, Da White Sox, Da
    Black Hawks, Daaaaaaaaaa Bears, and Finally Da Cubs…congratulations

  12. Arushad Ahmed says:

    How many countries compete in the World Series?

  13. Whitney Pyant says:

    From a Detroit tigers congratulations ?? ? Cubs. After 108 years you
    earned the right to party. Skip work and school just party all day.

  14. big yokozuna says:

    I blame charlie sheen and LeBron james

  15. Daniel Perez says:

    lol at first i thought the W was for win

  16. Jaronamooo says:

    damnit. now I know the world is coming to an end.

  17. Gabe F says:


  18. TNatok says:

    lol at first i thought the W was for win

  19. danbanrock1 says:

    Guess what , this is pretty cool , if you look at Donald Trumps character
    and what he’s fighting against the establishement and the Globalist , who
    was the last president who had the same character and situation ? Teddy
    Roosevelt , his last term was during 1908 , guess which baseball team
    broke their curse from 1908 yesterday ? The Chicago Cubs. If God isn’t
    trying to show us something I don’t know who is , Ha Ha !!!!