Chicago rapper ‘KTS Dre’ shot more than 60 times outside Cook County Jail

Chicago rapper ‘KTS Dre’ shot more than 60 times outside Cook County Jail

A man who was apparently ambushed after being released from the Cook County Jail in Chicago suffered as many as 64 bullet wounds to his head and other parts of his body, police said.

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42 Responses

  1. Dean Oliver says:

    “Well first of all I don’t control the jail or 26th Street…” – Lori “It’s not my fault” Lightfoot.

    • Big Low says:

      @Quintin R. my comment was for people who think the actors run shit! Read a book comment was for civics and how it works! So you can think your way out a paper bag. There was two lesbians who ran for mayor last you got one! The question is who you and your family voted for?

    • John A says:

      it’s Trump’s fault.

    • Quintin R. says:

      @Big Low -> ok got and I understand now what you are saying!!!

    • Joe Giuffre says:

      @Peter Kim
      Yes, and it didn’t take place in the jail.
      It took place on a Chicago street : )

    • Viss Price says:

      @Lex Mad Shes the Governor clown! You talking about her like shes a got damn civilian

  2. kyle washington says:

    Bro the jail is the Sheriffs station. That was a hit!! They didn’t giv af about shit

  3. Maleko DeSousa says:

    Chicago is the Mogadishu of Illinois and Lightfoot is the warlord.

  4. Roc Williams says:

    Most cities don’t even have that many shell casings cones available to them but Chicago, Chicago has plenty!

  5. Da Bears says:

    I could’ve sworn she promised the safest summer Chicago has had .. it’s been one of the worst in years 🤦‍♂️

  6. Patrick Turner says:

    “Hopefully we will have some arrests soon”
    So Kim foxx can drop the charges?

    Lightfoot and foxx, the world renowned crime fighting duo!!!

  7. AJ24 mgirt says:

    That’s tough!! They hit him like the Russians hit Denzel in Training Day.

  8. Richard Castro says:

    That says a lot about the state of the city, when people are emboldened enough to shoot outside of a jail. Not even concorned about how many law enforcement agents are in the area

  9. DJ says:

    The guy was totally ventilated. A definite message was being sent to his associates.
    Did the Valentine’s Day Massacre have this many bullets fired?

    • Daddys Fastest Swimmer says:

      @Ryan Stickler If you knew anything you’d know the mafia was scared of these “punks with empty heads” they also shunned the mob out of the drug game.

      Theyre all the dregs of society.

    • Bob Roberts says:

      Usually there are 60 misses in a case like this.

    • Orbit Fox says:

      This thread is fucking stupid as shit. The name Ryan immediately makes you racist? Check your brain cells.

    • Von Pack says:

      @Orbit Fox moron look at what he said. Why glorify the mob but talk shit about people that were forced into that lifestyle. Open your mind and grow a few braincells. Your a racist too obviously sticking up for a racist

    • Brandy Harding says:

      @Von Pack Damn, that’s pretty good.. now NAMES are racist. That’s gotta be a new low.

  10. Stephan Ward says:

    Isn’t she the Mayor of Chicago? And doesn’t that include the streets where the police station is? WHAT A BAFOON!

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