Chicken Predicts NFL Playoff Losers

Chicken Predicts NFL Playoff Losers

Sportsball’s very own psychic chicken, Barbara, predicts the losers of the NFL Playoffs in her own special way…. Check out Sportsball every Tuesday at 5pm CT on Rooster || Barbara The Chicken provided by the Kusch family || PEOPLE LIKE GRAPES: || Join in on the conversation at:

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20 Responses

  1. Piscary says:

    3 for 3 so far. Time to eat Barbara the chicken!

  2. Boston Bruiser says:

    3/3 damn…

  3. yoitsMichael97 says:

    3 FOR 3 WHAT

  4. Hank Trill says:

    3 for 3, the next game was the only one I didn’t agree with. If the chicken
    wins I’ll eat a steak cooked from charcoal, yuck. If I win, I grill this
    chicken on a clean burning propane grill.

  5. Darth Testicle says:

    welp. seattle got got

  6. MinnesotaMuggs says:

    This chicken is 3-0 right now…

  7. Junk Drawer says:

    I swear to god if it goes 4-0 I’ll lose my mind

  8. Hayden Merrell says:

    3 for 3! LEGGO STEELERS

  9. Flashy Lone Wolf says:

    As of this comment, Barbra is 3 for 3… How

  10. frisker says:

    holy….. it was right!

  11. Amani Lawson says:

    3 for 4 at the moment

  12. john liford says:

    When a chicken gets all of those predictions right???

  13. alexis alvarez says:


  14. Joshua Pena says:

    All the predictions was right wth! My steelers are going to win!

  15. catherine wangare says:

    this is the stupidest thing av ever watched on youtube!

  16. Tony Caramucci Jr says:

    This is all true but I don’t know about Broncos game

  17. TurdSlinger says:

    well so far 3 of 4 are correct, GO CHICKEN!

  18. Santiago Perez says:

    she was right!!!! as I’m watching this Denver and Pittsburg are playing
    right now so if denver loses she got 4/4!!

  19. Sergio Buryy says:

    She went 4-0