Chiefs vs. Patriots Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2018

Chiefs vs. Patriots Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots during Week 6 of the 2018 NFL season.

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82 Responses

  1. LongLive Gaming says:

    Well both defenses aren’t good at all and everybody and their grandma knew this would be a high scoring game and knew that whoever had the ball last was going to win.

    • David Hansen says:

      Pats secondary got torched the whole game. They successfully pressured the rookie qb in the first half but failed to drop back in the second half and contain explosive plays. kareem hunt and tyreek hill are WMDs in this league

    • finn balor says:

      +David Hansen chiefs got torched worse considering pats never punted it one time and the fact they lost chiefs have worst overall and passing defense in the league I would say they covered em kinda well for the defensive players they have

    • SCORCHER55 _ says:

      I read this as everyone and their high grandma

    • Keanan Spear says:

      everyone knew the patriots was gonna win

    • Dennis Malcolm says:

      +finn balor the game isn’t decided in one half. They got torched for 31 points in the second half lol

  2. mrslapside says:

    Wow that was an amazing game! I hope they meet in playoffs again.

  3. King Category says:

    This felt like a Superbowl!

  4. David Mango says:

    Sony michel turning out to be one of the top backs. Great draft pick for the pats

  5. Kaalen says:

    Man what a game. You expected Kansas City to put on a show but New England stepped up and played like it was an elimination game. Talent on both sides. Hill is like bottled lightning and Brady and Gronk are themselves.

  6. thegorn68 says:

    You can’t leave Brady, Rodgers or Brees ANY time left or they’ll get you in the end.

    • Phil Anderson says:

      Brady and Brees, yes. Rogers much less so. He’s had some great late game throws, but also not come through on others. Though there’s been discussion in the past that he was upset with play calls and schemes late in games put forth by McCarthy.

      Of course game winning drives aren’t everything, or only the work of the QB. Matt Ryan, Eli Manning and Matthew Stafford have a lot of them. But does anyone think any of them are better or more dangerous than Rogers? (Ignore the last couple weeks while Rogers knee heals).

    • 0110100010110010 1001011101001101 says:

      Mark Brady out, couldn’t profit with a backup qb on the opponent side.

    • Dennis Malcolm says:

      +Htown Lifer that’s a really sad excuse

    • Sneaky Sceptile says:

      And matthew stafford

    • Ant says:

      You could leave Rodgers a week and we still wouldn’t score!

  7. Your Neighbor Amos says:

    Honestly, that was such a close game.

  8. Kimberly Silva says:

    13:19 GRONK is like Spike from Little GIANTS all grown up.

  9. Curt's Garage says:

    Damn tyreek hill might be the fastest player I’ve ever seen

  10. Jus A Dude From Carson says:

    Player of the game: Patriots O-Line 💪

  11. The Dynasty Continues says:

    Patriots Win. Red Sox Win.

    Great night to be a Boston sports fan. #DoDamage #Blitz4Six

  12. Wayne Wood says:

    Im a Chiefs fan, KC had a few chances to put themselves ahead and didn’t. Good job pats

  13. SLiMDeeZuL says:

    I CAN’T STAND when games End by a Field Goal!

  14. Brian Banks says:

    Just the fact people were saying “If Mahomes gets the ball again…”, and Brady ran over to give him props immediately after the game… Real knows Real, ijs

  15. Brandon Terry says:

    Tyreek Hill not even in his prime yet NOW THATS SCARY #STAYTUNED

  16. Greg Lyle says:

    Wow! About the time you think a Sutton defense couldn’t possibly turn in a worst performance they do. It really looks like boys playing men. Gronk just swats the db away. KC linebackers fall over like wibbles when contacted by a ball carrier. Worst than 2003. Worst KC team ever. An offense that can win it all. And a community college defense. And to hell with fan boys. This is team number 49. I’m tired of it. They limp in a wildcard or 4th seed. One and done again.

    • Zach Coffman says:

      I agree, season doesn’t matter if you are one and done again.

    • Lateralus8808 says:

      Yeah, I don’t know what’s happening with Sutton’s defense. He’s a great D coordinator but this year has been bad. Luckily we have one of the best offenses, but the defense will need to step it up before the playoffs. And yes chiefs are going to the playoffs. Got no doubt about that.

    • Nathan Proffitt says:

      Really worst chiefs team ever? I feel embarrassed as a chiefs fan reading this

  17. Sports Guru says:

    Best game of the year so far. Mahomes is a gamer. Brady is unreal at over 41 years old now.

  18. Usher More says:

    Brady is still the GOAT and I’m a Dallas fan, he just is insane how he throws the ball so accurately

  19. Godspeed says:

    I like how Paterson gave the ball to that guy trying to rip it out.

  20. Swifty Unknown says:

    The Chiefs scored too quickly at the end.
    You don’t give the Patroits that much time.

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